Vintage DIY projects for hobby handyman and handicraft enthusiasts: How to beautify your home!

Exit restrictions apply nationwide, especially in corona times. So we spend a lot more time in our own four walls than ever before and suddenly see a lot more than in our hectic everyday life. But home quarantine doesn't have to be frustrating. From the provisionally assembled wall shelves to the wardrobe, which does not match the color of the interior: Now all planned DIY projects can finally be completed. We explain how you can give your home a new look with little effort and a lot of creativity and offer you 25 vintage DIY projects for hobbyists, with which you can beautify your home.

Vintage DIY projects that give the interior a kick: Effectively stage vintage postcards

vintage decoration idea with old black and white pictures or postcards

When the spring cleaning is done and the basement and attic are cleared, then the time has come for creative handicraft projects. So much the better if long-forgotten vintage finds are found when cleaning up. Particularly charming decorations can be made from old postcards found in the grandparents' vintage sideboard. You only need the postcard, watercolors and a simple black wooden frame to make the decoration. Together with old books and flowering tree branches, it forms a particularly attractive ensemble that can decorate the mantelpiece. So bring a touch of nostalgia into the living room.

Vintage DIY projects: pouring candles into shells

Pour candles in the same shell instructions

If you have at home from your last vacation, then the next handicraft idea comes up. Pour candles into the shells and create a romantic atmosphere on the table or in the bedroom. You still need the following household items:

  • Wax residue, wax granules or tealight
  • 1 toothpick
  • 6 cm piece of wick
  • scissors
  • Clean can
  • Gloves

First, shred the tealight or the wax residue. You can optionally use wax granules. Put a little water in a saucepan and put the can with the wax granules or the wax residue in it. Melt them in a water bath over low heat. Do not bring the water to a boil, it should only steam slightly. Now is the right time to dye the wax. To do this, use a piece of crayon or food coloring. Knot the wick on the toothpick, place it in the middle of the shell. Check for safety whether the bowl has holes. Then you can pour the melted wax into the shell.

Vintage DIY projects: Spice up old vases with fresh paint

Repaint vases in accent colors and other ideas for vintage decorations

Rustic jugs and old vases with prominent silhouettes give every room character. We offer you an idea how you can spice up the vintage accessories with color. You need matte glass paints to give the vases a tone look and a flat brush. Paint the vases in soft earth tones or in the same color family and arrange fresh field flowers and blossoming tree branches inside. So you bring a piece of nature into the house and can better bring out corners and niches.

DIY projects for do-it-yourselfers: Home office from an old wardrobe

Build your own home office from an old wardrobe

Many people are working at home right now in corona times. The home office, which was previously set up in a small corner, will become a real workplace. Accordingly, you need a lot more space for this and also have to find the necessary storage space for office documents and papers. Instead of buying new furniture, you can turn an old wardrobe into a home office. You need a wardrobe with three doors. Remove the middle section completely and leave only the shelves that you attach to the wall. The first insert sheet becomes a desk, the others serve as wall shelves, where files and documents can be stored.

Vintage DIY projects for beginners: rattan and sisal baskets and bowls as wall decorations

Vintage wall decoration with decorative rattan bowls in the bedroom

Hand-woven baskets and bowls made of sisal or rattan give the vintage bedroom a natural touch. They not only cut a good figure on the bedside table, but also on the wall and are best staged in ensembles. Position the largest accessory and arrange the rest around it. A white wall forms the perfect neutral background and allows the attractive wickerwork to come into its own. Popular partners are hand-woven lampshades and decorative pillows made of linen. To emphasize the exotic character of the interior, use indoor plants like palm trees. If you want to put together a look in country style, decorate with white ceramic vases with lavender stalks inside.

Spice up wall shelves with scraps of wallpaper

Spice up vintage DIY projects wall shelves with wallpaper scraps

Each of us has at least one DIY project that has been around for a long time. Somehow we never find the right time for it. Above all, this includes decorating ideas that are rarely realized. Because especially when buying simple furniture, we like to play with the idea of ​​spice it up. But implementation of the ideas is postponed from year to year. Now is the right time to devote yourself to a DIY project and complete it. For example, spice up old shelf elements with scraps of wallpaper. Mini vases and single-color home accessories are perfect decoration partners.

Vintage DIY projects in the hallway: build furniture yourself

Design the hallway in vintage style with a bench made of solid wood and wooden shoes instead of clothes hooks

The hallway is a space that is particularly difficult for interior design enthusiasts. It should be functional and stylish at the same time. Since the hallway is very small in most apartments, there is hardly any free space for imaginative decorations. A space-saving decoration idea is the picture gallery with vintage posters and pictures. A bench made of recycled wood and recycled coat hooks go perfectly with this.

Vintage DIY projects for home improvement bench in the hall from tree trunk

You only need a tree trunk for the bench, which you can cut into the desired shape. If you leave the wood untreated, the bench will delight with a rustic look. Seal the surface with a clear varnish for wood, it will be a great addition to an eclectic interior. Since there is no free space for shoes under the bench, you can place an old picnic basket right next to the bench. There is space for umbrellas, rubber boots and the like.

Hall furniture build old cases upcycling themselves

Grandma's wooden shoes instead of clothes hooks on the wall, grandpa's wine box as storage space for shoes and the old suitcase as a shoe cabinet for boots and ankle boots. So everything quickly finds its place and the hallway looks neat. At the same time, vintage furniture brings a romantic touch from the past to your own four walls.

Vintage DIY projects and idea for a shoe cabinet from fruit boxes to build yourself

Fashion girls and trendsetters who like to have their shoe collection in front of their eyes and want to display it can build a shoe rack out of wine boxes or fruit boxes themselves. Simply line up the boxes so that they take up as little space as possible and then nail them together. Then attach the shoe rack to the wall and arrange the shoes. The wall shelf is not only suitable for the hallway, but also for the bedroom.

Vintage DIY projects: build your own wooden stool or side table from a tree trunk

Make a tree stool and paint it yourself

Whether as a side table or as a stool – a tree trunk with metal legs has numerous uses in the living area. But after just a few years, the wood forms a grayish patina. This shows discolouration and stains. Not a pretty sight! If you don't want to throw away the wooden stool but don't like the glossy look of the varnish, you can paint the wood with paint. White is best suited – a real classic for vintage furnishings. Paint the metal legs in black, then the stool will delight with a Scandinavian look. Alternatively, you can spray the metal legs with color spray in bronze, old gold or rose gold. This is how you set color accents and transform the simple wooden table into a real eye-catcher.

Vintage DIY projects: decoration with dry flowers

Make your own vintage decoration with dry flowers in the picture frame

Dry flowers are real eye-catchers, provided that they are staged appropriately. Together with vintage vases and a horseshoe, the dry flowers form a charming ensemble that brings a touch of nostalgia to your own four walls. A simple picture frame makes them stand out particularly well. If you wish, you can also age the picture frame by sanding the paint with sandpaper. So you can successfully fake an old look.

Vintage wall decoration made of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds in vintage style as a wall decoration in the living room

Old wooden blinds cut a good figure on the wall in the living room. They can be combined with drawings with natural motifs and optically separate the reading area. Wooden blinds are not only suitable as wall decorations, they can also be used as screens or room dividers. The chipped paint, the light patina and the rusted metal parts are best left untreated. Because these little quirks are what make vintage furniture and accessories so appealing.

DIY projects: draw the world map yourself

Vintage world map itself draw decoration idea

Colonial style furniture, vintage finds from the flea market and a kilim are the perfect partners in the living room, bedroom or baby room. The right wall decoration completes the interior. Draw a map of the world on canvas and hang it on the wall without a frame. It is best to find an old world map on the net, print it out and then transfer it to the canvas. Optionally, you can of course also pause and hang up the current world map. It is also well suited for bedrooms in a maritime style, because it makes us dream of distant countries, exotic islands, travel and adventures.

Vintage DIY projects: modeling clay in the bedroom

Make wall decorations in the bedroom from clay yourself

Not only funny animal figures can be molded from modeling clay. You can also make imaginative decorations for the bedroom yourself. First create a template and plan what the individual details will look like. Cut out the details from the template, place the modeling clay on the work surface and cut it out. Let the parts dry out and paint them as you like. Earth tones such as ocher, capuccino, brick red or terraccotta are best suited. Wall decorations in deep green, maritime turquoise or dark blue, which provide a holiday feeling at home, can also be seen well.

Repaint old furniture and use it as a base cabinet in the bathroom

Vintage pink bathroom cabinet painting DIY ideas for home improvement

Vintage furniture gives character to the puristic bathroom. They come into their own against a neutral background and, with their slightly rounded edges, form a great contrast to the puristic look of the toilet or the bathroom. So choose a suitable chest of drawers or a small side table and paint it in an accent color. Pink is the perfect color partner to white, but also forms an attractive duo with gray.

Repaint vintage bathroom cabinet

Black, anthracite or slate gray are considered absolute classics in the puristic bathroom. Black furniture sets accents and automatically attracts attention. The combination of black base cabinet, white washbasin and ceramic washbasin and black showers looks super stylish.

Vintage DIY projects for the bedroom

Sew bedroom pillow from old blouse and make lamp from vase yourself

A bedroom that looks modern and at the same time is furnished with vintage furniture. The eclectic look has been successful in recent years and has long since won the hearts of interior designers and handicraft enthusiasts. Nowadays, a vintage bedroom is simpler than ever. It depends on the home accessories and the lighting, because they create the right mood.

Design photo wall with vacation photos

Photo wall design ideas in vintage style with household items

We will soon be presenting a photo wall that not only looks good, but is also very practical. The individual photos can be exchanged quickly. So you can create a different mood every season, depending on which pictures you combine on the photo wall.

We have been spending more and more time at home in the past month. It is therefore worthwhile to furnish and decorate your own house or apartment in such a way that we feel comfortable there and like to be in every room. We already have numerous ideas for DIY projects that both experienced DIY enthusiasts and complete beginners can easily master. In the photo gallery below you will find further suggestions for effective decorations, lighting and home accessories with which you can set accents and give the room character.

Build the wall shelf yourself and make a garland of fabric flowers

Make your own vintage wall shelf for perfumes and make a flower garland from fabric flowers

Make vases and flower pots from modeling clay yourself

Vintage decoration with flower pots made of air-drying modeling clay

Lanterns made of disposable cups covered with fabric

Make your own vintage fairy lights with fabric lampshades

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