Victoria's Secret: Will this annual show not be held anymore?

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For a long time, the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is considered to be the most sensual event of the year. For almost 20 years, they are aired on television and provided to fans of fashion labels for Furore. Superstars such as Models Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen and Naomi Campbell love being tight-lipped about the race. Singers such as Rihanna, Miguel and the pop group Maroon 5 have sung on a US stage, while the top models aim for a large audience of Dessous and Underwear of the brand. The show takes place in a new place every year and is looking forward to a great popularity. In the last few years, however, the brand and popularity lost, and even the show is seen by few people. Now it should be final. At least that's what model Shanina Shayk did in an interview for an Australian magazine.

The downfall of Victoria's Secret: Why doesn't the show take place this year?

As the model Shanina Shayk explained, she said a little sad that the show did not take place in that year. However, she said for sure that Victoria's Secret would soon become Furore with a new concept. The financial analyst at Jefferies Bank is not so sure. As he wrote on a note, it said "Game over" for USA. In fact, the value of the shares of Victoria's Secret parent company has greatly diminished in recent years, which Ware continues to rise in more than 1,000 stocks in the United States, whose yield has fallen sharply. Could one of the most well-known underwear companies have been rescued?

Victoria's Secret is strongly criticized for its beauty ideal

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Many bloggers and analysts lay the groundwork for the downturn in the beauty ideal that popularized Victoria's Secret. Ironically, these were the wonderful models with long legs and perfect bodies of the ground, which is why the brand became so successful in the year 2001. Since then, however, the situation has changed greatly. The "me too" movement and the Instagram culture have led to a change of time. Today, many women prefer the comfortable underwear. Whether to adapt Victoria's Secret to the new sales models and customer claims, it remains to be seen.

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