Turthahn Autumn wreath with children made of various materials for door, window or wall

Autumn wreath with children in the form of a turkey with fabric and styrofoam

Autumn wreaths are a popular craft idea, be it for the entrance door, the window or for a simple wall in the room. This one also really fits the season, mice that used the right colors and motifs. The turkey is such an appropriate motif and also the motto of our current DIY autumn wreath ideas. Whether as an adult, they are able to put together a décor wreath in the fall or are looking for ideas that are suitable for children as well, but our instructions are suitable in both cases. So if you want to make an autumn wreath with children, you have just landed here. You used different materials for instructions, which should all be found in a craft drawer. So curl up your sleeves and organize a perfect craft afternoon for the little curious and creative discounts.

Truthahn Autumn wreath with children made of fabric strips

Autumn wreath with children made of colored fabric strips and acrylic paint

  • Guide ring (approx. 25 cm diameter)
  • Styrofoam disc (approx. 12.5 cm x 2 cm)
  • Fabrics in red, orange, yellow and green
  • brown acrylic paint
  • Pinsel
  • Schere
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • large wicker shelves (approx. 25 cm diameter)
  • roter and yellow felt

This colorful autumnal wreath for a door, window or wall is super easy and quick to make and bigger kids can effortlessly help with crafting. When you start the fall wreath with the children, you start out by painting the steering portals in brown color, which the children could do wonderfully and even. Since two layers of color are necessarily to obtain a covering Braunton, you must include a break in which the first layer can be drawn before you can carry the second one.

Cut fabric

Making autumn wreath with children - instructions for tying the strip of fabric

In the interim, you can prepare the fabric strips. Who should say this long, you decide for yourself. Please note that all are equally long and roughly equal. For example, the strips are 5 cm wide and 53 cm long. Then take the finished ring and start tying the fabrics into it. Take a strip here, fall into the middle, place the ring on the thus-obtained slots and see the ends through the slots as you close the ring. Change the colors regularly and shove them close to each other, thus completely covering the ring. In this way, you decorate about two-thirds of the ring when you make the autumn wreath with children.

Head for the fall wreath with kids

Making autumn wreath with kids - turkey self-made from styrofoam, felt and wobbly eyes

From red felt, cut out the turban typical skin patches of the cord and out of the yellow felt the cord. Glue the wax flaps onto the finished foam disc, then fix it to the red patch of skin and finally the cord with hot glue. Place some adhesive on the lower area of ​​the ring and attach the finished turban head. Now the autumn wreath can be hung in door, window or any other beloved place.

Tipp: If the fabric strips should not stand up nicely, you can cut them to one shorter, but then this colorful tail would not work so much more. Instead, you can discuss them in a lying and widespread state with strength. As soon as the strength is dried, turn the wreath and sprinkle on the back side as well.

Autumn wreath self-brimming with tulle

Autumn wreath with children from tulle in orange, red, yellow and brown

  • Styroporring
  • Acrylic paint in yellow, brown and black
  • medium size steering ball for the head
  • two small Styrofoam balls for those eyes
  • Styroporkegel
  • rotate moss rubber
  • brown wool
  • Ribbons in red, orange, brown and yellow (about 23 meters)
  • Zahnstocher
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • 3 sponge brush
  • Stoffschere
  • 1 piece of paper, at least as wide as the tulle bands and 40 to 50 cm long

Tipp: When you buy the styrofoam elements, you best put them together once and for all, to make sure they fit all of the sizes here as well.

Bastel idea with styrofoam ball for a delicious turkey

Begin by painting the smaller control portals (the ball and the cone) when you make this autumn wreath with children. Plug in your toothpicks to get to the feet and touch the elements, then paint them from all sides and allow the parts to dry behind. With the help of a foam brush (for each color you use a new one) you paint the cone yellow and the big ball brown and seal the small ball free with the black dot that the pupils should aim. Let the colors dry for at least one hour.

Curling strips for autumn wreath with kids

Wrap the styrofoam ring with brown wool and cut from tulle stripes

Now, take the piece of paper with the desired length. Wrap the first tulip 15 times the length of the paper. On each side, therefore, 15 layers of tulle were formed, which meant 30 strips, which they obtained by cutting the tulle at both ends with the shears. (They can also take half the length for the papers, wrap the tulle drum and, at the end, only cut both sides to obtain the same length.

Tie and wrap and tie head

Craft guide for the head of turkey with bullet, moss rubber and cone

Then take the steering ring and mark which area you may be designing with the wool (for example, a third). Stick to the markings of the wool with the sticker and begin to wrap the ring with yours. Do you see the fads as punishing, creating similar transitions and avoiding gaps? As soon as you reach the second mark, you can cut off the thread and fix the end with adhesive.

Simple autumn wreath with kids

For the rest of the ring, you now wrap the tulle strip. The color, starting from it, should also be the last on the other side, thus creating a symmetry. If you need to knit the strips exactly, you can look at our very first instructions for a door wreath in the fall. Since the stripe strips are thin, you will always tie 5 stripes per color (e.g., 5 reds, then 5 browns, 5, yellows, 5 orange, and again before). Finally, review all the strips once again. Should you want a color to look together and look a bit narrower, you can simply add another tulip strip. If you finish the ends well then, this creates a volume.

Herbstbasteln for beginners and children - Make a door wreath as decoration yourself

Insert two toothpicks into the large ball and give it some glue. Insert the ball into the ring (in the area of ​​the wool). Cut out the typical gum from the moss rubber. Take the cone as a proposal for the right width. Glue the moss gum to the ball. Then insert a toothpick into the cone, distribute the additional adhesive and insert it through the moss gum into the ball. Insert two toothpicks into the turkey's head, where you should find the eyes, and stick the little balls with some glue on them. Finally, you need one more slot for hanging from tulle, which you attach in the respective position and in the respective tulle color.

Autumn wreath with children from felt

DIY autumn wreath with kids with funny turkey motif

  • Styroporring
  • brown wool
  • Feel in your favorite fall colors (e.g., red, orange and yellow) and black
  • hard felt in white
  • Schere
  • Hot glue or craft glue

Making fall wreaths - instruction

Materials for crafting with wool, felt and warm glue

Wrap the brown wool around the entire ring when you make this autumn wreath with kids. Allow yourself the time to avoid gaps. Do you see the fads beautifully punished, but without pushing the ring. Adhere to the beginning of the dress and add a few centimeters of further adhesive tape. Finally, cut off the threads and fix the ends with glue.

Make the feathers for the autumn wreath with kids and stick them on

Turtle feathers made of felt and adhere to the autumn wreath

Now cut out the feathers from the colored felt. Imagine both larger, as well as smaller feathers here, obtained from the tail texture. If you roll each spring to see what you see in the picture and stick it together at the bottom. In this way, the tail becomes later, later.

Then glue the feathers to the wreath. Use the first row of larger springs and let them swap small distances. In these distances then come the feathers of the second row, which may be larger (the tail may, in its length, also often go up or down). End with a third spring row. So, if the rolled ends of the feathers are not visible, cover them with some other small feathers that you cut out of the felt. Also, these mice do not have perfectly formed signal.

Head and foot

Create a beautiful door wreath with autumn glue for autumn

Now you still have to make the rest of the autumn wreath with kids. They need two circles out of the white felt, two more out of the black for the pupils, an orange triangle for the snout, a red piece for the skin patches and two feet. The face adheres to the left of the advanced area of ​​the wreath, while the feet are fixed in the lower area. Hang the finished turkey wreath directly into a hook or with a hook.

Idea for a turkey wreath with bloaters

Autumn wreath for the door, the window or the wall and for making up felt and linen sheets from felt

  • Styroporring
  • Stencils for deciduous leaves or pre-cut leaves
  • believiges wide band (tulle, linen or other fabric)
  • Feel in your favorite autumn colors
  • Hot glue and gun or cloth glue
  • Stecknadeln

Insert the end of the tape with a needle into the back of the ring and begin to wrap it around the wreath. Every couple of centimeters, you add more sewing needles, but always on the back side. In this way, you do not fix the band visible in regular spaces, unless it falls apart or shifts (if you use Tull, you will have to make thicker layers as they are transparent).

Then cut out many fall leaves in different shapes and colors from the felt by using stencils. Of course, they can also buy finished leaves. They are likely to need about 40 sheets. Do you stick the leaves in the ring or simply stick them with needle pins (if you do the autumn wreath with kids, use them instead!). You still cut out the remaining elements for the turkey felt: brown bodies, orange cord and foot, red skin patches and white and black circles for the eyes. Furthermore, you still need a few springs. Glue the feathers tight, then the body and finally the remaining parts.

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