Tropical leaves and palm tree patterns bring the urban jungle mood into your four walls!

With their large, shiny leaves, tropical plants look very decorative and give rooms a whole new atmosphere. No wonder that tropical leaves have been one of the hottest decorative trends since 2017! And this trend will continue for a long time because it gives us a feeling of summer, warmth and vacation. Today we are going to show you a few nice ideas on how you can bring a good pinch of exoticism into your own four walls by using lush greenery and botany prints.

Tropical leaves bring a holiday feeling to your home!

Urban jungle style bedroom with lots of green and white

The bold green of plants and botany prints suit almost every interior, but are best used in combination with styles such as glamor, boho, colonial style and mid-century modern. Scandinavian minimalism can also be revitalized with a touch of exoticism. No matter which style of living is currently popular with you, there are countless ways in which you can implement the green leaf motifs in the furnishings. Here we show you some of them.

Tropical leaves adorn fabrics

green palm leaves on bedding and wood bedroom furniture

Fabrics with tropical prints are one of the easiest ways to give your home a summery flair. Bed linen, curtains, carpets, shower curtains and pillowcases with leaf patterns are just the thing if you want to redecorate a room with little effort. The tropical look doesn’t always have to be brightly colored. A bedroom in gray, beige and white tones looks fresh and airy thanks to the bed linen in white-green.

Jungle feeling also in the spring-summer 2020 collection from H&M Home

Green and white leaf pattern tablecloth from H&M

The last Home Collection from H&M Home is also inspired by the tropical plants and botany prints. The lush green is combined with gold and white. The label covers pillowcases and bed linen as well as tablecloths in different shades of green for a uniform look. Natural materials and earthy tones go perfectly with it.

Jungle feeling in the bedroom through duvet

Tropical leaves types and names

tropical leaves types tropical leaves names tropical leaves fabric real tropical leaves tropical plant big leaves outdoor fabric tropical leaves tropical plants leaves

Tropical plants like the Monstera is the epitome of the tropical look. In the print motifs, however, we also see a variety of beautiful leaf shapes that look extremely decorative. Popular urban jungle plants that are often used in tropical prints are:
The aralia (Aralia Sieboldii, Fatsia japonica)
The royal fern (Osmunda regalis)
The bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae)
The dwarf banana tree (Musa acuminata)
The delicious window leaf (Monstera deliciosa)
The frangipani (plumeria)
The rubber tree (Ficus elastica)
The gold fruit palm (Dypsis lutescens)
Fan palms like the dwarf palm (Chamaerops humilis)

Botanical print wallpaper

tropical leaves wallpaper palm tree and monstera for the bedroom

Wallpapers with tropical leaves are another nice idea for those who want bigger interior changes than just a few pillows. A wallpaper in jungle look impressively highlights your bed and can highlight the sofa in the living room. You can also integrate tropical plants as pattern wallpaper in the bathroom.

green leaves wallpaper as decoration idea for stairs

If you live in a rented apartment, you can simply buy removable wallpaper. In addition, self-adhesive wallpapers are perfect for spicing up wall clocks, stairs and chests of drawers. Here you can see more ideas on how to decorate the staircase.

Spice up furniture with a tropical print

tropical wallpaper to spice up an old chest of drawers

Remnants of wallpaper are a great way to freshen up old furniture quickly and easily. Chests of drawers, bedside tables and cupboards can easily be embellished with self-adhesive wallpaper. Old chairs get a new look with new upholstery!

Tropical leaves as wall art

Monstera leaf in watercolor look for living room in urban jungle style

Murals also bring wonderful tropical flair. From the dining room to the home office – they fit every room. Depending on the motif and material, you can easily adapt your posters to the respective room. The variety of motifs is very large and you are guaranteed to find a motif that suits your taste. Even a large-format, illustrative print of a Monstera leaf looks extremely decorative on the empty wall. Stylized posters in watercolor style are also a real eye-catcher. Combined with sayings or black and white graphics, a special ensemble is created.

Tropical leaves and natural materials

Boho and urban jungle combination in the bedroom

What is the best way to combine the tropical motifs? Rattan, bamboo, willow and of course wood! Mahogany and teak are a good choice for a tropically decorated room. They usually come from tropical areas and are very durable, so you can create a mood. For example, use sea grass baskets as a planter or for storing blankets or pillows. A round jute rug also has a natural, rustic look.

Jungle green and pink are a great color duo

green palm leaves and pink bedding for girls room

Dark green and baby pink are a very charming combination in the apartment, especially for the girls’ room. Pink looks super girlish and takes the weight off the green. Green, white and light wood round off the whole thing perfectly.

Window stickers for the bathroom

Are you looking for a beautiful and unobtrusive bathroom decoration? A window film with leaf motif is a great idea for the bathroom window. These glass stickers offer sufficient privacy and still let the sunlight through. Window films can also be ordered cheaply online and printed with your own motif.

Dishes with tropical patterns for an exotic touch at the table

Dishes with tropical leaves and jungle animals

And why not bring a touch of exoticism to the table with a tropical decoration? Plates and tablecloths, which are reminiscent of the freshness of summer, create a beautiful, festive atmosphere. Gold-colored cutlery also provides a particularly elegant and luxurious touch on the festively laid table. If the tablecloth is patterned, use a single-colored tableware set. And vice versa: combine your patterned tableware with a single-colored table linen.

patterned tablecloth with green leaves and white tableware set

Idea for a simple craft project

Make your own jewelry plate set with palm leaves

Here’s a super simple craft project you can do on a free afternoon. You don’t need any templates or special materials to make these chic jewelry plates, just modeling clay and some color. Because the project is so simple, you can even implement it with your children. It is a great opportunity for them to let their creativity run wild.

Tools & materials:

Use a small bowl as a shape (e.g. 10 cm diameter)
Brush (flat and thin tip)
oven-hardening modeling clay
Acrylic craft paint (cream-colored, forest green)
Krylon pen for golden highlights

Fimo jewelry plates are crafted with palm leaf motifs

Form a clay ball and place it in your bowl. If you want to make several jewelry plates, make sure that all balls are the same size. Push the ball into the bowl to form an approximately 5 mm thick plate. Carefully remove the ball from the bowl and refine the shape further as needed. Bake the plates in the oven according to the directions in the package.

Jewelry plate with leaf motif DIY made of polymer clay

After cooling, paint the dishes with two coats. Use pencil to draw leaf shapes in bowls as a guide for painting. Brush the leaves with a very fine brush. Paint a different leaf shape on each bowl. Finally, spice up the edges and sides of the bowls with a gold marker.

Now you can be inspired by the other ideas in our picture gallery and bring the urban jungle feeling into your own four walls!

tropical leaves wallpaper in the living room and home accessories in ethnic look

Urban jungle style in the dining room

tropical leaves pattern on curtain and wallpaper

Printed decorative pillows enliven every couch

Kitchen and living room in a decorative cushion with Monstera sheet on sofa

Dark green as an accent in a Scandinavian bedroom in gray and white

Green tropical leaves as a contrast in the black and white bedroom

Neutral colors and green grass create a nice atmosphere in the youth room

Tropical sheets of bedding in the youth room

Boho style bedroom with palm rug

Boho style bedroom with palm leaves on carpet

Braided baskets as planters are trendy

Pouf with green tropical leaves in the bedroom

A Monstera rug brings nature into the children’s room

Monstera carpet for the children's room

Flower lights are perfect as a decoration for a boho bedroom

Boho rattan bed and decorative pillow with leaf pattern

Baby pink, gray, white and green look fresh and modern

green leaves, white and pink are a nice combination for the bedroom

Throw pillows with tropical prints are an inexpensive way to brighten up the room

Palm leaves and aloe vera plant as a print for decorative pillows

Combine patterned with single-colored decorative pillows

green banana leaves on decorative pillows in living room

Bright colors and a bedspread and pillows with banana leaf print for a playful bedroom

green leaves and white paint in the bedroom

With a shower curtain made from banana leaves, your bathroom will feel like you are outdoors

Shower curtain with green leaves for bathrooms in urban jungle style

Tropical leaf print bedding is an inexpensive way to upgrade your bedroom

Tropical sheets of bed linen create a summer mood

Upholster your headboard with a banana leaf print fabric to make it bolder and more eye-catching

Upholstered bed headboard with palm leaf pattern

Headboard and curtains with the same pattern ensure a uniform look

Headboard and curtains with banana leaf pattern in the bedroom

Cushions with tropical leaf print embellish your bedroom and make it summery

Decorative pillows with green tropical leaves in the boho bedroom

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