Trendy tropical wallpaper: 5 of the hottest motifs and patterns

Stay in the urban jungle trend and transform your home into an inviting tropical paradise! A tropical wallpaper is just the thing if you want to create an eye-catcher wall and want to introduce fresh green tones into your interior. Tropical plants, flowers, birds and especially decorative palm leaves bring new life to every room! Here are 5 of the finest tropical style wall paper ideas that have won the hearts of designers and design lovers around the world.

Wallpaper in palm leaf

Tropical plants wallpaper and dark green velvet in the bedroom

Are you dreaming of leaning back under a palm tree in a deck chair with a soft drink in your hand? A tropical wallpaper with palm leaf pattern is guaranteed to bring a hint of the jungle feeling into your home. By the way, palm wallpaper is available in so many different versions that everyone can find the best pattern. Rich green is particularly beautiful on a light background like white or pink, but also looks particularly chic on black and gives the room depth.

Wallpaper in banana leaves

Tropical wallpaper banana leaves at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Banana leaves on wallpaper caused a sensation as early as the forties. The Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper by Don Loper, an esteemed costume designer, was designed for the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and is now one of the most famous wallpaper designs in the world. Hollywood stars in particular loved it as a background motif for photoshoots. Another wallpaper icon that is considered Martinique’s twin sister is the Brazilliance wallpaper by American interior designer Dorothy Draper. Even today, their banana plants adorn the interior of the Greenbrier luxury hotel in West Virginia.

Wallpaper icon with banana leaf motif Brazilliance by Dorothy Draper

These wallpapers stand for old Hollywood glamor, cocktails and exotic. If you feel the atmosphere of an exclusive hotel in your own home and want to spice it up with a dash of retro glamor, choose wallpaper with this special pattern. A roll of the original costs over $ 200, but you can go looking for a Martinique bargain or similar design.

Wallpaper with monster leaves

Tropical wallpaper in the bedroom with monster leaves

The decorative Monstera deliciosa is one of the trendiest houseplants. Its large sheets with interesting slits not only adorn wallpaper, but also bed linen, curtains and pillows. The popular pattern is of course available in several versions: from highly simplified motifs to watercolor designs to extremely realistic photo wallpapers. The Monstera wallpapers also offer a wide variety of colors: in green and white, green and gray, black and white or green and pink.

Wallpaper tropical rainforest

wallpaper tropical rainforest with parrots and tucans

Not sure which motive to choose because every plant arouses your admiration? Then create an exotic rainforest on your wall – the most diverse and exciting living space in the world! Exotic animals and birds can hide in the thicket of plants: monkeys, tigers, lazybones, flamingos, toucans, colorful parrots. Flowers and tropical fruits, especially pineapples, mangoes and acai berries, are also popular as a splash of color.

wallpaper tropical rainforest monster leaves and hibiscus flowers

Wallpapers with tropical leaves, jungle or paradise garden motifs are an extremely expressive design element and resemble a colorful painting. Otherwise, keep the furnishings simple and avoid further decorations. It is particularly effective in combination with natural materials, especially exotic wood and rattan, as well as simple accessories.

Wallpaper tropical flowers

wallpaper tropical flowers plumeria and palm trees

Tropical flowers such as Plumeria, orchids, hibiscus and bird of paradise flowers (Strelizien) are an integral part of the lush rainforest vegetation. With such a flower wall wallpaper you can add color accents and give your wall a decorative atmosphere.

wallpaper tropical rainforest with orchids, plumeria and hibiscus flowers

Wallpaper with fern leaves

Wallpaper fern leaves pattern in the guest room in a chalet

The small, feathery leaves of the ferns are also extremely decorative as wallpaper. The large group of plants of the ferns is found on every continent and the leaf fronds of the fern types are varied in shape, size and color. With an atmospheric wallpaper with fern pattern, you can not only create your own urban jungle, but also bring the fairytale atmosphere of the forest into your home.

Wallpaper behind bed in bedroom with fern pattern

This motif harmonises perfectly with nostalgic living styles and in rooms where you can feel the spirit of the past. Botanical motifs that look like botanical illustrations from the early 19th century or resemble examples in an old herbarium are particularly effective.

Botanical motifs fit into every room

Wallpaper with palm leaf pattern behind a light gray sofa

And they go with almost every style of living

tropical wallpaper in light green in the living room

You can choose between different shades of green

Tropical plants wallpaper in the living room

Tropical wallpaper is perfect for decorating a bedroom wall

Wallpaper tropical leaves and plants pattern in the bedroom

Palm leaves in combination with wood create a wonderful atmosphere

Wallpaper tropical leaves in the bedroom behind bed

Palm leaf wallpaper as an accent in the small bedroom

tropical wallpaper in the small bedroom - closet over the bed for more storage space

The tropical wallpaper would also be an interesting break in the home office

wallpaper tropical pattern in home office

Gold-colored accessories are popular for decorating in a tropical style

tropical wallpaper combined with brass decoration

The bushy pampas grass in a high vase is an eye catcher

Tropical wallpaper with palm leaves to light wood and white

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