Traffic light umbrella with stand – The four parasols from Umbrosa with a modern design

Now that winter is slowly coming to an end, planning for terrace furnishings and design is beginning for many. A parasol is an important element if the terrace has no other source of shade. The new “Spectra UX” collection from Umbrosa comes as a call. This consists of four unique models for the traffic light umbrella with stand. Whether simple and in neutral colors or upbeat and striking – all traffic light umbrellas impress with their modern design and different shapes.

Traffic light umbrella with stand by Umbrosa from the Spectra UX collection

Each traffic light umbrella with stand has its own story. The four models of parasols were created in collaboration with several designers, including Siegrid Demyttenaere, and were inspired by various things: the clean and refined architecture, the liveliness and unpredictability of nature, the warmth and gentleness of the Mediterranean culture and, last but not least, the refreshing radiance of the sea and its waves.

Traffic light umbrella with stand “Spectra UX Architecture”

Spectra UX Architecture with a simple design for modern patios

Of all models, this parasol with a stand is the simplest. Nevertheless, its gray tones make it look extremely luxurious. The aim of this parasol was to obtain a design that, with its simplicity and regular shapes, can be perfectly adapted to modern patio furnishings. For this purpose, the parasol has a square shape, unnecessary frills are completely missing and only necessary material decorates the model. A great advantage of all models is the fact that the traffic light umbrella stands are equipped with casters.

“Spectra UX Nature”

Spectra UX Nature with green traffic light umbrella stand and beige umbrella

A traffic light umbrella with a rollable stand is also the impressive Spectra UX Nature. This model adapts in color to nature and more precisely to the garden by being equipped with a green stand and a beige shade with an interesting shape. It is perfect for modern outdoor areas where wood plays an important role. So if you want sun protection that is both chic and not too striking, make the right choice with “Nature”.

“Spectra UX Culture”

Spectra UX Culture traffic light umbrella with stand in brown-red-pink

The most colorful, yet simple design is “Culture”, which was inspired by Mediterranean culture. With its color mix of shades of brown, pink and red, it truly attracts everyone's attention and can thus create a wonderful accent on the terrace. The umbrella itself is also striking in this model. The traffic light umbrella is square, but the four corners are effectively rounded off, which gives the simple design a certain playfulness.

Traffic light umbrella with stand “Spectra UX Marine”

Traffic light umbrella with stand in blue and white for a maritime flair

A large traffic light umbrella with stand is also “marine”. As the name suggests, it was inspired by the sea and the waves, which is not only reflected in the blue stand for the traffic light umbrella, but also in the umbrella itself. This consists of two layers, the lower one being characterized by a wave-like design. Furthermore, the parasol is white and more transparent than that of the other models, which does not make it look luxurious, but also indicates the reflected light of the sun in the sea water.

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