Trachten Trends 2019 - Welche Dirndl und Lederhosen are stated

The Oktoberfest is open! And yet again on those beings, one must slip into a dirndl or a leather pant. Anyone in the fashion world also gives in Sachten Trachten trends. Do you or the whole family look perfectly styled, we tell you the news for the year 2019.

which dirndl since 2019 states Trachten Trends Dirndl colors red blue green

Trachten Trends 2019 for ladies

Dirndl Oktoberfest 2019 Mieder in Rosa mit Froschgoscherl Dirndl blouse high closed

Which Dirndl is modern 2019? In cases Dirndl length applies: Das Midi-Dirndl with 65-70 cm rock length is the most popular cut shape of this season. It extends down to the knee and covers the belly and other problem areas. When it comes to Dirndl cuts, the year-old motto "Fewer is more", says. High-end models and small V-sections are particularly noted in this year. Those mothers were still richly decorated and emphasized the décolleté by Froschgoscherl, Herzerlrüschen and musselborten.

which dirndl since 2019 stated red gray heart cut

To the Dirndl Colors 2019 it is overall quieter. Covered colors such as Delft Blue, Olive-Green, Gray, Taupe and Bordeaux-Red are totally featured at this year's Oktoberfest!

Standing by the patterns Blumenmuster, classic stripe pattern as well as low points high in the course. From large flowers to small flowers - these floral patterns give Dirndl girls a romantic touch. To put on the floral look in the scene, skirts and aprons were mostly held.

bei Dirndl blouse 2019 the high-cut blouse with fine lace is very trendy. In any case, it is important that she is tuned to the section of the conductor. High-end blouses are a good fit for Dirndl dresses with balconies and cardigans. As an elegant alternative to Dirndl blouses have been the case Spitzenbodies with the triangular sleeves established. They do not slip when moving and keep even warm. If the Dirndl bodice is already occupied with many knots, ornamentals and embroideries, ladies should choose a plain Dirndl blouse.

Trending Trends 2019 for Men

lederhose men's trend 2019 Wildbock leather white shirt high-crested sleeves

Leather pants are a classy piece of clothing, based on tradition, and only a small playroom for fashionable experiments. So that traditional, Bavarian, short Lederhose (Krachlederne) at the Oktoberfest just keep on trend. The detailed motif stickers that make every leather pants a real highlight, are a must. They are either in light contrasting colors or decent.

Lederhose with hosierägern men's trend 2019 Vichykaro shirt and hat

Men need their personal style and taste to see through their shirt or vest. A casual alternative to the shirt is that Trachtenhotel Shirts with stylish imprint. With their design in the used-look, they fit every leatherhose. Instead of the classic, well-cut trench shirts were now emphasized Vichykaro-Hemden bevorzugt. Here's how: For a patterned shirt that best fits a single-piece vest. And vice versa one cares patterned vest over a simple shirt makes for a still and creative note. If you can't decide correctly, who can put together a perfect eyebrow, you can see these traits outfits for Jung and Alt. The outfit ideas for women, men and children consist of parts that simply complement each other perfectly.

Tracht Trends 2019 for Kids

Trending Trends 2019 for Kids Boy with Leather Pants and Red Karo Shirt

Also, the bubs and girls want to be seen in the Oktoberfest look. Traditionally, children's trend trends for children are being rewritten. Dirndl and Lederhose are made from lightweight, comfortable fabrics, colors and cuts are very conservative. Girl is well advised with classic traditional cotton-dirndln in blue-pink, berries, dark blue or dark red. Then the loop becomes Dirndlschürze bound in the middle or behind. The boys wear like Papa the traditional Lederhose. Combined with a sweatshirt, oatmeal and hat, they are the basics of a stylish looking outfit for boys.

children's dirndl aprons tie back or front in the middle

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