Tired eyes: symptoms, causes and natural remedies

Visual fatigue and tired eyes are usually associated with work. In most cases, this condition depends on the long hours people spend in front of the computer. According to statistics, such complaints affect more than 80 percent of employees in different offices. For this reason, it is not surprising that tired eyes are seen as a minor evil in modern times. However, there are other reasons, too, of which you can check out the most common ones as well as some ideas for home remedies to prevent such efforts.

Tired eyes and their symptoms

tired eyes due to work symptoms and causes

The most common symptoms are sensitivity to light, the feeling of blurred vision and itchy, irritated tired eyes, which turn red and dry. For your information, dry eyes are caused by insufficient tear secretion. Now let's see the factors responsible in the following two paragraphs.

Businesswoman massages her eyes during working day

The most common cause of tired eyes is prolonged exposure to the computer screen. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable factor that is occurring more and more in our modern society. However, visual fatigue can occur due to other causes such as reading, long travel times, excessive or insufficient lighting.

Visual fatigue can also be caused by certain conditions that are directly related to the eyes. This includes anomalies such as astigmatism and hyperopia, strabismus (squint) and a variety of eye diseases.

As we have already clarified, the eyes turn red and dry when they are tired. This can lead to difficulties or double images. Not to mention that as a consequence this can affect the quality of work. This is particularly evident in a decrease in concentration, slow reading and poorly understood information.

Take countermeasures for relief

boy uses eye drops

Caring for your eyes is important to avoid serious problems in the future. In this regard, there are some tips that you should use in your daily life to improve your eye health in a 100% natural way. Concentrate on two techniques that cannot be overlooked.

For example, chamomile is an aromatic plant known for its ability to relieve swollen and tired eyes. It is enough to put two bags of chamomile tea in hot water, let them cool and then apply them lukewarm to the eyelids for about 20 minutes. So chamomile tea is a great option. Apply cotton to the make-up remover soaked in the preparation several times a day.

painter holds his eyes with his hands because of fatigue

Another very common method to relieve tired eyes is by infusing blueberry blossoms. The process is the same as for chamomile: soak cotton in the preparation and apply to the eyelids for 5-10 minutes.

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