This yoga mat rolls up again after use!

Yoga mats are an essential accessory for yoga enthusiasts and ensure that they can comfortably perform all exercises on the floor. But it is annoying to roll it up and stuff it into the gym bag or tie it with a ribbon and transport it. The inventors of the YoYo Mat took up this annoying problem and found a better solution for the otherwise relatively unwieldy surface: a self-rolling yoga mat!

YoYo Mat: The world’s first self-rolling fitness and yoga mats

This yoga mat rolls up itself after use

The inventor, Aaron Thornton, wanted to design a yoga mat that rolls up itself and is easy to transport without extra straps. The fitness and yoga enthusiast got inspiration from the functionality of the snap bracelets. The straps are straight at first and wrap around the arm when you hit it. After many attempts and failures, he had designed his first prototype of the self-rolling yoga mat, which has already been registered as a utility model in the USA.

The mat stays flat on the floor during use

The tape in the mat rolls it up with one click

Inspired by a self-winding bracelet, Aaron Thornton integrated a ribbon into the mat that rolls up with one click. Thanks to this band, the soft surface remains completely flat on the floor during use.

This is how the self-rolling yoga mat works:

This is how the self-rolling yoga mat works

  1. The rolled up fitness mat is thrown away from the body so that the lying surface is on top.
  2. Then the mat is fixed with one click so that it stays flat on the floor.
  3. As soon as the yoga class is over, you can simply turn the mat and it will roll itself up again.

During use, the yoga mat remains completely flat on the floor

But the self-rolling yoga mat could do even more! The top is non-slip so that it remains handy even when you sweat. The underside structure is provided with a special motif so that the mat also adheres to the floor.

The self-rolling yoga mats can be stored or transported perfectly

The development phase took almost a year! Aaron worked with well-known fashion photographer Yu Tsai with co-founder Dino May and old friend to create something unique and innovative. Functionality and chic are combined in the design.

The yoga mat stays flat on the floor

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