The right leather care - tips for choosing the right product for your leather type

Leather care tips and the right products you need after leather type

Leather products are not at all favorable. Finally, it is a natural product that is very durable and durable, provided it is properly maintained. And the proper leather care is also the key word for our present theme. If you also have long time joys and desires in your leather products and they always look like new, the proper nursing technique with suitable means is the A and O. And this also plays an important role, among other things. So if you were to look for leather type and were the right leather care agent, you will experience us today. We also clarify whether or not housewife can help with leather care.

Leather care and home care - Are they effective?

Brown leather for a stylish leather couch in the living room with vintage flair

To make leather durable, it is preserved. This is a process of preservation that is called shedding. The proper leather care should continue this process, as the leather remains forged and tear-resistant for a long time and is protected from personal injury. This is also why basic home remedies are not suitable for this purpose. This death, namely earlier and later on the leather, was also due to its faster decline. Special leather care products are the better choice, these have been repaired so that they are protected even before the destruction.

Leather care and home care for long-lasting quality

For cleaning of leather and for leather care, home remedies and often products such as milk, potatoes, onions, banana pans, eggs or even body lotion are recommended. The fact is, however, that these products are not only the leather-based method that can deteriorate to cleansing places, but also break down the preservation process from the aforementioned grounds. There are pleasant smells to come, which, for example, have an onion, and are particularly unfavorable for furniture and clothing made of leather. In most cases, the leather is worn with a simple damp cloth or even some good ones, as with the widespread home furniture. Therefore, if you are wearing leather, do not recommend your home remedy. Instead, invest better in special means rather than saving in the wrong position.

Those who use genuine leather care products

Actually dress properly with nursing milk or nursing cream

Regardless of which leather care product you decide on, you necessarily consider that it contains no silicone. These hide the pores of the leaders.

Nursing milk for leather

In nursing milk it is a mixture of water and various fats. Typical for this milk is that it is very thin liquid. It is possible to penetrate the leather better. In order to perform, you best use a soft cloth, if you need a little care for the milk, to then rub them in and still in the entire leather.


The cream is hung, which you may already think, thick liquid, will be used for the same purpose. Due to the fact that the nursing cream is thicker, it can also not penetrate so deeply.

Leather care for the continuation of the conservation process of natural materials

leader Fat

Nursing fat is a controversial product, as it is believed that it closes the pores of the leaders. Therefore, there is no real evidence. Fat is readily used for the leather care of smooth leather. By greasing, the surface remains greasy, but has also had a water-repellent effect and sometimes the leather can protect against water and other stains, while preventing the liquid from penetrating the leather.


Also, the oil is thought for smooth leather. The risk in using it is that the leather gets a durable, oily surface. They have the oil and the care fat in common. But when worn with dried or very firm leather, which, for example, has not been properly maintained for a long time, both products prove to be very versatile and effective.

Furniture, clothing and accessories made of real leather, as well as artificial leather with care products durable


This spray makes the conductor material more resistant to dirt and moisture. For this reason it is frequently used for the leather care of shoes. But not only does the spray prove to be very practical. It can also be used with other leather products. It's about a traveling product that should only be used for free.

Leather types and the right leather care

New leather is properly maintained without clogging the pores

smooth Leader

The smooth leather is divided into two parts: the plain and the covered smooth leather. The obvious smooth leather, which is still perfectly recognizable by its natural properties, also calls itself aniline leather, since it is dyed with aniline dyes. For cleaning, both nursing milk is recommended. For the leather care, but also the cream can be used.

Smooth leather can be open or covered and stained with Anilin

The covered smooth leather is also stained as the obvious with Anilin, yet it also receives a covering pigmentation. Then the two terms "openprig" and "covered" also come. By covering these pores, the leather becomes more resilient. For this reason, you readily take care of adding a care grease or oil. Don't exaggerate with the crowd, but don't go with the products sparingly.

Smooth leather surfaces can be maintained with care grease or oil

With the mentioned products, we recommend a regular leather care. Then you can also make sure that the leather stays forged. If you need to protect it once, you avoid rubbing movements while cleaning, then you will ensure that the liquid penetrates deeper into the pores. Instead, tip the spots away. Prepare compressed liquids best suction by pressing a kitchen towel on the rack. Stains that have not been removed so far can be cleaned with special foam or rubber.

Brown wild leather shoes stay with the right long care tips

Rauleder Nursing

As the name suggests, it is about raw leather, to which also the wild leather belongs. Since this surface does not have such a smooth surface, you are also susceptible to dirt and moisture, which is recommended for any impregnation. These are best carried out immediately after the purchase. Liquids are also best absorbed in this leather type.

Raw leather like wild leather, velor and nubuck leather properly cleaned without water

Use it with a sponge or other material that is very durable. This is even more important here than with the Smooth Leather, as the moisture penetrates even faster and lighter. Therefore, water is forbidden for cleaning. This calls for patches that remain permanently. Removes dirt at its best with a brush for roller leather. You can also improve the rough surface structure with your weather.

Modern thin leather material has to be maintained very well, in the long run

art Director

If you are able to care for artificial leather properly, it is not suitable for real-life nursing products. Also, products that should contain oils should be avoided, including these artificial leather. Recommended are instead nursing supplies, which are specifically designed for artificial leather. Please also note that even these artificial leather will not be hindered, but will become fragile with time.

The right leather care and cleaning for your product

Thoroughly clean and maintain leather surfaces

After all, when the leather is used, it is naturally impregnated in various ways. Gloves, for example, tend to get dirty quickly, while a frequently worn belt is already in short supply. Some surfaces of the leather couch and the car seat are either rubbed off or scratched again. Therefore, a different leather care and cleaning must also be provided. A few tips in the following:

The leather belt

Tips for the leather belt and how to clean it best

The leather belt can somehow not be done right. If you rarely find yourself lying and reading in the cabinet, you get out and get hard. If you wear it regularly instead, it will sometimes get cracks and become brittle. Was that right now? You can prevent both problems by using economical leather grease or oil. In this way, the leather remains soft and flexible and can withstand both rest periods in the cabinet, as well as the movements and bending while wearing. Also, the belt is sealed with a protective layer that prevents getting dirty too quickly. Both products are only for smooth leather. Nursing oil can be used again for sensitive leather.

Black leather belt with metal cutter as a luxurious accessory

Light spots can be removed with water in moving movements. For stubborn, use the best core soap or neutral soap. The special saddle bar is also suitable. Distilled water is preferable, as no edges are left behind. Clean the sets in crunching movements to minimize the changes in the pores. Fresh spots can be dipped off with a cloth first. Let the belt dry in the air.

Maintain and clean leather couch and armchairs

Furniture made of leather soaps with cloth and water

Ideally, leather furniture should be cleaned once a week. Before you unload, test it out in a non-visible position, in which the leather is washable by sprinkling a few drops of water. Remaining drops on the surface must be washed. If you look back, a dry cleaning (dusting) or at most one only slightly damp cleaning is possible. Finally, the surface must always be rubbed dry.

Brown armchair with vintage look and retro chandelier

One leather care should be performed once or twice a year. Especially before the winter, it is recommended that the dry heating air and the leather dry up. Use a product that is tailored to the particular leather type, if you are able to trade in it. Nursing products protect the leather and keep it pliable and shiny. The leather care should always undergo a basic cleaning, in order that the leather pores are clogged, in order to be able to absorb the care product. For cleaning purposes:

Leather care for straightener furniture

As smooth leather dirt only takes up conditioner, it extends, wiping the piece of furniture with a dry cloth to remove dirt, dust and other dirt from everyday life. A basic cleaning is required when needed with a simple damp cloth.

Wild leather and velor are free to clean moisture and with mild soap


The cleaning of sensitive leather is already easier to use and with more caution to enjoy. Get dirt and dirt off with a vacuum cleaner. A basic cleaning and cleaning of stains is again followed by the help of mild soapy water and a cloth that you do not need to wet. Instead, you wrap the cloth as strong as possible, with as little moisture as possible in leather. Avoid it, too tight and too long to rub in one position, which can lead to glare.


Gloves should only be cleaned and washed in the air

Leather gloves, although garments, should of course not come into the washing machine. Since they come in contact with plenty of dirt, simple wiping usually does not work out. Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap is the right solution. For drying, simply leave the leather gloves in the air. In no case should you be placed on the stove, heater or other heat source for this purpose. Then the leather hardens and shrinks. Remove stains on game leather with a soft brush.

The leather care in gloves is equally easy. Use nursing oil or cream, which will leave you looking for a long time. Only then should the gloves be worn again. Give the products plenty of time in the leather to ensure their lasting elasticity and keep or shine the shine.

Leather care for the wallet

Wallet made of plain leather with water and cloth soaps

Constantly in use and sometimes heavily impregnated by the thought bag. For this reason, it is also developed quite frequently. Do you have these but fill your nose or have a special piece of jewelry that you cannot replace quickly, is the proper leather care for your helper. The smooth leather reads quickly and easily with a damp cloth, where you can treat it with nursing milk or cream. Oil and grease are theoretically suitable, but rather unpleasant, as they work backwards and the sachet will always feel greasy. Raul leather protemonias clean you gently like Rauler furniture.

Maintain and clean leather case

Bags should be waterproofed after the purchase and maintained regularly

At the pocket, it is about a common companion and helper, who also provides the extensive leather care. An impregnation right after the purchase is the first step to take that bag for even long periods of time. The following care will of course depend on the type of leather. Then take advantage of the mentioned care tips and products. Does your favorite bag prepare some cracks? Do not despair, as in many cases, these are quickly washed away with color cream. These are evenly distributed evenly with a brush. This way you will avoid deposits and bends.

Clean and maintain leather bracelet from watches

Leather bracelets need the right care

Welding is only one of the many impurities that the watch is exposed to. First, remove coarse dirt like dirt and dust with a dry cloth. Then use a soft cloth moistened with mild soapy water to wipe the band. Finally, wear the nursing milk or cream for the leather care. Here, too, is when abrading the wallet of greasy care products.


Tips for caring for car seats made of plain leather

Leather seats in the car are best cleaned with special cleaning, which after vacuuming the seat on a microfiber cloth and then wipe the surfaces. Perforated areas were washed with caution. There should be no moisture left in it. Next, for the deep cleaning, spray a spray cleaner on the seats and distribute them with a soft brush. Perforated areas were not directly discussed. With a dry and soft microfiber cloth, you wipe this spray again, while the dirt is removed.

Then use a suitable leather care that you distribute evenly and then work for at least one hour. At this time, the car should not be exposed to the sun. Polishing the surfaces still adheres by removing the excess fabric with a microfiber cloth. Before you start with the leather care in the car, you test the device in advance in a not visible position.

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