The Ebola field in Congo has encamped in just two months

The Ebola Ausbruch in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is increasing in alarm. Only in the last two months did the World Health Organization surrender 1,000 Ebola fields - so many were the last six months to reach the end of the day in August last year in the province of North Kivu. In June 3, the World Health Organization reported 2,020 Ebola Fields, causing 1,354 people to be ill

The 1976 outbreak was prepared as the worst of the lands, but this rapid spread of the virus underpins the situation of damals. Im Vergleich dazu became 1976 after 318 Fälle reported. The current use is in the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The disablement of the government, which entails the burden of control, is also linked to the place of abuse, in the north-eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rebels are alive and are the cause of conflict. The lack of security for the staff of the WHO and the health ministries of the city has meant as obstacle to a comprehensive screening and implementation of the follow-up contacts and cases - everything is defining elements for the fight against an Ebola outbreak.

  The Ebola field in Congo has encircled itself with only two months

This is a problem that is not mutually exclusive, as only in year 2019 174 persons in healthcare facilities or healthcare facilities in healthcare facilities in the North Kivu state fund. At a university clinic in April, Dr. Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung, a well-known WHO epidemiologist, is being prosecuted.

To stop this epidemic, health professionals need to work hard and work fast. So far as security is concerned, Miterbiter of the WHO and the health ministries of the Democratic Republic of Congo can find the RSVV-ZEBOV, the latter and most of the abundance of Ebola drugs. At the test, rVSV-ZEBOV sieves a hundred percent Effizienz. Due to thousands of people tested in Guinea within 10 days as a virus-free survivor

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