The daughter of Ewan McGregor tells of her hard life

Daughter Ewan McGregor Leben's Instagram post tells of abuse

She is wealthy, works successfully as a model and has a famous Daddy who stands by her with Rat and Tat. And yet, long time Clara McGregor was unhappy. The oldest daughter of actor Ewan McGregor told in an Instagram post about your heart's life.

The oldest daughter of Ewan McGregor has experienced many things

Clara is the oldest daughter of Ewan McCregor. Yet for four years she is diagnosed with a panic disorder and started therapy. In her Instagram post, Clara explains who helped her with Psychoanalysis over the years. Nevertheless, they have a difficult time behind. They suffered so much from panic attacks that they could not enjoy more in their lives. They were trying to fight the constant nervousness with Xanax - and become drunk. For a long time she was in a relationship with a violent partner. At first she was ashamed and believed that she was only to blame. Then it becomes clear that the victim is an abuser and has been seeking help. She separated from your partner and spent time in a withdrawal clinic. She proudly explains that thanks to the treatment, she has been taking no more drugs for 110 days. Now it gets much better, though they still have to struggle with the panic disorder.

In her Instagram post, Clara offers her followers, not too hard to tell her. She still said it was hurtful and said it was very difficult to speak openly about your problems.

Ewan McGregor's daughter suffers from a panic disorder: What is it?

Daughter Ewan McGregor suffered severe liver drug panic attacks abuse

With the concept of panic disorder, repeated panic attacks were targeted. Those patients suffer more than once a month. If left untreated, this disorder can lead to significant behavioral changes. Several factors can lead to panic attacks themselves in childhood, including counts of stress and traumatic life experiences such as having a family member or sexual abuse. In many cases the causes remain unclear anyway.

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