Table decor with moss - 30+ wonderful ideas and inspirations!

Table deco with moss artificial wedding in the garden decoides with flowers

Whether for a birthday, wedding or other festive event - the nature-inspired decorations have been on the trend for years. Surprisingly, this is nothing - they look sleek, original and extremely elegant. Table deco with moss is a promising alternative to the original table runner and decks we all know. Bring nature to a reticent way on your table with the many solid ideas we have prepared for you!

Wonderful table decoration with moss

Table decoration Inspirational wedding in the garden Moos-Tischläufer artificial

For a remarkable table decoration, you can go as far as the artificial moss you find in any flower shop, as well as the natural from the forest. However, since the natural moss does seem pretty green and stays fresh for longer, you should regularly spray it with some water. You could also wipe it dry, and create beautiful autumnal decor elements. Are you planning a wedding on holiday? Then why not replace the good old table runner opposite one? You can easily make a self-timer or buy it yourself. No matter which variant you choose - it looks great and creates a unique atmosphere and a great day. Add a few elegant flowers, candlesticks and succulents to the table and already have an unusual and yet original decoration.

Table decoration with moss for your wedding

Simple Decoration Ideas Wedding in the garden plan decoration

Also, if a table decoration is the perfect choice for a wedding under the free sky, it must necessarily be adapted to the whole style and the theme - when it really comes to fruition. For a trendy Boho style decoration, you can come with many colorful flowers and decorative elements in Combine rose gold and gold. For a natural, rustic fire, you are best placed on plain wood decorations. Of course, it is also very important that you pay attention to all the other small details, such as cutlery, napkins, dishes, etc.

Moos Tischdeko is suitable for every season of the year

Table deco with Moos table runner decoration for the living room

Even if green is the color of the holiday and most of the ideas for table decoration with moss for this year's season are particularly well-suited, it does not long ago that they should leave in the fall. Quite the contrary! In the fall, you will have the opportunity to create beautiful, contrasting decorations full of unique and beautiful contrasts. For example, a few table runner can serve as a basis for a remarkable, floral decoration of dahlias, hydrangeas, asterns and all, until this time of year.

Table deco with moss table runner Dekoideen Autumn

That combination of an opulent reason and deep, dark red looks simple or not? Whether layered in vases or distributed on small tree slices - the Moos Tischdeko is a true eye-catcher and the fiery look also makes it perfect for those cold winter months. Whether for a winter wedding or christmas - it adds a touch of comfort and comfort. Wonderful shades include decorative elements and accessories in the colors of silver, gold or even the warm pastel shades.

Wedding decorating simple ideas table number same crafting instructions

The ideas for a wonderful table decoration with moss are infinitely many - from the classic moss table runner to self-made balls or hearts - it's all there! Do you have to give your wedding a unique, personal character and do it yourself? Then simply add the table numbers for the wedding or the initials of your names for decorative purposes. It is a refined, original and contemporary eco-friendly decoration idea.

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