Sustainable building: Texas-based architecture highlights a very low footprint

A building with a low carbon footprint to create, today's most architects and builders are seen as part of their building cultural responsibility. No easy task, which may need to be built further, must be taken into account. A design made from recyclable or recycled materials, an ecologically meaningful energy system and rainwater storage are the absolute must.

modern architecture in the USA garden with native plants

The architects of 5G Studio Collaborative worked on it in the year 2017, to build a single-family home resource-saving and intimate with nature. They have combined your experience with modern building methods and transformed the wishes of the builders into a climate-neutral house. Modern architecture is awarded with the Design Award 2017. We are presenting a project from the USA, which aims to deliver smart energy- and water-saving solutions.

Sustainable building: The good dawn saves energy

modern well-damped house facade environmentally-friendly building resources save

This family home is located near a Texas nature reserve. The builders love to inspire the idyllic location and commission the architects with the task of designing a house and planning a garden that harmoniously blends into the landscape. This creates a unique building with a flat roof that offers the best conditions, saving energy and water. The outer range may be naturally formed. The garden is planted with native grasses, perennials and trees and in the backyard the residents have a greenhouse with a greenhouse. All plants are well-lit, can come out with little water and thrive without heat and frost. They also care about a good space climate. In the summer, the tall trees throw cool shadows on the house, in the winter, the high shrubs provide wind protection.

    Greenhouse in the vegetable garden in the backyard to create beautiful gardens with native plants

If you want to build sustainably, you should consider what materials you want to get. Instead of embarrassing a garden path made of concrete, the builders chose the example for gravel. The material reads through the rainwater and is best suited for dry areas. More rainwater storage on the roof ensures efficient garden irrigation. Thanks to the tank systems, drinking water consumption is kept at the minimum even in the summer months. The southern house facade is planted with climbing plants. They offer cooling in the summer and can improve the air quality in the rooms.

modern single-family house with glass fronts and garden views

Not only the facade is only made with recyclable materials. Also included were recycled materials for disposal. In order to save energy and reduce heat losses during the winter months, the house is indoors and outdoors. All rooms have more floor-like windows and sliding glass doors. So even the large residential area can be well ventilated. The large glass fronts and the skylights let plenty of sunlight into the interior space of the day. Energy-saving ceiling lights and dimmable pendant lights provide for well-lit spaces in the evening.

Sustainable construction: Functional and stylish design

Modern single-family homes with energy-saving solutions make building sustainable easy

The house façade may look plain, within which the house emerges as a modern minimalist beauty with exotic touch. The white walls and the dark wood flooring provide the perfect background for the chic furniture. There are more zones in the residential area, depending on the function. A spacious kitchen with kitchen island, a comfortable seating area in front of the TV and a lounge area right next to the window round off the living program. Seamlessly connected to the living room, the terrace with a view to the garden. It loads a modular sofa and a chair with chairs for blurring in the outdoors. All other rooms were a cabinet, two bedrooms and two guest rooms have a beautiful view of the garden. Join us on a virtual tour of all spaces.

A comfy daybed and a steel lamp create a cozy back seat in front of the window

sustainable construction with recycled materials to align the living room dimming cozy seating areas next to the window

The kitchen is made of wood and has a marble worktop

modern white kitchen with green kitchen cabinets and marble island with marble worktop

Many floor-to-ceiling windows and a skylight add plenty of sunlight into the living area

Modern single-family house sustainable building roof windows in residential area let more sunlight clean energy-saving ceiling lights in the evening

The terrace is equipped with everything

sustainably build terrace with concrete plasterboard and create lounge area and create a gas grill with dining area

A guest room with terrace looks out onto the nearby nature reserve

Guest room with armchair and coffee table and Kilim furnished with balcony with shared beds

Large flower cube with an architectural look

Single-family house building pult roof with inclination and guest room and terraced terrace

The bedroom is comfortably furnished

Recycled materials use sliding glass doors and recycled wooden floorboards

Sky bed in the bedroom gives the interior an exotic touch

Sky bed in bedroom in earthenware inside dampened glass sliding doors and window fronts offer a view to the garden

Home Office with a beautiful view of the garden

Home office with glass sliding doors seamlessly connected to the wooden terrace

Two rocking chairs on the terrace

Wooden terrace with roofing and wind protection and beautiful views

Vertical garden in minimalist plant cubes

Balcony eco-friendly tips for choosing the plant kubel and the sharing base

Indigenous succulents and ground covers with similar claims in water and soil

Plant cube in the exterior wall alternate modern hanging garden with native succulents and plants

The cube-shaped dog house is also a minimalist artwork

modern dog house with glass surface in a minimalist design and all spaces are in subdued and energy-saving lighting

Glass sliding doors connect seamlessly inside and out

modern single-family house has living room with adjoining covered terrace and shared facilities

The Home Entrance: The front door is considered

Home entrance environmentally friendly and heat-resistant tiled stones allow for water flow

The facade is apparently held in black

Modern single-family house with roofing and plastic stones environmentally friendly and sustainable

The garden is very illuminated to save electricity

Contemporary Buildings Continuous Building Heat Loss Decrease Infrared Camera Shows Results

The House at Evening: A minimalist work of art

Family home in Texas with energy-saving façade lighting in the evening

Modern house façade and adjacent garden

Family lawn with lawn and fireplace in garden ideas for environmentally friendly lighting

The house is composed of multiple building volumes

Single-family house with well-damped facade saves energy and reduces CO2 footprint

Below you will find all building plans for the award-winning house

    Side view of flat ground almost without inclination - Grundriss vom environmental friendly construction

Building plan of award-winning Texas home with energy-saving construction and good dimming

Building plan of single-family home in Texas with views from above and space distribution

Basically the ground and the house and the garden from above

Project of 5G Studio

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