Stichwort Christmas Card: Bastel Trends 2019

When it is getting cold and uncomfortable, it is the best time to dedicate yourself to the craft again. With appropriate DIY projects, you can read mood-setting decoration for the Christmas season. Many of your loved ones may also want to provide treats with self-empowerment. Suitably, the Christmas card of our own creation may not be missing in the end.

Quick craft ideas with great effect

Anyone who is looking for a decorative decoration for the tree or who is taking up the apartment should immediately request a few more copies. Many craft shops also own as a trailer for gifts or to store creative cards.

Who in the often very busy weeks before Christmas only finds little time for the bastard, never have to give up on some self-empowerment. On the Internet it offers the possibility to choose a beautiful proposal and to create your own taste with text or in addition to your own photos. With little effort, you get such an individual experience. These cards can be customized exactly to the gift, for example. Then everything worked out in one end.

DIY ideas for beautiful Christmas cards - the map with windows

A map with a small window is a beautiful idea that reads quickly and easily. It is also ideally suited for craft mufflers. Materials are not much needed: Tone paper or corrugated cardboard in any color, gift paper residue, adhesive and a cutter or scissors, such as a pen in gold or silver, possibly glitter, beads or other decoration and a piece of yarn or gift ribbon.

The first step is to make a cardboard tube of pitch paper in the desired sizes. In general, this size is 15.5 by 22 centimeters. This card in the middle falls into a folding card and by hand or with a stencil a motif on the inside of the cover sheets, for example, a star, an angel or a pine tree. Suggestions are available on the Internet. A pattern can also serve as an old Christmas card.

The next step is to cut out the motif with the cutter. Then cut out the motif from the gift wrap. Therefore, consider that the piece of gift paper is larger than the design and covers the hole in the map. Simply attach the piece of gift paper inside so that the cut-out motif is completely covered and the printed page still looks outward.

If you can, you can decorate the outside of the map with ease and surround the motif with the metallic stylus. The card text reads easily on a piece of white paper, which comes as a paperback. With a piece of yarn or gift strap attached, the plumber remains in place and sets.

A star appears on the Christmas card

Also this Christmas card is easy to recover. As Material is necessarily:

  • a card made of pitch paper in any color
  • one star proposal or another Christmas motif
  • a soft base, for example old newspapers or a piece of styrofoam plate
  • one sewing needle
  • Yarn in silver or gold
  • Klebeband

1, Open the map and with the outer side still on top of the base. Now attach the sticker and fix it in the corners, which it can not slip. Then the needle comes to Einsatz: Simply put in the holes provided on the front and transfer the pattern to the map. Simply insert the threads into the needle and start from the back side.

2, The end of the fad is best fixed with some adhesive tape. Now, just keep the motif in accordance with the pattern on the map, so as to capture it in the motif center. Dort run in the end all the skills together.

3, Tip: The yarn can not be fixed, otherwise the hole can be erected or the card looks like, was not very nice looking. Now just cover the inside with a piece of pitch paper or white paper, which disappears most of the beautiful back side of the embroidery. For the card text, re-use a depositor.

Map with 3-D Tannenbaum

For the Christmas card with the 3D tree is useful:

  • Tonpapier
  • Geschenkpapier
  • Kleber
  • Scissors and contour shears
  • 3D adhesive tape (gibt's im Basteladen)
  • Basteldraht
  • Stickers and deco materials such as glitter, small felt figures or pearls

Cut the card out of the tonal paper to the desired size and fold it in the middle so that a double card is formed. Cut out a rectangle from the gift paper with the contour cutter, it was smaller than the card, and stuck to the center of the front page. Now, cut out a different colored paper from a Christmas motif, for example a small pine tree, and wrap with the craft wire. This is how Tannenbaum prepares with the 3D adhesive tape to adhere and adorn the card.

Additional tips for more sustainability

The letter suggestions, of course, can easily be self-inflicted. This is just a large enough square. Tips for even more environmental protection and Christmas gifts from the NABU Nature Conservation e.V.

A glance in the past

That tradition, to send a greeting in the form of a card to Christmas, is still not as old as most people think. She goes back to the English nobility, though to Lord Sir Henry Cole. He read a map of Illustrator Callcott Horsley and produced it 1000 times to send it on Christmas. At the same time, the Post was leading the Postmark, making the sending of Christmas greetings even easier.

About 30 years later this trend in the United States, where popularity rose rapidly by new printing techniques and colorful colors. At the same time, this tradition is also known in Germany.

At the time, it was typical in Germany to send so-called wish sheets. As a result, it dealt with letterbooks, which had a strange border ornament. In the middle, the sender placed an image, a text or a poem. With advanced printing techniques, the Christmas card is ever gaining more in popularity and the cost is lower than that of normal human custom.

Timely and sustainable sending Christmas greetings

Today it is still a beautiful custom. Since these maps also arrive at the addressee in due time, they should not be late to the road. So if Christmas cards were to be sent, it should be tuned by mid-December. Letters abroad usually take longer than letters within Germany. What deadlines apply here is to read on the page of the German post. Simply enter the Wunschland in the Eingabemas mask and already say the System, for which long the map is predictably said along the way.

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