Steel as a building material: the renaissance of recyclable and environmentally friendly metal!

In gardening and house building, an old new material is taking back the hearts of homeowners. This is no less a product than steel, which in the past has been all too often associated with burning blast furnaces and dust-contaminated foundries in this country. Only a few homeowners are now aware that steel has been continuously developed as a building material, as a recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly metal under the radar of public interest.

Garden with steel pergola as building material and climbing aid for grapevines

The term steel encompasses all iron-carbon alloys whose carbon content is always below two percent. The multiple uses of steel are due to its different properties, which are assigned to the material during the manufacturing process. Steel is thus differentiated according to the manufacturing process (e.g. Thomas steel or Bessemer steel), the shape (forged and rolled steel) and its composition (alloyed and unalloyed steel). Ultimately, it is the special properties of steel that make it ideal for use as a steel wall pool or as a building material for a lamella roof. Thus, steel is also divided into structural steel and tool steel after its use.

Steel as a building material: The stainless steels provide a very special appearance with their shiny appearance!

Corten steel as decoration on the garden entrance statue

Who thinks that stainless steels are solely polished and corrosion-resistant metals, e.g. It is far from the case that door handles, lamp holders or railings are used more and more often. A special stainless steel, the Corten steel, will have been encountered by everyone in one way or another and its appearance is hardly comparable to the normal image of stainless steel.

Corten steel garden fence plants ideas for garden decorations

Corten steel, a trade name for Cor-Ten steel (“cor” abbreviation for corrosion resistance and “ten” abbreviation for tensile strength), is a weatherproof structural steel that was patented by the American Byramji D. Saklatwalla in 1932 . A rust layer caused by weathering is the typical trademark of this stainless steel, which has been mixed with copper, nickel, chrome, phosphorus and silicon. The corrosion formed exclusively on the surface with its vintage-like appearance is the focus of many modern works of art, facade elements as well as garden doors, fences and privacy screens, which thus offer an extremely attractive visual appeal. When it comes to garden design, Corten steel is now part of the modern inventory.

Steel as a building material: the slatted roof and the pergola, the attractive plus in the terrace area!

Steel as a building material roofing for terrace ideas

Well-thought-out landscape planning with a garden and swimming pool also includes the terrace, which with a modern roof or pergola becomes a visual and shadow-giving highlight. The term pergola is by no means expedient, since it actually means the classic garden element and tendrils in the ornamental garden.

Steel as a building material Sun protection for patios

Modern terrace roofing of today, the lamellar roofs, are made of steel supports that can be installed directly on the house and its roof or free-standing. Similar to a winter garden, slat roofs can also be glazed and thus offer sufficient protection against wind and weather in addition to sufficient sun protection.

Choose steel pergola for terrace and balcony

Equipped with modern garden furniture, the roofs are the ideal place to enjoy lunch or coffee outside. The mostly automatically adjustable slats of the slat roof are also ideal for sunbathing and are extremely stable and flexible due to the material used.

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