Sleeping with a bra or not – does breast cancer risk and does it prevent sagging breasts?

A matter of course for some, unthinkable for others: Sleeping with a bra not only divides opinions in terms of comfort, there are claims that it would cause diseases such as breast cancer. On the other hand, wearing a bra at night is said to prevent the breasts from starting to sag. But is it unhealthy to sleep with a bra or can you take advantage of it in the fight against gravity?

Is it harmful to sleep with a bra?

Sleeping with a bra or not - advantages and disadvantages

Many women can hardly wait to finally get rid of this annoying garment that pinches and pinches after a long day at work. The claim that this would help the breasts to begin to sag over time creates a guilty conscience. Others feel so good about wearing it in bed themselves. They are worried that this is not good for their health. So, can you sleep with a bra or not?

Is there an increased risk of breast cancer?

Sleeping with a bra is said to increase the risk of breast cancer

Probably the biggest fear when it comes to sleeping with or without a bra is that it could cause breast cancer. This rumor that sleep-related bra and breast cancer were linked to it started back in 1995 when a book called “Dressed to kill” came out, claiming that wearing an underwire bra disrupted the flow of lymphatic fluids this way poisons cannot be removed. This in turn leads to the development of breast cancer in the long run.

Studies claiming that sleeping with a bra increases the risk of cancer

However, according to various studies, there is no evidence to confirm this. The “John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital” even explains on its website that it is not only harmless, but also that it is just a matter of comfort whether you sleep with a bra or without the better option. A study conducted in 2014, in which former breast cancer women were asked about their habits when it came to wearing bras, also found that there was no evidence of a connection. This study was carried out by the National Center for Health Research. The type of bra should not be linked to breast cancer either. This is confirmed by the oncologist Dr. Laura Hutchins.

Bra's at night fighting gravity?

Sleeping with bra is harmful to health or beneficial

Should I sleep with a bra to avoid sagging breasts? If you have been torturing yourself with uncomfortable bras at night, for fear that your breasts would otherwise give in to gravity, we unfortunately have to tell you that this was in vain. Doctors, including the Australian general practitioner Dr. Known from TV programs Ginni Mansberg, explain that this effect depends on other things. The connective tissue plays a major role and, more precisely, thin ribbons made of collagen and elastin.

The bands are exposed to more or less weight throughout the day. It is therefore normal that large breasts start to sag sooner than small ones. You have no influence on this, so there is nothing you can do about it if you sleep with a bra. With a healthy lifestyle, you can only delay it all. In addition, the breasts are in a horizontal position when lying down and are not exposed to gravity – whether with or without a bra.

Why is it unhealthy to sleep with a bra that doesn't fit?

With large bust sizes, bras are very comfortable for the night

Sagging breasts are unavoidable with bras and breast cancer as a result of wearing bra does not pose a risk. But what about other health problems caused by sleeping with bras?

The biggest problem when it comes to bras is that a surprisingly large number of women (no Woman’s Day 80%) actually wear the wrong size bra. If it is too big, it cannot support the breasts as it should. If it is too small, it is uncomfortable and, according to Dr. Seth Rankin, founder of the London Doctors Clinic, has a few side effects.

So why not sleep with a bra that is actually too tight? On the one hand, an overly tight bra causes marks on the skin that could remain permanently if the skin is not given the opportunity to recover from them. On the other hand, this could actually disrupt the drainage system of the lymphatic vessels. Therefore the right size is very important.

It is better to sleep with or without a bra – conclusion

Should you wear a bra at night or not - tips for women

So whether you sleep with a bra or not, there are no advantages or disadvantages as long as you are wearing the right size. To guarantee this, you should get advice from a boutique, for example. There your measurements are taken and the correct bra size and the most appropriate bra type for your physique are determined. This procedure should also be repeated once a year.

Wear comfortable sports bras at night for restful sleep

Especially women with large bust sizes sleep more comfortably with bras because everything is kept in shape. If you find it more comfortable, it is advisable not only to wear other bras especially at night than during the day (they wear out faster at night), but also to choose ones without a hanger. For example, if you sleep with a sports bra, not only are the breasts kept in shape, but you also protect the skin and avoid uncomfortable pressure. The same applies to the bralette.

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