Silvester Nail Design - Nagel Ideen Für Silvester 2019

No Nail Ideas For Silvester? We tell you 14 super Silvester Nail design ideas. Suitable for Jahreswechsel can work and glitter! Looking for Silvester Party Decor? Here you are here: With this 15 Silvester decoids, this party is a success!
14 best nail designs for silvester ideas

1. Nail design with glitter

Silvester Nail Design- Nail Design with Glitzersource
Glitzernde Nägel is an absolute Hingucker. If you need it: Unterlack in Color Gelb, Glitzer Nail Polish, Schwamm. Fans of Glitzer Nail Polish know the problem: you hit the paint on the wall because glitter does not hang. Solution: if Erstes pull out a transparent nail polish. Slip off glass lacquer on one of the sponges (through which liquid lacquer can be felt) Simply touch the glitzer with the fungus on the nail tip. Undertig is the perfect Glitzernagel!

2. Elegant black nail

Silvester Nail Design Elegant Black Navelsource
Im Winter is a black nail absolutely im Trend! 2018 ist Matt-Look stated. You will only need one matte topcoat on your black nail polish.

3. Silvester Nägel my Sektglaser-motif

Silvester Nail Design- Sect motifsource
The idea for party-naught sighed? With the filigree Pinsel lassen, playfully new motifs on the nail pull off. Here are some motifs for those motives:
Silvester Nail Design Pinselsource

4. Silvester Nail Design: Silberne Glitzer Nägel

Silvester Nail Design Silber Glitzer Nägelsource
With nail templates, you can easily customize the external pattern on the fingernail. You can pat your nail polish and rhinestones.

5. Feuerwerk Nägel

Silvester Nageldesign- Feuerwerk Nägelsource
Silvester Feuerwerk inspiriertes Nail design. Tough dich bunt dyeing!

6. Happy New Year Nail Ideas for Silvester

Silvester Nail Design- Happy New Year Nail Designsource
With the stencils you can paint your eye-catchers! So it is: suitable flat size on the nail flaps. The so-called "Base Coat" removes and draws welding. Next step: Nail polish. Slap gut dumps, cut off stencils. Fertig!

7. Elegantes schwarzes Nail polish

Silvester Nail Design- Elegantes schwarzes Nail designsource
With this original idea, you want to see the sheet look very close!

8. Sweet and funny Silvesterschweine as Nail design

Silvester Nageldesign- Silvesterschweine
Do you know the swine says magic as a symbol of strengthening and despairing? To Silvester you love to be swollen for the new year! You can also use this symbol of happiness as a Nail Idea!

9. Uhr Nail Design

Silvester Nail Design- Uhr Nail Designsource
Who's been minutes to Neujahr for a few minutes? You can enjoy your stay with the silver star.

10. Silvester Nail Design: Cocktail Motif

Silvester Nail Design - Cocktail Motifsource
With delicious cocktails, the Silvester Party is to become a resident. That Grundzutat as a Nail design will not be super creative, it also looks very stylish.

11. Silvester Uhr Nail Idea

Silvester Nail Design- Silvester Uhr
You can also use the Silvester Uhr with strass stones and glitter! Trau dich kreativ zu sein! Greeting cousin: Kitsch is like this tag!

12. Wow Effect 3D Nail

Silvester Nail Design- 3D Nailsource
Individual and super beautiful: 3D Motive. Thanks to the Holographic Teilen, the so-called Glass Effect came to life. The silver tiles shine beautifully and from where glass splitter.

13. Frozen Nägel

Silvester Nail Design - Frozen Nägelsource
This 3D Nail Technique also reads a Wow effect!

14. Matt effect for the silver night

Silvester Nail Design- Matt Effectsource
Nail Polish Trend: Matter Nail Polish. You can see the mats from any lacquer. You will receive the so-called “Topcoat”.

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