Sidecut Men - Discover the 2019 hairstyle trend for men with style

long haircut while sidecut her hair cut for stylistic effect

When it comes to hairstyle trends, the versions of Sidecut Men are very good alternatives for men who can go to extremes. Strikingly, the hairstyle was not lying in the asymmetrical shape and the extreme transition. Nevertheless, the Sidecut is a hairstyle, which is consistently ordinary. This type of hair cut is also a trend for women, which also fits the current unisex trends. In this article you find out exactly what Sidecut men look like, how the cut is different from other hairstyles and how you can style and maintain them.

Who looks for a Sidecut gentleman?

sidecut her hairstyle for blonde hair and thin head hair not too shaved

As the name suggests, these hairs are only cut or shaved on one side of the scalp. The cover hair should be long enough to comb on the other side (not shaved side). Optionally, you can naturally lay and style your hair on the shaved side, wherever a pony hairstyle is possible. The Sidecut hairstyle for men is so variable that you can try out any variety.

musician skrillex sidecut mens hairstyle with long black hair piercings and glasses

The only essence is that a page is shaved, resulting in an asymmetrical shape. What really gets your hair cut depends primarily on your hair length and the Rasur. If the hair on the coat is shaving and you have very long hair, a Sidecut gentleman looks very extreme. You can observe this with the musician Skrillex.

shorter hairstyle for men with longer headaches in the upper head and beard

If your hair is normally long (7 - 8 cm), which is cut to just above the ear and worn to a pony, the sidecut is not so extreme. So each individual can decide who should stand for the sidecut for men. Your hairdresser is best known for your head shape. It is recommended, however, to find an experienced stylist, well educated. This would probably require a higher price than the city hairdresser. The kind of hair cut can only be experienced by a professional exclusively by the hands. With the right style for each head, the Sidecut gentlemen can look really cool.

What do you need for a sidecut?

johnny depp sidecut hairstyle with long curly styled hair on the top

The most important thing is courage. The Sidecut gentlemen stand out and many look at them. If you don't like it, you should rather leave your hands and choose a regular men's haircut. Of particular importance is a good hairdresser. Ask if the person had cut a sidecut before and white, how it was styled and maintained. So if you are determined to find a good hairdresser, there is plenty of volume and dense hair for the next step.

blond man with glasses while hairdresser tips for sidecut styling and care

If your hair is ever thin, you should not shave your head too heavily, as the shaved area was like a popo. Dark hair is better because it does not give the scalp a full view. This is again a taste thing and it also gives fine Sidecut men hairstyles for light hair. Even so, how much volume your headphone has and how thick it is, you should also choose the type of your sidecut. Of course, you can also customize it in your head shape and style. Your hairdresser has determined some good tips, was suitable for you and your head, while trying to rediscover your style.

pattern in shaved head area for effective men's hairstyle sidecut

By striking it over and recovering from a common haircut, you also have the opportunity to put some possibility in some shaved head area. Even a tattoo reads well, but when the skin is still smooth. Should your taste be even more extreme, you can dye the longer hair as well. We prefer the colors anyway to the women. If you are still able to recover, would like to stand at the center, or spontaneously clear an appropriate answer to the question, whether you have lost a bet, you can certainly bet it.

Style and care for Sidecut men

side shaved hair and modern sidecut men's hair cut styled on the back side

The right styling and good styling products are naturally important to Sidecut men, of course. Recommended products are selected according to hair type individually. As a styling product, a quality hair wax can be used, even though you have treated the longer hair with a suitable rinse. Compared to the undercut hair cut, the waistband is cut short on one side only. Who stayed with the Undercut who kept her hair long. Serious hairstyle trends mean that the upper hairs stay about 10 to 15 cm long and are styled for the side. Sometimes lay the shaved area free and tell the desired effect of the haircut.

extraordinary men's hairstyle for curly hair with short cut headpiece

The whole should create an asymmetrical look that defines the Sidecut men's hairstyle. Just like the length of the head scarf, the styling always lies with the wearer himself. An elegant hairstyle looks casual and cool when shaping the upper hair for example with chaotic hairstyle. It works particularly well with naturally curly hair. If you want to use a specially developed hairspray for washing, you can also apply it when blow-drying. Finally, wear wax on dry hair. As the sidecut is on trend, this hair cut is specially for fashion conscious men who value sportsmanship and elegant style at work or everyday life.

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