Shearwater House: Wilted Holz facade harmonized with the Dangerous Valley of the Dunes

The light-hearted Holz-façade has a particularly natural note

Shearwater is about 20 kilometers away from the city of Devonport and has revealed itself in the last few years as a top summer lantern in Tasmania. The untouched beaches and the Narawntapu National Park lie just behind a catwalk about the harbor. As Shearwater House is located directly in the Shearwater Promenade, the architects of Cumulus Studio are dedicated to fully utilizing their low cost. Shearwater House is surrounded by sand dunes and low-lying streams and has a beautiful view of the lake. Thanks to the experienced Holz façade, the modern house is perfect for the surrounding Naturlandschaft.

Flat roof house with look at the sand dunes and the lake

untreated Holz facade in harmony with the surrounding area

The house features a flatbed and familiar with classic building elements. Over the Silhouette of the house was mingled, words curvy cut out of the roof and a white striped wallwork in the shell. In Obergeschoss, Focus lies on the living quarters and the fenster hills outside Norden and the east, which make the view possible on the beach.

The light-hearted Holz-façade has a particularly natural note

oval section in the roof softens the silhouette of the house

Inside a single interior space, various endemic holes were created and a comfortable living community was created. Those architects have found a contrast between Holzmöbeln and the witnessed Holzfassade. Also, a more interesting swing joins the warm-roaming inner spaces and the unprecedented bridges.

Flat roof house with white brickwork and well-known wooden façade in the Obergeschoss

The rugged outdoor pool and maintenance area in the shutters mirrors the colors and materials of the most lying balconies. The Holzterrassen will join the time of the Farbton des Treibholzes von Freers Beach. Inside the courtyard, a new building is also being flanged, through and out of the pocket.

Natural gas booths made of Thermoholz parts

Balcony with Thermoholz Belag two rattan-sessel

In this project, products of various designs have been used, including Austral Bricks, Cedar Sales, Cemintel, Graphisoft, Trimble. Thermoholes of Lunawood are also plugged in. It is a beautiful, nourishing hollow material, with Hitze and vapor being restored with natural methods. The color of the cavity is treated by the treatment temperature and duration of the stroke - the higher the temperature, the more obscure it is.

two round rattan sessel with white sitzcisses and bitterly

Who at all Nadelhölz had to attend absenteeism, backing up on separate poems. If the product UV light is turned off, it will be clean, so that it is protected by a pigmented skin protection.

informed Holzfassade Thermoholz Terrassenbelag Glaswand zum Schwimmpool

Lunawood produces Thermoholz from Scandinavian PEFC certified peaks and heights from Finland. Based on the high temperature of the thermal treatment processes, Harz is removed from the wood. It is form stable, resistant to moisture, toxic and can be used in any climate.

Swimming Pool shoal Thermoholz-Decking

Entry gate glass inserts white striped wall work

Shelter to the balcony Essentially with Meerblick Polsterstühle

Choose from center-made holz white worktable Bartresen

Slimmer with glass front pink curtains look on sand dunes

Ort: Shearwater, Tasmania
Jahr: 2018
Architekt: Cumulus Studio
Pictures: Anjie Blair

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