Setting up a music room – inspiring ideas for designing your own music room

If you play musical instruments as a hobby or your career is in tune with music, you can set up your own music room. It is time to get artistic and get your creativity up to speed. For example, choose a standard room in your home, be it a living room, bedroom or your entire apartment. Then transform it into a breathtaking music room that invites you to play music. Just bring the musical stuff you need and you’re good to go. In truth, it’s not just about putting things together. You also have to think about aesthetics. For this reason, we have put together some examples for you in this article as inspiration.

Set up and enjoy the music room

Wall covering made of wood in the living room with audio equipment in a rustic style

The music rooms vary in style. There are traditional, versatile, contemporary and modern variants with which you can set up a music room. However, these rooms have one thing in common: they reflect fun, talent and even professionalism. Music rooms can bring a home to life because they are enjoyed by everyone, old and young. It does not matter whether you are a musician yourself or just have one in the household. Creating a space to play musical instruments can be a really great project. In terms of design, a lot depends on the type of instruments you want in it.

Children's room with musical themes on the wall different styles in teenage style

You may also want to insulate a music room to create a soundproof room for a teenager to let off steam in. Or you may be planning to fill the entire house with the sound of a classic piano. Whichever style of music you prefer, there are some decorating tips to think about before creating a special room for sound or setting up your own music studio. A music room goes well with the rest of the ambience of your home and is an inviting place to jam with friends and family. Just look at what suits your own taste.

Choose the right color

stylishly furnished living room with guitar holder on the wall and retro furniture on white floorboards

Give the music room in your home a more distinctive identity than other types of space by choosing the appropriate color scheme. For example, if you want a light color, use it repeatedly throughout the room, on the walls, on the floor, and even on the ceiling. Also choose the right furnishings.

classical musical instruments in a spacious living room with plants and a round designer table

When musicians use the space to play, they absorb the atmosphere you created. In the event that you want a quieter room, use the same method with shades of white or even gray to achieve the same effect. Break up the monotonous look by using the instruments yourself. A collection of wall-mounted musical instruments can look like a gallery of usable works of art.

upholstered armchair with guitar in music room with a cozy atmosphere

Everyone notices the atmospheric differences between a simple white, boring room and a room with vivid colors. Above all, think of creative possibilities and patterns. You can even set contrasts for the music room in your apartment, for example by using orange and yellow. So if you prefer warmer colors, anything can work as long as you enjoy the atmosphere it exudes. It’s best to take a day off, buy paints, look at some instructions, and be wild with the walls. The whole thing is not that difficult to do and can be a lot of fun.

Set up a home studio to record music

sloping roof music room home studio set up play and record music

With the advent of the software, many amateur musicians are now recording their pieces without having to pay the cost of a professional studio. If you want to record music in your home studio and set up a music room and create it for playing, try to demarcate two different zones. You should provide one of them for a control room in which your recording and playback devices are located. The other can then be a live room for playing.

young man plays guitar with recordings in music studio with insulated wall

However, if you don’t have enough space for two rooms, use a baffle or even a heavy cloth to create the two areas. If there is enough space for a partition, you can even install an internal window. Also, use a carpet to dampen the sound in your live recording room. However, make sure that it matches the strong color scheme mentioned above.

old marshal radio and turntable with amplifier in themed music room with pictures and guitar wall mount turntable

The right decoration for such a project can range from a Marshall radio and records to thematic collectibles. Vinyl records, especially old and noble ones, are always a passion that many people like to share. There is something about this full size art that is just incredible and also very nostalgic. Lately, records in some genres are experiencing a renaissance, and you can still work with the classic pieces used. You can find new and used vinyl records at Amazon and also in various online shops. If you research hard enough, you can also find plenty of bargains to decorate your walls while setting up the music room.

Set up a music room and enable sound reflection

minimalist music room with white piano and red swivel chair contrasting furnishings

However, not everyone needs a music room with acoustics that help them record well. If you fall into this category and, for example, like to play the piano alone and want to hear some of the reflected sound, use hard surfaces on the floors and walls. Hardwood and ceramics are ideal materials because you can use them to create a music room whose sound reverberates. Laminate floors are also a good choice for this.

set up piano and other musical instruments to play jazz in large music room

If you also enjoy playing with other musicians, a reverberating music room can be a problem, especially if you play loudly. A good way to dampen the sound of a music room so that the ear is spared is to use upholstered furniture. Sofas, chairs, pillows and curtains work just as well and are excellent silencers. The great thing about all of them is that they fit perfectly into the rest of the decor and can be easily moved to change the acoustics of the room as you wish.

Create multipurpose room

multi-purpose room for live performance with microphones in front of the stage

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can set up and use a guest room as a music room. A folding bed or a sofa bed that you can stow away while playing would be ideal for this. Above all, this means that you will not be cramped while making music and that you have not lost the main use of the space when visiting the guests. Home studios and music rooms that are used for performance at the same time are becoming increasingly trendy.

in the music room painted yellow with carpet in the basement

So if you like to perform, you can build a stage area and add a lighting system. Not only does it look good, it can really help a band rehearse well. And why not make your home a friendly venue where your family members, friends or even neighbors can hear live music?

Equip music rooms with high quality sound

modern living room for listening to music with a couch in a minimalist design

There is nothing better than relaxing after a long week with your favorite music from high quality speakers. You should also be able to hear every little nuance in the song. Second-hand speakers would also be an option in this case, which you can get cheaply to save money and get a much better sound quality for your budget.

red wall and leather armchair next to speakers and bookshelf

Even if they just stand still, they go well with the topic of music room furnishing and design. Also keep in mind that good speakers are never really worn out. So consider this a multi-year investment that stays with you. Look for any type and price range of speakers.

Hang up posters and pictures in the music room

Set up posters and pictures on the wall in the music room with speakers and compiters in a rustic style

Good old posters can also be very affordable and easy to find. You can also find them on some websites that have an incredibly large selection of music posters. This can either be your favorite poster by a music artist or a painting of people who jam. You can’t go wrong, even if you have good pictures that you took yourself in concerts or the like. If these are also of good quality, you can hang everything on the wall. Simply select a suitable picture that you may later get printed on canvas. It’s best to find a photo shop nearby that can turn one of your favorite pictures into a beautiful wall canvas.

electric guitars on a guitar stand in a large living room with a minimalist design

If you are using a guitar holder, this can be an effective way to showcase your musical instruments. However, most of these guitar wall mounts require holes to be drilled into the wall. However, if you don’t want to drill, there are other options available, such as guitar stands. However, please note that there are usually different versions for an acoustic and an electric guitar and pay attention to your order. Also, before buying, make sure you have the equipment and experience you need, or you know someone who can do it for you.

Set up musical literature in the music room

shelf with retro decorative elements old radio and leather couch next to guitar

You can add a bookshelf with various musical editions and books to your music room. You can buy them yourself and arrange them thematically. These can be encyclopedias, autobiographies and many other topics about the history of music.

armchair in retro style in the room with green wall and vinyl records in the frame

Get cool things and design your music room with small decorative elements. You surely have some little things you have collected over time or some musical gifts that you have received from friends and family. Show it off instead of keeping it in the drawer. Turn your music room into something that will inspire you and your music every time you enter it. You don’t have to be an expert in this area at all.

black lacquered piano in the music room with guitars and other musical instruments laminate flooring as sound reflection

However, room acoustics is definitely something you should make sure of. This is especially true if you are dealing with it professionally, such as with a band with drums. Most instruments are better to keep in a suitcase, especially due to long-term wear. Therefore, pay particular attention to solid wood guitars.set up drums and scarf panels on the wall in the music room stylish design in white with subtle lighting

Large changes in humidity and temperature can also cause damage over a long period of time. If you leave the house for more than a few days, you should keep the instruments in their cases. This will help you avoid any problems and your instruments will always be in good condition.

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