Self-cleaning water bottles: UVC light in lid kills dangerous germs

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Self-cleaning water bottles are a dream of every camping fan. Especially when you are in the middle of nature, where the possibilities to clean the water bottle are limited. But even in hectic everyday life, such a drinking bottle could prove to be particularly practical for athletes and fitness fans. The American company LARQ presented one such bottle, which eliminates innovative LED technology in cover germs with UVC light.

Self-cleaning water bottles: UVC light destroys bacteria and cleanses the water

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In fact, this technology is coming to the hospital at the hospital. Dort, with original UV lamps, have been eliminated for many years bacteria, fungi and viruses on surfaces. Similarly, the germs in the LARQ water bottles were also capped with UVC light. To this end, the manufacturer has built a small LED lamp into the lid of the drinking bottle. It is charged via USB and is constantly ready to use. The buyer can either activate it at the push of a button or adjust it so that it automatically switches on every two hours. The lamp is so placed that it irradiates the bottle interiors and the water and in this way disinfects everything. The radiation itself leaves no traces in the water, and the taste does not change. Adults, grandchildren and even babies can drink the purified water unquestionably.

If you can at least taste their water with fruit, or fill the bottle with juice or a sugary drink, then they should be thoroughly cleansed with detergent and water. Even the lid can be cleaned with water and soap. Just fill drinking water in the bottle.

Self-cleaning water bottles: The advantages in the overview

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Self-cleaning water bottles can easily be a convenience for many at first glance. In fact, one such drinking bottle has several advantages compared to ordinary multi-bottle bottles:

  • The last cleaning comes. Other multi-purpose bottles let you clean only with difficulty. Often, no matter how much effort you give, not all bacteria can be removed. With the self-cleaning water bottles, no worries have to be made regarding hygiene.
  • No odors: Since the bottle is regularly cleaned, no other odor arises in the difference to other highway bottles.

Self-cleaning water bottles receive Reddot price for innovative products

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Are self-cleaning bottles perhaps the product of the year? The companies are prepared for their eco-friendly product with the renowned Reddot award. The bottles are very practical in nature and prove to be a faithful companion to a hike, picnic and even at Kindergeburtstagen in Freien. Such a design could reduce the consumption of disposable bottles and in this way protect nature from pollution.

Further information for the self-cleaning water bottles can be obtained from LARQ.

UVC light disinfected germs removed

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