Selective Eating Disorder: When you only feed with fast food, you risk nutrient deficiencies

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The selective eating disorder is among the most comical, but also the most dangerous eating disorders. Those affected feed exclusively for years with Fast Food. Pizza, French fries and co. can not supply important vitamins and minerals to the body. There is a deficiency that can affect health and even lead to blindness and hearing loss. In Britain, a couple of days of a teenager with the eating disorder reportedly blinded are reported.

Selective eating disorder can lead to vitamin deficiency

This selective eating disorder is recognized as a disease for several years in the United States. Unfortunately, those affected even had to look for a specialist who could help them for a long time. Then the mental disorder, in which the only justified courts, respectively. Food every day is, read only by specialists. Often, the family and friendship circle had no understanding. They are trying to bring those affected to try, further food. Even this thought can lead the patient to the commodity.

Since there is a lack of sufficient studies, it is difficult for most physicians to diagnose the disorder. If left untreated, it can weaken the immune system, lead to iron deficiency and damage hearing and long-term vision.

Selective Eating Disorder: Teenager is almost blind because he has been eating fast food for years

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The media in the UK reported last week for the worst time of a teenager who has been feeding for years only with fast food and as a result, has become blinded. The boy visited the GP for 14 years and complained about problems with the eyes. Damals are written only on vitamins and iron tablets. As the complaints grew worse with the times, he visited with 17 an ophthalmologist. He also recognized the problem: his tendon was severely damaged. The cause was unclear. After further tests, vitamin and iron deficiencies were identified. It also said the reason why teenagers become almost blind.

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