Secondary adhesive: 5 applications that you (perhaps) still could not

Secondary adhesive cyanacrylate applications in household broken mirror frames

Certainly, everyone had used us more than once as a secondary adhesive, for example, to repair a children's toy, a shoe or something else at home. However, secondary adhesive, just like WD40, can be a lot more, if you think under normal viewpoints. In the following, we present to you a few more extensive uses which you may not yet have known or tried out.

What is Secondary Adhesive (Cyanacrylate)?

Secondary glue glasses repair adhesive

The adhesive, which we usually refer to as "Secondary Adhesive", contains 97-99% Cyanacrylate, i.e. Cyanacrylic acid esters, plasticizers, stabilizers, activators (in case of unsafe moisture) and inhibitors. Thus, a gel is formed to add to the thickening mass of ultra-fine silicic acid. Solvent is not contained in secondary adhesive.

The mechanism of action of the secondary adhesive is actually simple: under the influence weak alkaline medium (which usually belongs to water H2O, which smells similarly gently out) polymerizes the substance, i.e. hardened, to be bonded together, while the two surfaces are bonded. Adhesives based on cyanacrylate can easily withstand a load of 150 kg / cm². The temperature resistance of commercially available secondary adhesive is up to 70-80 degrees, modified up to 125 degrees. Depending on the consistency, they are divided into liquid and gelatinous secondary adhesives. Thanks to the wide range of Cyanacrylate adhesives, anyone can buy the exact adhesive according to their material and purpose.

Where to use Secondary adhesive can also be used

use secondary adhesive for incised nail as nail adhesive

Secondary adhesive to bubble formation

Guitar players were frequently plucked by Blasen in the fingers. For them, super adhesive on the fingertip is quick relief. The adhesive cures and protects the skin. Wanderers, runners and Nordic walkers have also successfully deployed super-glue with great success for the prevention or treatment of bladder. No worries, secondary adhesive reads easily with acetone removal. Get pure acetone at the tree market or in the pharmacy.


Secondary glue directed the engraved Nägel

Brechen Your nails constantly ab? When this happens next time, use a second adhesive and a piece of tea bag to repair the inserted fingernail. As soon as the adhesive is dried, you smooth the nail with a polish to remove excess. Then wear a layer of overcoat or nail hardener and paint the nail with colored nail polish.

SOS assistance with treadmills

apply secondary adhesive to running masks in stockings

Because of its small size, Super Adhesive is a reliable helper for the handbag, ready to be prepared for all eventualities. For example, to remove a small hole in your tights or to repair a treadmill in a sweater or other knitting parts. Simply give it a sticker on your hole. It holds the fibers together and prevents them from expanding.

Secondary sticker in the Aquarium

secondary adhesive cyan acrylate in aquarium under washer for fish poisonous

Cyanacrylate glue in gel form (Cyanacrylate gel) is also used to attach various freshwater plants to rocks or wood in the aquarium. While the adhesive does not last forever, it is practical to apply moose, fern, anubia and other aquarium plants until they can hold on to themselves. And no worries: The dried glue is very poisonous for your pelvic occupant.

Secondary adhesive against warts

apply secondary adhesive cyanacrylate against warnings

Some clinical studies suggest that wart and hands and feet (plantar or palm warts) can be successfully removed with super glue. A study conducted from 2014 to 2016 shows the positive results in cyanacrylate and insulating tape treated warts. The upper layer of warts should adhere to the isoband and disappear within one to two weeks. Despite the positive experience reports, however, there is the possibility that the warts will again appear. There lies the fact that the adhesive does not treat or abate the root cause of warts - the human papillomavirus (HPV). So, please inform yourself, before you trade!

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