Saving household expenses - with these 7 tips to reduce everyday expenses!

Everyday housekeeping costs in Germany continue to rise. It plays no role whether single-household, families or renters - the money in the month end is getting scarce. Therefore, most households in Germany only spend money for ordinary and necessary things of everyday life. Thanks to more insurance costs, the car, electricity and shopping, many people in Germany still have trouble coming around.

Family Budget Calculate All Monthly Expenses Calculate Instructions and Useful Tips

If you are going to work, you should not have to turn every cent twice. This is also not necessary when lowering household expenditure by simple means. Whenever you could save a lot of money, you don't have to give up everything, but just have to think about their expenses. Threats already can help reduce the household budget by up to 30 percent, without the usual comfort and amenities. It gives a household a choice of possibilities in order to save some money.
For this reason, we have designed a consultant below to grab the one with seven helpful spar tips under the arms. This is the way to reduce household spending to a minimum, without having to spend it in time.

Single Couple Household Costs Tip 1: Lower heating costs

Lowering electricity costs Automate heating Home by App control

Also the heating costs are the most households in Germany by the way a thorn in the eye. Most households in Germany heat up in the cold months with gas. Almost half of all households use gas as an energy carrier. This is how you readily save money when you look at the gas suppliers at the market. Changing to another gas provider can significantly lower heating costs. The easiest way is to compare gas prices on Here you can see all the current offers for gas with a few mouse clicks.
Ebenso, when consuming heating energy, should consider a couple of essential factors to not screw the consumption unnecessarily in the heights. It is recommended that in the autumn all the heaters in one household be ventilated. This saves heating energy and saves money. That is why there are no expensive heaters in living rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms in the cold season never quite expand. It will take more heating energy to bring it back to a cold radiator. Then heaters should be placed at the lowest level, when they have accumulated sufficient heat, as these completely switch off.

Single Cost Household Cost Tip 2: Stromanbird change is paying off

Switch carriers and compare electricity bills that lower monthly costs and save overview

In addition, the electricity reads saves you money and saves your household budget. Who has been with the same Stromanbidder for longer than four years under the contract, in most cases would be too much for his tariff. Then, every two years, one should take the Stromanbidder market under the magnifying glass and see a provider change. So you can save more than a hundred euros a year. Various comparison portals on the Internet provide a high-quality service for this, so that the supplier change is completed within a few minutes.

Single Cost Household Costs Tip 3: Run a Household Book

The household book lists all the bills and lowers the monthly costs

To recognize a cost press in a household, it is necessary to carry a household book. In addition, all monthly expenses in the household should be noted. In this way, expensive costs and unnecessary expenses are quickly recognized and act accordingly. They should always have a fixed budget available for everyday expenses such as purchases and refueling. So it is possible to reduce expenses, without having to relinquish habits.

Tip 4: Provide insurance at the exam

Costs of households compare the state of insurance regularly to budget estimates

Those people in Germany apply as an insurance world champion. In hardly any other country in the world are people covered by various insurance services as well as in Germany. However, some insurance policies are mostly unnecessary and only incur additional costs. So you should take out all insurance policies such as the Kfz insurance, the home insurance, the accident insurance, the life insurance or the unemployed insurance under the magnifying glass, at any cost. To seek various insurance policy deliveries, in most cases call for the appropriate insurance partner.

Single Couple Household Costs Tip 5: Lowering Your Costs

Household cost of gasoline for the new car monthly calculator overview except

Even when refueling, you read a lot of money. Whenever you drive to the Zacks column always, if the tanking signs are required, it is seldom too much for the fuel. More favorable refueling usually reads between 17 and 20 hours in the evening hours. Ebenso can find various applications for discount prices to help you find the most affordable gas station nearby.

Household Costs Like Tip # 6: Close Shopping Only With Cash

In the supermarket buy only this save money Overview of the costs except and bar

Many people in Germany have fully set up the cash payment and make various purchases and the payment of bills exclusively with the bank or credit card. However, you lose sight of your monthly expenses as quickly as possible. Better is to compare shopping and daily expenses with cash. In this way, it is possible to keep an eye on the expenses and to build up a haptic connection with the money spent. Ebenso reads on how to prevent victims from becoming a data theft agent. Then, everywhere you pay with your bank card or credit card, very sensitive data is also left behind.

Single Cost Household Costs Tip 7: Refunds Work

Monthly household expenses accurately calculate refunds and save money

In order to avoid financial difficulties in a household, it is necessary to work around the serious setbacks. It can already be enough to withdraw 100 euros each month to build up our reserve. The monthly allowances should therefore be paid for fixed expenses and carried to a friend or a monkey in a piggy bank or in an extra account.

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