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The runes are a mysterious scriptural language that is survived by the ancient Nordic peoples of the Germans. They had the symbols carved in stone or wood to use them as talismans and truth marks. The rune alphabet is still known as "Futhark" and includes a total of 24 runs. Today, too, the mysterious symbols are gaining great popularity and exceedingly incredible fascination. Do you play with the thought of putting a rune tattoo on or wasting your interest in history and perhaps experiencing more about your origin and meaning? Then read on - in this article we have compiled for you an elaborate explanation of each individual rune as well as many wonderful tattoo ideas!

Runen Tattoo - Origin of the mystical symbols

The oldest runes are almost 2000 years old and form a series of 24 characters. The word "Futhark" is composed of the first six runs. Since peoples wrote the symbols of magical powers, they did not serve as scriptures only, but also had no function as oracles. Mythology still hung from the god Odin and the world tree Yggdrasil to recognize the significance of the runes. He had sacrificed himself, so that he could make the gift of men.

Fehu Runen Tattoo

Fehu Runen Tattoo Meaning Forearm Tattoo Design Women

Fehu is the first rune from ancient Futhark and literally translates to "cattle". Since cattle are used as a means of payment in ancient times, Fehu is regarded as the rune of fulfillment, profit and profit. In the first line, Fehu symbolizes the moving property - it draws people to the attention, has already acquired and reached life, and achieved and protects their property. Besides, she stands for the new beginnings or a new start in life - you are separated from the past and power in this wise place for some new and beautiful. A Fehu Runen Tattoo would be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to manage a crisis - it gives the carrier power to overcome all problems.

Uruz Runen Tattoo

Uruz Tattoodesign Ideas Vikings Symbols Meaning

The second run stands for the clock, which in the Nordic popular belief was a powerful totem animal and stood for power and strength. Uruz is a symbol of power and stands for courage and stubbornness or vitality and strength. The magical powers of the rune help the carrier to overcome or prevent severe illnesses from occurring at all - it strengthens the body as well as the psyche of man. Besides, it symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. A very interesting fact is that the horseshoes are derived as a lucky symbol of Uruz.

Thurisaz Vikings Runen Tattoo

Nordic Runes Tattoos Ideas Thurisaz Symbol Meaning

Thurisaz is the third rune of the old Futharks and means "Giant". She stands for the inner power with which one can imagine everything in life was crossed his path. The symbol is also connected with the god Thor. It represents the ability to resist unwanted conflicts in a passive manner. It is a protection symbol that informs the wearer of possible changes that would have been introduced without warning. In addition, Thurisaz has a regenerating ability and can help with mental health problems.

Ansuz Runen Tattoo

Viking runes tattoos Ansuz tattoo on the leg for men

Ansuz means "bond with the ancient gods" and is one of the most powerful runes. She stands for inspiration, communication and enthusiasm, but also for wisdom, harmony and truth. This tattoo should strengthen the personal forces of the wearer and create a free spirit and sharp mind. Ansuz encourages the people to obey the lives and to make all decisions good.

Raidho Runen Tattoo

Raidho Runen Tattoos Nordic Symbols Meaning

The fifth Nordic run means "riding" or "driving" and stands there for the journeys both in practical as well as in spiritual senses. In addition, it symbolizes new perspectives and a new way of life - it helps the wearer find the right direction. Raidho also speaks to the people and gives them the understanding that even if it does not run so smoothly, in the end everything becomes good again.

Vikings Runen Tattoo - Kenaz

Kenaz Finger-Tattoo Vikinger Tattoomotive small women tattoo trends

Kenaz means "fire" and is a rune of knowledge, understanding, learning and teaching. It enables people to see situations more clearly than they normally would. The fire is considered a symbol of creation - here, Kenaz embodies the ability and the will to achieve it in life. By doing so, they can heal the inner fire, old wounds and free you from your problems. Kenaz also stands for creativity, life energy and inspiration.

Gebo Runen Tattoo

Gebo Vikinger tattoo design ideas forearm tattoo motif for men

Gebo means gift or gift to God and should always remember the equilibrium between gifts and gifts. With this Viking symbol, there is first and foremost the unity of promises and the harmony between people. A built partner tattoo can symbolize loyalty and eternal love.

Wunjo - the Glücksbringer Rune

Vikings Tattoo Design Wunjo Symbol Meaning Naked Tattoo Women

This Rune stands for Peace, Joy, Comfort, Harmony and Partnership. It prevents alienation as well in a love relationship as in a friendship. By this, they should help the bearer to live in peace with themselves and find the balance. Wunjo can also symbolize success, prosperity and wealth.

Hagalaz Runen Tattoos

Hagalaz runen tattoo wrist tattoo engine men

Literally, Hagalaz means "snow" or "hail" and represents bad weather. It counts as the rune of transformation and reminds us that sooner or later everything has an end and we cannot influence or prevent it. But the symbol gives us the power to accept these changes easier and ensures our inner harmony.

Naudhiz Vikings Runen Tattoos

Nauthiz Vikinger Symbols Meaning Tattoo Design Forearm For Women Tattoo Projects Ideas

Naudhiz is regarded as the fate of fortune and stands for fate and the conquest of Not and suffering. It is a symbol that one must accept his fate, whether positive or negative, and live it. Naudhiz teaches that grief and not life are heard and that the future cannot be foreseen - eventually everything happens for a certain reason.

Isa Vikinger Rune

Isa Vikinger Tattoomotive Back Tattoo Ideas for Women Small

The eleventh run of the old Futharks means "ice" and symbolizes "Ich". She also stands for the mind, the self-restraint, the clarity and the self-restraint. She remembers that what we were supposed to do to end it was we were ready to crash, before we crash into some new and unknown.

Jera Runen Tattoo

Jera Tattoo Design Viking Tattoo Ideas for Women Small

Jera means "year" and is a symbol for the cycle of life and nature. This is especially about the time of year and should help the wearer to recognize the good and the evil in all times and situations. Besides, she also stands for wisdom and patience - if you have worked hard, you will be rewarded in the end.

The Tribe of the World Tree Yggdrasils - Eihwaz

Eihwaz Rune Meaning Shoulder Tattoo Design For Men

It is a very powerful protection run and symbolizes the connection between the underworld and the upper world and the world of man. It stands for Reliability, Strength, Endurance and Confidence. An Eihwaz Runen Tattoo protects the wearer from evil thoughts and from his own weaknesses. It gives me strength and courage to go their own way.

Perthro Rune Meaning

Perhtro Vikinger Symbols Meaning Tattoo design for Frauen Oberarm

This rune symbolizes a cube, which can be seen as a source of fate. She also states that one can take his destiny into his own decisions. Perthro means personal further development and further stands for fertility, female knowledge and partnership.

Algiz Runen Tattoo

Algiz Vikinger Rune Meaning Tattoo design upper arm for women

The fifteenth Rune Algiz or Elhaz means "elk" and is a very strong guardian run. If you decide on this tattoo design, you should be protected from all dangers and attacks on life. An elk is regarded as a very delicate animal and stands for the sensitivity of both positive and negative events. This run shows your energy the right and safe way and helps you open your heart to some of your new ones. It serves as a reminder that one must always trust and follow his instincts. Moreover, she still applies as the rune that connects the people and the gods.

Sowilo Vikings Runen Tattoos

Sowilo Vikinger Symbols Meaning Tattoo design ideas for women small

Sowilo means sun and the sun is regarded as a symbol for life's energy, life energy and consciousness. There, too, the runes stand for the energy and the desire to achieve the goals they set themselves. Besides, it symbolizes self-esteem and beliefs in gain and success. Just like the sun and your rays, they should drive the darkness out of their lives and light the right way. Since the symbol of the Nazis is abused, it is prohibited by law.

The Tiwaz Rune

Tiwaz Vikinger Symbols Meaning Back Tattoo for Women Small

This rune embodies the power of God's Tyr and stands for right, world order and justice. As a tattoo, she should show the wearer the right way. Besides, she helps her accept, accept her own weaknesses and transform these into strengths. Tiwaz promises to succeed in all our actions, without having to sacrifice it. By now, she stands for the love and with your help you can separate much easier from the past, to open for some new ones.

Berkana Runen Tattoo

Berkana Rune Meaning Upper Arm Tattoo Design for Women Small

The eighteenth rune means "birch" and just like the tree that was raised from a tree planted to the earth, it represents the emergence and growth of a new life. Berkana is the wife of Odin and the goddess of the habit and is brought into contact with the motherhood and fertility. It protects everything, be it love - your family, friends, but also your dreams and goals.

Ehwaz Rune Meaning

Ehwaz nordic runen tattoo meaning finger tattoo design for women small

Ehwaz means horse and is a very strong guardian running around the vertical axis of the world. In Nordic beliefs, the horse is a sacred animal and symbolizes the relationship between animal and man. Rune gives people a clear view of life and stands for harmony, trust and teamwork. Since she is also the symbol of the perfect relationship between a man and a woman, she possesses herself perfectly for a beautiful partner tattoo!

Mannaz Rune

Mannaz Symbol Meaning Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Women Small

Mannaz means "Man" and is a rune that symbolizes both "I" and the human race as a whole. This she gives to the bearer of the power to separate herself from the past and to re-greet the love and the new emotions. A Mannaz tattoo should constantly remind the wearer to enjoy and love life and all moments. She still stands for wit, intelligence, creativity and social order.

Laguz Rune Meaning

Laguz Rune Meaning Finger Tattoo Ideas For Women

This is where Laguz translates to "water" and stands for peace, life energy and new energy, but also for dreams and imagination. It's the perfect rune tattoo for all who spend every moment of their lives in full enjoyment and enjoy! One must always listen to his inner voices and in no case ignore his dreams - which Rune reminds us that we should remain loyal to ourselves unconditionally.

Ingwaz Runen Tattoo

Inguz Vikinger Tattoodesign Arrow Meaning

At Rune Ingwaz, also known as Inguz, there are two very important things to do. For one, it is about the "here and now" - instead of living in the past, you have to concentrate on the expectation and believe in the happy future. This is the rune of Gods Freyr and he stands for peace, growth, harvest and prosperity. In addition, she also stands as a symbol of male fertility and is designated as caregiver, home and family.

Vikings Runen - Dagaz

Dagaz Rune Meaning Owl Tattoo Design for Women

Dagaz means "light" is probably the rune with the most positive meaning at all. It is regarded as a symbol of awakening and should bring light into darkness. In this way, she works for clarity and points to the right path. Are you looking for answers to open questions? Then a Dagaz Runen tattoo is the right one for you - the Vikings symbol also stands for happiness, hope and security.

Othala Rune Meaning

Othala Runen Tattoo Meaning Vikings Symbols Tattoo Design

Othala is the last run of ancient Futharks and is called "Heimat". It is precisely who the first Rune Fehu stands for in particular. It symbolizes how much it has been transmitted within a family - the home and the fatherland or even the spiritual heritage. Othala stands for human freedom and for family togetherness.

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