Rosemary effect on the brain – The spice improves memory and concentration

It has long been known that rosemary has a healing effect. The Mediterranean spice not only has a calming effect on the nerves and is at the same time invigorating when exhausted, but also has a positive effect on blood pressure and digestion. Due to its strong and pleasant fragrance, rosemary is not only used in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics (e.g. in soaps and perfumes), as well as in alcoholic beverages. Various studies are now to prove that the rosemary spice also improves memory. What is the point of this claim? Can such a rosemary effect really be determined and confirmed by studies?

Rosemary effect on the brain

Stimulate the brain in a natural way with the Mediterranean spice

There are several theories about the effects of rosemary on the brain. According to them, the aromatic spice should not only improve memory, but also help to think more clearly. And it should be enough to consume it in dishes or in rosemary tea or water.

According to studies, simply inhaling the fragrance of rosemary oil has an effect on the brain by giving it a boost. We go into these different types of intake below and explain the respective study results.

Attention: Rosemary affects some medications, including blood thinners, medications for diabetics, and others, and should not be combined with them. You should therefore check with your doctor first before you start using the spice or starting therapy with him.

Dried rosemary powder

Rosemary Effect - Rosemary powder improved memory speed in one study

A study by the Herbal Medicine Department of the Thai Sofia Institute tested the rosemary effect in powder form on 28 older study participants. Dried powder was used in small quantities. The researchers found that this improved the speed of the memory.

The effect of rosemary aroma

The scent of the plant has a positive effect on body and mind

Knowledge has also been tested using various studies. The participants in the study carried out various visual evaluation and subtraction tasks. The smell of the spice was emitted. The researchers found not only that the stronger the fragrance, the better the pace and correctness of the answers, but also that the smell had a positive effect on the mood of the participants. So this also shows that rosemary has an effect on the psyche.

The benefits of the rosemary scent from another study were also presented at the British Psychological Society's annual conference. This study tested the effect of the scent on schoolchildren – one group was in an aroma-free room while the other was doing memory tasks in a room that smelled of rosemary. The latter had better memory performance than the other.

Rosemary fragrance oil effect

Essential oil promotes concentration, improves mood and reduces anxiety

53 students aged between 13 and 15 years passed a similar test. A student's memory was checked in a room sprayed with rosemary oil. The result was that the young people were able to use the oil to remember pictures and numbers better.

Rosemary flavored water

Rosemary water instead of simple mineral water brings advantages for the brain

The rosemary water effect was also examined by a study. The researchers compared the difference between this water with taste and ordinary mineral water. 80 adults drank 250 milliliters of one or the other drink. The participants who consumed rosemary water showed improved cognitive function.

Benefits also found in mice and rats

Rosemary effect in rats and mice tested - better memory function

Various tests with regard to the rosemary effect were also carried out on mice and rats, all with the same result – the consumption of the Mediterranean spice has a positive effect on their memory. However, this is not necessarily transferable to humans. This means that the results in animals and humans can be different.

Rosemary and health effects on the brain – where do the benefits come from?

What are the reasons for the positive rosemary effect on the brain

Even though there is no evidence, theories exist as to why rosemary could have this effect on the brain. One of them is that the antioxidants it contains are the reason for the benefits. These help the body, and thus the brain, to more quickly eliminate the damage that free radicals do every day.

We have already mentioned that rosemary also has a certain effect on our psyche. Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center said the spice appears to be able to reduce anxiety, which in turn leads to improved concentration and may contribute to the results mentioned above.

Rosemary effects on the brain, memory, concentration and cognitive properties

Study by the Herbal Medicine Department of the Thai Sofia Institute, published on Journal of Medicinal Food; Test with schoolchildren from the British Psychological Society; Study with rosemary water here; Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center study

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