Relieve back pain: test 4 effective methods without medication

Working every day while sitting or watching TV on the sofa may result in relief for your back pain. This is mainly due to the harmful postures. Not to mention the frequent need to lift very heavy loads. In order to take the right measures against this sometimes unbearable pain, most of those affected often take medication due to their rapid effects. But how can you alleviate your back pain in a natural way without having to use pharmaceuticals?

Home remedies that can relieve back pain

Young man in the office holds his back because of pain

Contrary to popular belief, back pain not only affects older people, it can also affect adolescents regardless of age. In fact, the back pain will go away on its own after 3 days. However, if the restlessness persists, it is better to consult a specialist. So here are some simple tips for relieving back pain.

Applying heat to the back helps relax the muscles. This method is known to relieve pain quickly. It should be done as soon as possible to avoid an increase in pain sensation. It is sufficient to put a hot water bottle or an electric blanket on the affected area.

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How do you alleviate your back pain with essential oils? There is nothing complicated about it. If it is a pinched nerve, we prefer the anti-inflammatory compound of two drops of peppermint oil and two drops of cloves. We add two more drops of lavender essential oil (known for its soothing properties) and dilute everything in 10 drops of macadamia or arnica oil. Then all you have to do is massage your back.

While you're at it, it's important to mention the benefits of a good massage. Going to a specialist is always the best solution, but it is also possible to have a massage at home, and anyone can do it. With the essential oil preparation described above, rubbing movements are carried out on the muscles on both sides of the spine.

Relaxing exercises with exercise ball

Exercises Exercise Ball Relieve Older Man Back Pain

In the case of back pain, specialists advise avoiding immobilization and preferring light physical activities. And here exercises with a ball play a very important role in strengthening neglected muscles. The gentle and slow rotational movements will mobilize the pelvis and at the same time relax the paravertebral muscles (next to the spine). However, if the pain persists, a visit to the doctor is essential.


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