Purist furnishings and exquisite façades make a single-family home in Israel a real eye-catcher

Home design modern pristine facade wood concrete plaster wall

Sharp contours, hard edges and rectangular shapes characterize the facade of single-family homes in Israel. The effect of optical strings is told through suspended timber elements that unlock the white plaster facade and simultaneously create an exciting play of light and shadows in the residential area. Externally, the house presents itself as a minimalist beauty, within the purist look that looks on itself. Join us on a virtual tour of the "Split" house and get excited about the modern architect's house!

Exquisite minimalist façade and stylish purist furnishings: The "Split" house

Single-family house search fence Sheet-hung facade wood elements

The exterior sees the house with a splendid facade and an innovative aluminum fence that looks on. The suspended wood elements lend to the Pfiff building. They are not just decorative, but also functional. The wood elements offer visibility and sun protection and at the same time let the light in the living area.

modern facade functional bridges connect both building volumes

The building consists of two building volumes connected by a glazed courtyard and two centrally located bridges. The unique architectural house includes a shed courtyard. And I lie that these puristically decorated interiors are in no way sterile and boring. Then, to the street, the house opens through the large glazed fronts and the garden in the middle. More trees donate cool shadows and ornamental grasses add a natural touch.

Purist furnishings offer the highest living comfort

Single-family house modern white metal wall

The purist device conveys optical rest and security. The residential areas are designed flexibly according to the wishes of the builders. Two residential landscapes and a coffee shop provide ample seating for the occupants and their guests, sitting in the minimalistic esthetic of metal can seat ten people. More wall shelves provide the family's wine collection for viewing.

purist fixture glass partition wall sofa anthracite gray wood kitchen sight concrete floor

The kitchen is optically separated from the glass by living glass doors. Directly next to the kitchen landscape is a further, informal living room. Dort can relax the family after the long day of work.

purist device living room shaped furniture cafeteria

Gripless cabinets, cleverly placed storage rooms and the neutral color palette give the room optical depth. The floor covering of large-format, highly polished natural stone tiles creates a visual connection between the individual rooms.

Furnishing sofa set armchair leather upholstered fixture

The concept of light is very thoughtful and adapted to space conditions. Floor, table and ceiling lamps make niches and corners better suited. The glass pendulum lights over the esstic remain in the background for a while in the background and come out well in the evening to apply.

purist device Carpet Shaggy residential landscape

The residential area opens through ground-to-ceiling high sliding doors to the garden with large lawn area and pool. A terrace with a fire place offers the possibility of dropping the evening out.

purist device Milk glass separate living area dining area

The glass wall made of milk glass is extremely practical: it divides the spacious living area in two, and reads the light through it.

Wood kitchen living room anthracite gray carpet sofa concrete floor

The purist design of the kitchen fascinates with a thoughtful concept. The Küchenschränke goes seamlessly into the apartment wall. The color palette in the kitchen is counted as well: white, gray, oak and anthracite round off the purist color scheme and leave the high-value materials and textiles to better use.

Haus Innenhof Garten glass walls

The "Split" house is a perfect example of modern architecture and purist furnishings. The Pitsou Kedem Architects have interpreted the classic concept of a court house modern and read the final result.

Interior architecture Light shade suspended facade roofed terrace

Bedroom Puristic Device Carpet Double Bed

Sight Protection Sun Protection System Wooden Shutters Pre-Garden

purist furnishings interior architecture trees laminate flooring

purist device living room kitchen partition wall modern

Innenhof purist contemporary modern architecture

Modern facade architectural house terrace shaped

hanging facade glass wood shade toys

Bathroom purist device wall mounted wall mirror

Single-family house bathroom purist device freestanding white bathtub

Modern interior architecture Architektenhaus Brücke connects building volume

Single-family house Bridge wood blinds white modern

Single-family house double bed terrace glass sliding doors

Single-family house wood blinds pre-garden trees search protection

House design modern house facade wood blinds

purist wine rack dependent wine bottles

Single Family House Facade Pool Israel Architectural House

House facade wood elements terrace tree lighting

Living room modern purist device spacious

purist furnishings two-volume single-family house

House lighting modern garden fence

Basic view of the tree garden view

Minimalist architect house building plan side view

Architect house two building volumes Grundriss

Single-family house building plan View above courtyard-shaped living spaces

unique single-family house Bäume Glasfassade

Single-family house Grundriss View above building plan

Single-family house two building volume bridges connected

purist device and a stockwork side view

The Split House is a project of Pitsou Kedem Architects

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