Predicting dementia: Lifelong learning trains the brain

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Each year, more than 40,000 people suffer from Alzheimer's. With the increasing age, the risk of dementia also increases. The disease can not be cured and currently available medicines can only help most patients unconditionally. Physicians and scientists have repeatedly shown certain precautionary measures that can effectively protect us from dementia. In this way, only a healthy diet and plenty of exercise play an important role. It is also very important to remain spiritually spiritual. So train your brain that can prevent dementia effectively.

Pre-dementia dementia: Staying fit

Mathematical tasks, puzzles, creative hobbies: researchers offer numerous methods for brain training. A recent study by the University of Tampa, Florida, explores the effect of various methods on cognitive abilities. Over 2500 people over 70 years have been divided into four groups. The first group did memory exercises, the second exercises, which promoted logical thinking and the third trained in reaction speed. The results were evaluated over a 10-year period and compared with that of the control group. Scientists were able to find that the exercises that promoted the logical thinking and memory ability of the proband were not as effective as precautionary measures. In the experimental group, where the reaction speed is practiced, the Alzheimer's risk is reduced by 30% after 10 years.

Preventing dementia: Learning new languages

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Even with the increasing age, one should continue to remain socially active. Social contacts hold the brain in swing, offer alternation in everyday life and enhance the learning capacity. Another good idea is the cultural holiday: This is how you learn new things during the holiday as well and improves your memory ability.

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