Piercing Trends 2019: The Five Most Popular New Piercings

Piercing Trends 2019 Septum Nasal Ring Stays In

Piercings became unbelievable over time. Thanks to the new fashion, the many extraordinary designers and celebrities, it now comes back to a real hype. It's not just tattoos on trend, but also piercings. In this article we have a breakthrough which piercing trends have continued this year.

In the 1990s, abdominal umbilical piercings and piercings in the lip or eyebrows were the clue to coolness. Include every simple pop singer at least one piercing. The fan community transfers the style to itself. Suddenly Piercings were the nonplusultra.

The hype around the body jewelry was soon over again. This is in itself not dramatic, because the piercings could be removed quickly and easily. Otherwise, it was a matter of tattoos - many people had to decide on a cover-up to stick with at the pulse of the time.

What Piercing Trends Have Worked in 2019?

Snug Piercing Jewelry Silver for Woman

Which piercings were the most successful this year? 2019 hob some trends here. Some trends were taken over from the year 2018 and it is assumed that in 2020 these piercings will still be "cool".


At Snug-Piercing (Anti Helix), the piercing is worn in the inner cartilage of the ear. This piercing was ready last year on trend. Why is Piercing so popular? Because - at least for the moment - hardly anyone has and is a true Hingucker.

Nose Piercing Ring Septum Thin Silver Woman

Septum Light

Many stars wear a distinct Septum. Stars such as Zoe Kravitz could even establish the Septum as their own landmark signs. No other piercing was particularly popular in 2018. The piercing is very simple in itself. It is a mediocre nose ring, which in no way dares to be large. Umso sure, umso better.


Normal earlobes were raised through a second earlobe. These new earplugs were placed next to each other, without each other. The aforementioned high lobes are a completely new look that has not been worn in recent years. Great opportunity in the city to become a trendsetter!

abdominal piercing titanium silver with stinchen sport frau


Also in 2019 is a belly button piercing again very popular. It is but this time and more recent piercings. On the umbilical piercing page you will find all the shapes that are now on trend. Otherwise very interesting: Especially in the pregnancy, belly button piercing is very popular.


The so-called Smiley Piercing is embroidered in the ribbon. The piercing was placed in the middle of the mucous membranes, which also claimed to be very robust. This piercing is very controversial. Teeth are daily, because the metal can also permanently damage teeth. Especially in the front teeth is perhaps no beautiful matter. In the older generation, it is surprisingly surprising to wear a piercing.

What should be noticed before piercing a piercings?

Septum piercing bull ring nose ring can look elegant

As soon as you decide for a piercing, nothing should be overpowered. It's worth noting further things.

In no case should a piercing even be pierced. This is also a trend, but nobody should follow it with a healthy human mind. Serious health risks could arise.

It should not have gone into a popular piercing studio. You should listen to Facebook, friends or even acquaintances. Maybe these people have a better recommendation? In principle, it should deal with a hygienic and clean studio, otherwise you should reload the load quickly too.

Those costs should not be postponed. A piercing is permanent in itself. Namely, those unicorns do not disappear. The piercing should be cleaned at least a little later. In addition, it should be a studio, which adds high-quality jewelry, but also does not ignite the skin.

Should any trend be followed?

The piercing should not be selected in accordance with any trends. It should be said many times a piercing, which one can identify oneself. A timeless piercing is the main thing in any case.

Abdominal Piercing Navel Piercing Jewelry made of titanium or real silver

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