One apple a day keeps the doctor away, even in the menopause

An apple a day or a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables benefits the human body in many ways. A new study suggests that this can also play a role in reducing various menopausal symptoms. Although hormone therapy has proven to be an acceptable method of treating menopause symptoms for many women, many continue to look for alternatives.

One apple a day as an antidote

doctor's recommendation one apple a day keeps the doctor away

The main focus was on identifying changeable lifestyle factors that could prevent or alleviate any symptoms. Previous studies have shown that nutritional factors can play a crucial role in the production of estrogens, metabolism and consequently in the symptoms of menopause.

In particular, the consumption of fruit and vegetables or a Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by a high content of vegetables, fruit, cereals and nuts, was associated with fewer symptoms and symptoms during the menopause. This new study goes one step further and examines certain types of fruit and vegetables and their effects.

Elderly woman in menopause eats leafy vegetables and fruit

The researchers concluded that subgroups of fruits and vegetables had an inverse relationship with menopausal symptoms. However, higher intake of other subgroups with more urogenital problems also appeared to be linked. For example, citrus fruits adversely affect urogenital values ​​compared to other types of fruit. The same also applies to green leafy vegetables compared to other vegetables.

doctor prescribes woman medication for menopause

“This cross-sectional study provides some preliminary evidence of the impact of fruit and vegetable intake on menopause symptoms. There is ample evidence that an apple a day brings many health benefits. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables also has positive health effects in a variety of ways. However, more research is needed. This enables nutritionists to determine whether various symptoms can be influenced by eating habits. This is what Doctor Stephanie Faubion says about the study.

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