Oktoberfest Hairstyles for Long Hair - 45+ Beautiful Looks and Guides!

Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair braiding Dirndl fast

It is already September and the Oktoberfest is moving closer! But for the perfect appearance, next to the classic Dirndl is also the appropriate hairstyle of great significance. Several braid hairstyles fit the Landhaus look and are counting for many years the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair. Have you already found the perfect outfit and are now wondering how you could style your hair best? Then read on and get rid of all the many looks and instructions we have prepared for you!

Oktoberfest Hairstyles for Long Hair - Classic Pigtails

Oktoberfest Hairstyles For Long Hair Boxer Braids Braiding Hair Guide Hair Trends

Pigtails, or even boxer braids, originated in 17th century Europe and are among the most popular haircuts for Oktoberfest.

And that's how it was made:

  • The hair combs well and spreads over the entire head in two equal strands.
  • Parting a portion of hair from the strands.
  • Straighten the hair directly in the scalp along the bottom and add more hair.
  • The process with the other site is repeated and finished is your Dirndl hairstyle.

Elegant Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair - the braid

Double braid instruction braid hairstyle Dirndl easy

Whether for Jung or Alt, for short or long hair - the braid wreath is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and elegant Oktoberfest braces. For fun and humor, for a more romantic look, you can add a few simple flowers.

Braid step by step Instructions:

  • See one Mittelscheitel.
  • Jewels to the right and left of the head fly a head, starting over the ear and fixing the ends with a little gum.
  • Place one head over the rear head on the remaining side and attach it.
  • Place the second head over the head to the ear and hide the end behind the other head and attach with the hairpin.
  • Just fix it with hairspray and it can get loose!

Oktoberfest Braiding - the double haircut

Wreath Instructions Quickly Hairstyle Dirndl Easy

This Oktoberfest hairstyle is very durable and a true hingucker. The variants that you wear this hairstyle are incredibly varied and all look really wonderful! A little touch of a finger is necessary, but the end result is definitely worth it!

And so does the hairstyle:

  • Pull a middle section and remove each right and left at the base of the advancing hair section, approximately 3-4 finger-wide hair strands.
  • Cut the remaining hair into two equal strands and plug these aside.
  • The advancing hair sections are flattened flat by the recess and fastened with thin hair gum.
  • Now the two rear hair rays also flip and fasten to two braces.
  • And for this step, it needs attention and fingertip feel - the left rear toe was a hair rope over the head and attached to the head with small hair needles.
  • Now you have to repeat the process with the right rear toe.
  • Finally, the two are required to bind and fasten the seams respectively to the sides along the neck.
  • Fix with hairspray and done!

Bauernzopf Oktoberfest Braiding Hairstyles

Boxer Braids Hairstyle Instructions Braid Hairstyle Dirndl

When it comes to the perfect Oktoberfest look, there is no way to go in the classic farm hairstyle. It goes fast, lasts all night and looks great - everything you could wish for in a hairdresser!

And so it goes:

  • See a medium haircut and divide the hair into two equal strands.
  • Now divide each page into 3 strands and flee to one head.
  • Fasten with hair gum, it is hair spray and finished!

Elegant Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair - soothing soap

Oktoberfest Hairstyles For Long Hair Seeing Zopf Instructions

Sometimes the simplest braiding hairstyles are the best! A casual look looks great and gives your Oktoberfest look a touch of elegance and romance.

Quick Step by Step Guide:

  • Her hair combs through and pulls a deep side sheave.
  • Divide the hair on the longer side of the sheath into three equal strands.
  • They start with the outermost rays in the back of the head and lay them down in the middle of the other two strands.
  • A better hold tells you when you alternate with the outermost hair strands in the middle and lay down easily.
  • Push the hair into the ends of the hair into a head and attach with a hair gum.
  • For a casual look, you can easily pick up a few strands.

Hairstyles for Dirndl for long hair

Boxer Braids Instruction Easy Oktoberfest Zoffs Instruction

A hairdresser should not be bored. Give your creativity a free run and create incredible pieces of art that are guaranteed to excite! Our next suggestion for Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair is exactly that - unique and beautiful.

This is how this Dirndl hairstyle goes:

  • See a medium haircut and the hair flies in two French soups.
  • Attach each tooth circularly in the shape of a small snail and attach it to the back with hairpin.
  • Fix your hairspray and finish your Wiesn Look!

Oktoberfest soups - the inverted French soup

Upside Down French Braid Instructions Braiding Hairstyle For Dirndl Easy

The inverted French soup is particularly suitable for the hot summer days or the long Oktoberfest nights.

Step by step instructions:

  • Her hair is well combed and the cover hair is so tight that it does not disturb her.
  • The easiest way is to insert or position headers.
  • Attaching the neck to the head of the neck along a normal French braid and as soon as you reach the upper back - cease and attach with a thin hair gum.
  • Finally, all the hairs come together and form a beautiful dutt - that's when the soup really comes to fruition.
  • Fix with hair spray properly.

Oktoberfest Hairstyle - The 5 Zips Dutt

Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair braid instruction

Here is a further rethinking idea for simple Dirndl hairstyles. With this look, four heads are braided and wrapped into a duct and lends your hair extra volume. This is the perfect hairstyle for fine hair.

And that's how it was made:

  • See a medium haircut and divide the hair into 5 equal strands and braid this one together.
  • Wrap the third tooth into a small brittle and attach it to the hairpin.
  • Now take the soap directly next to it and wrap and attach to the bread.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the soap, fix your hairspray and finish your trendy hairstyle!

Pop up your Oktoberfest hair with cool pipe braids

Pipe Braids Guide Hair Trends Easy Hairstyle For Dirndl

The cool Pipe Braids in Germany are still not so widespread and because we think that they fit wonderfully for the Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair, we explain to you how to make the best hairstyle.

And so it goes:

  • In the hairstyle, one hair strand is demanded in two unequal hair strands.
  • Next, the narrower strands knit around the larger herum - in this way a trace emerges, in which the thinner hair strands are wrapped around the width and at the end are drawn by the trace.
  • Tighten the knots and repeat the process until the hair tips.
  • Fix with hairspray, apply Dirndl and finish!

More ideas for Oktoberfest Hairstyles For Long Hair

Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair flower wreath the same guide

For an Oktoberfest hairstyle, it should look calm and romantic. And it's hardly as romantic as flowers in her hair! If you are uncomfortable with your hands or find the braid hairstyles to match, then you can also wear your hair open and still look fantastic! Whether a wreath made of real flowers, you can easily make them yourself, or as a hairband with artificial flowers - in combination with soft Beach Waves, the floral crowns in your Oktoberfest outfit lend a special charm.

Long-haired and simple Dirndl hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles For Dirndl Long Hair Hairstyles Ideas Easy

In the following we give some suggestions, you could wear long hair off and still adapt to the classic Oktoberfest look.

  • Half Up Bun or Ponytail - There is no need to say anything but fires. Sleek, elegant and simple - this look fits perfectly with your Dirndl. And it goes fast too - simply form a ponytail from the cover hair and attach with a thin hair gum. You still want to make locking with a locking rod or smoothie and you are already done!
  • High ponytail with locking is the simplest Oktoberfest hairstyle for fine hair. Use the locking rod to fine-tune the lock, tie it into a stringy ponytail and that was all!

Boho hairstyle ideas easy braiding hairstyles oktoberfest guide

  • Fine Oktoberfest soap for open hair - As a substitute, see a medium haircut and on each side divide a niece into thick hair strands. Attach each strand to a small head and fix it in the middle of the head with a hair gum.
  • Small crowns - At one side of the head, divide a small ray and flee to a thin head. Lay the stars on the other side and attach them with the hairpin.
  • One classic dude is one of the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles for long hair. Whether high, low or in combination with small, fine spoons - there are infinitely many styling variations! If you want your hair to last all the time, your dog must be tight and tight.

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