Natural home remedies for coughs, travel coughs and mucus for sick people of all ages

Home remedies for coughs, travel coughs, bronchitis and mucus for adults and children

Even in the lightest recollection, one does not usually come to the coughing drum here. And the more stubborn the disease, the more pleasant it is. At night or traveling coughs can rob one's last nerve. Asked for are therefore helpful and quick means that are soothing and healing. And here's to dispensing medicine from the pharmacy and preferring to natural remedies, which you grandmother willing to use used, retractable, with the right proven home remedies just the right decision. After all, what is better than that nature, if it is for our health? Highly sensitive people or children slow down natural means much better. For this reason, we dedicate this article exactly to this topic: Home remedies against coughs.

Home remedies against coughs and relieve coughing

With our tips against coughs, travel coughs and mucus, you will definitely get better soon. Whether dry coughs are distressing or your body has prepared the cleansing mucus that is no less pleasurable, you will find in our article tips and proven cough home remedies that you can apply without concern. The best and natural remedy is naturally that they could be tried with some exceptions in children or even babies (this is furthermore accurate). So help with dry coughs, where can you make coughs at night and can you use the same cough caterers for children and babies as for adults or pregnant women? All of us are trying to summarize and explain today. And with that, of course, there are also plenty of home remedies against coughs and coughs.

Achtung! Should the mentioned home remedy not cough against coughs within a few days, do not experiment further, but seek a physician to avoid complications.

What is travel cough and symptoms

Home remedies against coughs and recipes to soothe the mucous membranes

At first, every cough is dry. It arises when annoyances befall the mucus and irritate them in this way. With the cough, the despairing, as soon as sober, annoying people who might be able to purge again try. The so-called productive coughs then begin when even mucus comes into play. These can be removed, which also gives the airways again free. Although travel coughs are also a typical symptom in asthma, they are usually a prerequisite for a cold or other infectious disease such as bronchitis. Even these travel coughs are also often part of the susceptible dry coughs and are characterized by cough attacks. Exactly these attacks are also typical travel cough symptoms, just like throat pain, arising from the raised mucous membranes.

Cough coughs when sounding a disease

Home remedies for coughs - When you call an illness, even coughing coughs can arise

Your arousal is longest in Abkling, but suddenly the furry rice coughs appear. Then it's not true, is it? All and nothing! Traveling coughs do not arise during the initial phase, but rarely even at the end of a disease. This is quite normal, as the mucus attempts, furthermore, purge the aggravators, who do not really want any danger. Only "know" that the mucous membranes do not react and react with travel coughs. A doctor should be looked up later, if the cough lasts longer than 3 weeks. Then it is about a so-called chronic irritant who has to be treated and observed.

Home remedies against irritant coughs in adults

Home remedies for coughs for adults - faster helper in traveling coughs

By age, various home remedies could be tried against coughs to alleviate those symptoms at least a little. Therefore, the age plays a role, because children, grandchildren and especially babies do not slow down the diesel medium, as an adult. Precaution is also required during pregnancy. If you are growing up, not pregnant and even have no health problems, you can try it with the following tips once, then the traveling coughs will soon settle down. So was it helpful for dry coughs?

Home remedies for coughs - Tea as a cough remedy for adults

Thymiantee as a home remedy to coughs for coughing and as secretary

That tea with raptures and fluke goodies is actually no secret. Yet no one thinks so. This is the perfect home remedy for coughs quickly and soothes your throat. On the whole and on the whole, it plays no role what kind of choice you choose if you try to cough with tea. They all soothe the mucous membranes. However, many types of tea are particularly good helpers and so are the herbal teas.

They have the choice: Buy ready-made herbal mixtures in the pharmacy, which are specifically blended for coughs, or add your own mix. Drink each tea lukewarm and above all slow. One pitcher per day is recommended. Honig does not sweeten, but works equally as anti-inflammatory (furthermore below). So they could drink wonderful tea with honey in coughs.

Tea from Spitzwegerich heals and soothes the coughs

What tea at Cough?

  • Eisenhut - anti-inflammatory, antiviral and mucosal
  • Thymian against coughs - relieves the abstinence (secretion solver)
  • Key Blume - Secret Solver
  • Chamomile - anti-inflammatory
  • Orange-blue cough cough
  • Ginger - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, mucosal
  • Hibiscus - especially as R.iced tea and best with anise oil
  • Spitzwegerich
  • Eibischwurzel
  • Malve
  • Wollblume

Combine best thyme with key flower, anise oil with hibiscus and chamomile with orange blossom. In addition, the last four ingredients provide a good combination for cough teasers, which can work wonders. They can advise on further types of tea, blends and the right quantities in the pharmacy.

Breast wrap as a home remedy against irritant coughs

Hot and cold breast wrap with potatoes, quark or just water with a cough solution

If you want to use breastworm as a home remedy against coughs, you should know that not necessarily special ingredients that herbs are needed. If you have nothing to do at home and also not have the opportunity to buy or go to the pharmacy, you can also make a wrap from a simple warm and damp cloth. Very recommendable is just a potato wrap against coughs. They have the property and store heat. In this way, this will then be allotted, so that your wickel can work longer. Also, Quark is a great ingredient or you can grab a thyme wrap at Cough.

Chest wrap instruction with and without ingredients like ginger relieves the coughing

Who was made to cough against the breast wrap?

The breast wrap in rice coughs must be hot (40 to 45 degrees). Stronger coughs in combination with fever are fought with a cold wick (lukewarm water), otherwise you would just let the fever off. Try to warm up to the temperature, so you should not burn it naturally. If the water is heated to the desired temperature, add the selected ingredients (e.g. lemon, thyme or salt).

Spread out on the bed a long and thick wool or terry cloth. Dive into a smaller, but equally long, cloth in the water, wring it out and put it on the large cloth. Lie on the cloths and wrap them around your chest. Cover yourself well and leave this breast wrap as a home remedy for coughs for an hour or so until you cool down. With a cold wrap it is imperative that you do not cool down. The fuse must warm signal.

Inhaling and coughing relieve

Inhale steam with herbs or essential oils to liberate the airways

Since the travel cough is caused by dry mucous membranes and because of the still missing ejection is particularly unpleasant and can be painful, since the abscesses fall heavily, it is only logical that the humidifier can help the mucous membrane. Therefore, it is also a good idea if you inhale with travel coughs. Nicht jeder is a fan of this and keeps it long. If you still have no problem with it, take a few minutes of steam, if you need to relieve the cough.

Inhaling is a very old home remedy against coughs and releasing on the airways. It must be properly carried out, but it really helps. Since humidification of the mucus is not needed other than water, it is also the perfect method if you can spontaneously wash it against the cough. Simply boil water, hold your head over the vessel (pot or bowl) and cover it with a hand towel, so that the vapors do not escape without being able to breathe. They can also add additional remedies if you inhale against coughs. Essential oils are well suited, but also other means. Recommendation value is:

  • Thymian
  • chamomile
  • eucalyptus
  • Pfefferminz
  • anise
  • fenchel
  • Kochsalz

Special inhalers are also suitable for children and reduce the risk of burns


  • Be careful when inhaling, as there is a danger of incineration. As long as the vapors can be dangerous if no sufficiently large spacing is contained, as well as the hot water itself, if the container is accidentally flushed. Alternatively, a special vapor inhaler can also be installed.
  • Essential oils are not recommended for asthma patients as they travel lungs and can relapse attacks. Therefore, for inhalation in dry rice coughs, asthmatics should better resort to other one of the other ingredients (e.g., thyme or chamomile)

Zwiebelsud as a home remedy against coughing

Make onion water and syrup yourself with honey or candy sugar

Does onion juice help cough? Onions contain essential oils, which they make as popular as home remedies against coughs. They are very much in the fight against travel coughs in the form of Sud. If you use onion suction for colds, you can quickly and easily recover yourself. But who is the power man onion juice against coughs? Here's a recipe:

Onion cold or hot repair with instructions as a natural cough juice

As a home remedy onion juice coughs - recipe

  • Cut an onion in the cube, as if it were for cooking.
  • Give them candy sugar and a little water in a pot and cook it all up.
  • Cook for as long as the onions become soft and glassy and form a syrupy mass. If you can, you can pour water.
  • Take the hob off the stove. The cough syrup against coughs can be taken at once (as soon as it has cooled down) or seen for a few more hours.
  • Fill the onion water by coughing through a soap in a disposable glass that you cook before.

The cough makers of onion juice will now be taken in teaspoon wise, as soon as you pass the funeral. So when the coughing coughs begin to erupt again, take a teaspoon and slowly drain the throat down. If you don't like coughing again, you can also enjoy a teaspoon every morning, afternoon and evening.

Onion cough with sugar is a natural home remedy against coughs that can be prepared quickly and easily

Cold stuff

Onion juice against coughs can also be cold repaired. The advantage is that many more substances and especially the sulfur compounds remain. However, from an onion, you can also get a smaller amount of onion juice from rice coughs. Used were diesel-made ingredients, which were given in a glass. You then let them rest for a few hours in a warm place. The sugar contained in the glass shows all the liquids from the onion. Finally, filter through a sieve and use the onion water.


  • If you cook onion juice as a home remedy against coughs, you can leave the sugar off and later on the cooled juice of the Zwaffle honey against coughs dazugeben. It should therefore be cooled down, as Wärme lost the good ingredients of the honey.
  • Onion juice also delivers pleasant flavors and, above all, additional helpers if you use certain herbs. Thymian, sage, mint and rosemary are good examples.

Home remedies against coughs - Helps honey against coughs?

It is anti-inflammatory and stops the spread of irritants in the throat

Yes, we have been told many times and for most people it is no mystery that he can be a true helper in combat against recollections and similar disorders. This is due to the many vitamins, minerals and flavonoids contained in it. This does not prevent these irritants from spreading by being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Since it also liquefies mucus, it is also a good deal of home remedy against coughs, if this is ready to be productive. The coughing then falls lighter and is pain-free. A spoonful of honey against coughs can thus be used for susceptible rice coughs, as well as for those at the opposite end of the disease.

How to use honey in rice coughs - Tips and recipes for imitation

Who to use Honig?

That you can combine cough onion juice and honey, we have mentioned yes. In this way, the less delicious onion soda will also be tastefully flavored. But that is far from being everything you could have prepared with honey if you could use home remedies against coughs.

Milk with honey

Honey milk tastes delicious and is a good home remedy against coughs without mucus

Warm milk with honey in coughs helps you to sleep, quieter. The carbohydrates contained in the sugar in the honey lead to the secretion of insulin were again caused by a series of reactions that make the fatigue and relax the body. Sometimes this combination is not only extremely delicious, but also effective as a home remedy against coughs. Just like this with dry coughs! Milk does indeed promote the production of mucus. So if you grow in productive coughs, you can get tired with milk. Milk in rice coughs, combined with soothing honey, is a great fit.

Ginger as a home remedy against coughs

Ginger as home remedy go to coughs and start therapy

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, anibacterial, antiviral and mucosal. It is therefore the perfect miracle drug in the fight against travel coughs. For this purpose, it can be taken very seriously:

  • as a spice in a soup, grated or pureed
  • in the form of tea
  • as a lukewarm ginger water

Ginger water or tea is a good cough solution and can taste good with honey

Ginger with honey against coughs

  • Add 25 g of peeled ginger and 250 ml of milk.
  • Remove from the cooking rack and pull for 5 minutes.
  • Sweeten with honey.
  • Think the mix of milk, honey and ginger warm.

Ginger and lemon

A very tasty and helpful combination is also made from ginger, lemon and honey. With this home remedy against coughs, your body also adjusts a dose of vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system and help fight the disease. Also, the antioxidants contained are only of benefit.

What can you do about coughs at night?

Coughing at night by reducing humidity and elevated sleeping position

Whole coughs should not be said to benefit the body in order to rid themselves of the disease. At night, the coughs seem to be very clever, but then you have to rest and fall asleep. But why are you coughing at night? This sleep formation reads at night, throat and smoking room became drier and sometimes even more travelable. The consequence is that they strengthen the cough. A few simple home remedies against coughs can help.

A spoonful of honey in front of the dormitory stops the long journey for a longer time

Was it helpful to travel coughs at night?

Some useful home remedies against travel coughs in the night we have mentioned. Brustwickel und Tea with honey (e.g. Malvenblütentee), for example, alleviate the hustle journey for the night. Even a spoon of honey and, at best, even fennel honey, which you can slowly pull in your mouth, helps you to find it better in the bedroom. Let the honey stand at the same time on the nightstand. Should you experience any problems later, simply look for another spoonful of this tantalizing cough supper for the night. Alternative assets also Sugar with oil, sugar water und heiße Milk with honey.

Since the coughing journey often lies worse, you can try, simply your own Buy it higher to cure. It can also relieve the irritation and help you in sleep. Auch das Ingwer-Honig-Milch- Drink, which we have mentioned above, is a good idea before going to sleep. Dry heating air is another cause for the increased coughing at night. Humidifiers or simple containers with water can already provide relief here. Easy too damp clothsthat hangs in the room, works wonders. Lift the room well before going to sleep and sleep, if possible, at a tipped window.

Home remedies against coughs for children

Home remedies go to coughs for children for symptom control and for quiet nights

Advice for children is best tried to dispense medicines purchased and preferably to home remedies. Nothing has to be warned about! Observe your child again carefully and accurately say whether real improvement is also occurring. Do you find that even after a few days, the coughs do not get better or get worse or other symptoms, is a doctor's visit Muss! Don't underestimate travel coughs and colds. These can be quickly transmitted into a bronchitis or pneumonia.

Apply milk with honey to dry coughs

Many of the cited home remedies against coughs can also be used as cough supplements for children. Some are not recommended or even prohibited. Dazu heard honey for children in one year, as it can contain these dangerous bacteria, with which the organism will only be finished after that age. Furthermore, strong essential oils such as mint (menthol) and eucalyptus are unsuitable for children. Your strong aroma can lead to breathlessness.

For kids tea, breast wrap, humidifier and more for enjoyable nights

Suitable home remedies against strong coughs with children are again Tees. Peppermint, ginger or other strong flavors make for smaller children an exception. Larger children can also drink these without problems if they can. For the traveling cough with children in the night was home remedy Brustwickel und damp cloths against the dry room air. Also milk with honey or a drink of ginger, honey and lemon is suitable.

Obwohl Zwiebelsud for children who are uncomfortable, you can also try with the doubt against coughs with children. With maybe more sugar or honey, you may be able to get a cough juice that you can bring to the little ones. Larger children can also inhalieren. Always be careful with the hot water and use only additional means to slow down the children.

Was helpful against travel coughs at grandchildren

For a grandchild, home remedies can help coughs rather than medicines

Suitable home remedies for coughs with grandchildren are at large and all diesel fuel like older children. As a result, the hot medium as a vapor for inhalation or hot tea is taboo. Tees, but also Milch should be only lukewarm instead. Also ginger should be proceeded with caution. Since this right is sharp, beverages and soups should only be used in small quantities. The child from 1 year with coughing must also be a home remedy Ginger with honey and lemon to take oneself.

Brustwickel should not be too hot, could otherwise be used as a home remedy against coughs at grandchild at night. They are even highly recommended. What kinds of wickels are given to travel coughs and who they make, we have further explained above. After the first year of life you can also go to sleep Honig to latch, to cough at grandchild at night.

Humidifier or humidifier for the right humidity in the room

Traveling coughs with grandchildren at night also reads wonderfully through it proper humidity bekämpfen. Here come damp cloths in the game that you can hang in the room. Alternatively, you can also put a shell, a cup or a glass and the best on the heater, if it is in operation. Then the water can also be much more diluted and moisturize the air and at the same time also the mucous membranes.

In infants, coughs can be treated with various home remedies

Especially grandchildren who did not understand yet, were passing through with their own and that they could only help with various means, were denied unappetitious home remedy against coughs. Don't force them, but try them instead with something else. The selection is finally big enough. So get used to it Zwiebelsaft for grandchildren, even if they are sweet, not taken, grab tea or milk with honey (honey for the first year of life!). That is at least exactly good cough cures for grandchildren.

Onion bags against coughs in (small) children

Soothing onion bags make for kids and adults alike

Do you necessarily have to try with the powerful onion, but your child may not have to accept the South partout? Then the onion bag is a perfect alternative home remedy for coughs, which is also suitable for the very young children and even babies and is made easy.

  • Onions peel and dice.
  • Onion worm in a wash glove leg. Other fabric containers are also suitable.
  • Rub the filled glove (with cord, rubber or hair gum).
  • Laying, hanging or posing the onion bags in the vicinity of the children's beds, but outside the range of babies and grandchildren.

If you read the scent of the onion, you can easily squeeze the bags with a little fresh flavor from the onion. You can repeat this until all the flavors are consumed. Then simply throw away the onion and fill the bags with the need for a new one.

Coughing with grandchildren - When to the doctor?

With the grandchild go to the doctor, if the symptoms do not improve quickly

Home remedies against coughs are toll, no question. They are natural, harmless and help in most cases almost immediately. But only now and never! It should not be exaggerated with experimentation. Coughing does not mean a smart cold or other illness. There is a normal symptom, a protective reaction of the body and should not be immediately undone. In some cases, a physician should be looked after carefully:

  • Your child is under 3 months old
  • the cough is accompanied by Fieber over 38 degrees
  • the child breathes unevenly or is even plagued by respiratory disorders
  • for quick breathing (40 to 50 breaths per minute in calm state)
  • the coughing is painful
  • the rice cough lasts a long time
  • the coughing will be accompanied by cooing noises
  • the cough is so strong that the lips turn blue

Home remedies against coughs in baby

Baby healing with home remedies and having an appointment with the pediatrician

Was helping coughs with babies? The possibilities here are already fewer, since the baby is not sufficiently equipped for most home remedies against coughs. Many liquids, including unsweetened teas are one variant (honey is forbidden!). As for the adult, you can specialize in the pharmacy Hustentees which is also suitable for babies.

If the baby is ill, it must not be recovered from medicine, but by natural means

Traveling coughs through dry air relieve you the best damp cloths or a bowl of water in the room. So make sure you have good humidity in small babies too. Good Hustenlöser for baby is also the good old Brustwickel. They can also have the baby increases sleepiness. For this, simply take a towel, fold it and place it in the head area under the mattress. Observe with babies especially the symptoms and coughs. Don't get better soon, you have to go to the doctor!

Home remedies for coughs - Cough coughs in silence

During feeding time, the diet and choice of medication must be considered

Also during the silent period care must be taken. Everything we were told is in the breast milk or can have an influence on the milk volume. Sample and peppermint, for example, are known to reduce milk. They are not suitable as a tea, but can be used to gurgle. Well suited for Tees as a home remedy, coughs during the silence are from the Spitzwegerich and the Thymian. Thyme tea when breastfeeding has no negative effect on milk production and does not harm the baby either. For the south, you can also enjoy regular honey instead Fenchelhonig despite taking stills.

Brustwickel und inhalations is allowed. For drinking, own tea and milk with honey, even in low quantities. Auch Zwiebelsud You must dare to fight the cough. If you do not exaggerate with the many people on the day, with them, you were taken to yourself, changed also to the taste of the mother's milk.

Coughs and travel coughs in pregnancy - domestic remedies

Cough attacks are not dangerous to the baby, should be treated promptly

Don't give birth at birth and during the still time you have to look after the baby. Even during pregnancy one should be on the diet and everything, one was taken, heeded, about the placenta almost everything was given to the unborn. It may be pleasant to be sick during pregnancy. After all, you are also confined to the drugs, because not everything is allowed.

Pregnant women can drink coughless tea and should hydrate well

With most natural remedies, in most cases, one can do nothing wrong. So if you want to get rid of a prescription drug or get it from the pharmacy, you can try home remedies against coughs if you suffer from this symptom again. But was he helped against strong coughs in pregnancy and was he allowed? In principle, you can try out all the above mentioned tools. Inhalieren Best of all three hours with eucalyptus, pine or sage oil, to soothe and drink the mucous membrane. Tees is again the perfect choice to help the herbs fight the cough. Choose peppermint and chamomile, which you can sweeten with honey. Thymian, Anise and Key Flower are equally suitable.

Even during pregnancy, you must dare on the miracle cure Zwiebelsud zurückgreifen. A recipe for this you can find further on the article. If the cough is particularly disturbed at night, you can take honey with a few drops of eucalyptus or lemon. Then, sleep is very important to you. If you are not recovering, you are also working on your baby.

Coughing in pregnancy is not dangerous, but must be treated differently

It is not a simple affair, but one bronchitis, the cough attacks could be even stronger and more pleasant. The baby does not harm the coughs, so you do not have to worry. It is well protected in the fruit water. Nevertheless, ask yourself the question "Was Tuned for Bronchitis in Pregnancy", where the possibilities of therapy are so limited. Zwiebelsirup from a small sliced ​​onion and brown sugar is a good home remedy against coughs in bronchitis, it is effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Both ingredients were given in a glass for more hours, where they should be seen. This results in the syrup, which is strongly reminiscent of a cough juice. This is perfectly imperative for pregnant women and can be taken over the tag distributed tea or spoonwise.

Home remedy against mucus in the throat

Dissolve mucus with simple home remedy against coughs - honey, ginger, lemon and more

As soon as productive coughing begins, so ejaculation comes into play, coughing is much easier. Yet it does not mean that you can not help your body yet, to relieve all the annoyances with the aid of mucus. Then it is good if you use mucosal agent. The prepared above mentioned home remedy against coughs is very suitable. Let's remember once more what this is:

  • drink a lot and especially herbal teas, but no more milk, as this can promote mucus formation - Thymian, Anis (also as Sud)
  • Honey (directly from spoon or tea)
  • Ingwerwasser

Apfelessig als Medizin bei Reizhusten und Bronchitis verwenden

Was hilft gegen Schleim im Hals – Hausmittel Apfelessig

Apfelessig schmeckt nicht nur in Gerichten sehr gut, sondern kann Ihnen dabei helfen, den lästigen Schleim im Hals loszuwerden. Er zersetzt ihn nämlich nach und nach, was wiederum die Keime daran hindert, sich weiter auszubreiten. Möchten Sie den Schleim lösenim Hals und Hausmittel zu diesem Zweck verwenden, ist Apfelessig also eine gute Wahl. Der Essig wird jedoch nicht getrunken. Stattdessen füllen Sie ein Glas oder eine Tasse mit lauwarmem Wasser, vermengen es mit ein bis zwei Esslöffeln Apfelessig und gurgeln dreimal täglich mit diesem Essigwasser.

Anis als Tee hilft bei starkem und festsitzendem Husten

Aus dem Hals Schleim lösen – Hausmittel Anis

Für Anistee gießen Sie einen Teelöffel Aniskörner mit 200 ml heißem Wasser auf und lassen dies ziehen. Anis wirkt antibakteriell und schleimlösend und erleichtert auf diese Weise das Abhusten des Schleims. Möchten Sie also Schleim im Hals mit Hausmittel bekämpfen, ist Anis eine gute Wahl.

Bronchitis und Hausmittel gegen Husten

Hausmittel gegen Husten bei Bronchitis mit Schleim und Auswurf

Bronchitis Symptome können Sie mit natürlichen Hausmitteln bekämpfen. Es gilt aber wie bei jedem anderen Infekt: Bei anhaltenden Beschwerden muss ein Arzt aufgesucht werden, um eine effektive Therapie zu beginnen. Gute Hausmittel gegen Bronchitis bei Erwachsenen sind die Quarkwickel. Auch bei Kindern können sie als Hausmittel gegen Husten problemlos eingesetzt werden und das vor allem nachts, da vor allem kleine Kinder die Wickel tagsüber eher unbequem und als störend empfinden werden. Der Wickel sollte körperwarm sein. Helfer sind in diesem Fall die Milchsäurebakterien. Sie lösen den Schleim auf und wirken entzündungshemmend.

Bei Bronchitis sind schleimlösende Mittel die beste Lösung zur Linderung

Anleitung für Quarkwickel als Hausmittel gegen Husten:

  • Quark auf Körpertemperatur erwärmen.
  • Quark auf einem Tuch verteilen, etwa einen halben Zentimeter dick.
  • Tuch auf die Brust legen, am besten auf einer dünnen Unterlage, da eingetrockneter Quark auf der Haut sich schwer entfernen lässt.
  • Bei Bedarf mit einem größeren Tuch die Brust umwickeln und den Wickel so fixieren (oder mit einer Mullbinde).
  • 30 Minuten wirken lassen beziehungsweise bis der Quark beginnt zu trocknen.
  • Haut abtrocknen, gut zudecken und warm halten.

Helfer bei Bronchitis sind Tee, Wickel und andere Hausmittel gegen Husten

Ein weiterer guter Tipp ist, bei Bronchitis als Hausmittel für Erwachsene Zwiebelsaft zu verwenden. Ein Rezept für das Bronchitis Hausmittel mit Zwiebel finden Sie oben im Artikel. Denken Sie außerdem daran, viel zu trinken. 2 bis 3 Liter am Tag sind nicht nur während einer Krankheit sehr wichtig. Tee ist bei einer Bronchitis ein Hausmittel, das Sie unbedingt ausprobieren sollten. Aber welcher Tee hilft bei Bronchitis? Im Prinzip unterscheiden sich die wirksamen Kräuter nicht von denen für andere Arten von Husten. Dementsprechend können Sie wieder Thymian, Spitzwegerich, Salbei und Fenchel trinken und diese mit Honig süßen. Inhalieren Sie mit Kräutern, Salz oder ätherischen Ölen. Letztere sind für Asthmatiker und zu einem Großteil auch für Kinder ungeeignet.

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