Modern Museum of Art Exhibitions as a river bridge in Norway

futuristic design in the middle of two swiss shores of river

A modern museum in Norway, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, has opened its doors to the public on September 18. The project is part of "Kistefos", an industrial museum and sculpture park in Jevnaker. This belongs to a community some 80 kilometers north of Oslo. In addition, architect Bjarke Ingels and his team have designed a sculptural intervention, which until 17 November 2019 will be an international program of contemporary art exhibitions titled "Hodgkin and Creed - Inside Out".

The concept for such a modern museum

minimalistic shapes and designs built in a fog over a river

The international competition selected and originally newly built in 2015 responds to the natural surroundings of the museum. In addition to the sculpture park, the architect has developed a modern museum to enhance the general experience of the visitors of "Kistefos". Described by Bjarke Ingels as "habitable bridge", the 1000 square meter large building is located on a half-way street. Sometimes it crosses the river Randselva, to connect the north and south sides.

rotated sight lines in a white interior to the entrance

There access is followed from both ends of the river bridge. From the south, therefore, visitors enter an extraordinary space in double heights. These are primarily clear lines of vision, which run through the entire building to the north entrance. Inversely, guests traveling from the north enter a panoramic area with a glimpse of the cellular factory of the locations and the surrounding landscape. With the project of the inhabited bridges, the architect's office has stalled in his recent experiment with social infrastructure. It is therefore a building that serves as a bridge at the same time. For this reason, such a modern museum can also combine a cultural institution and a practical infrastructure.

bird's-eye view of a new art museum in the wooded area as a habitable bridge

Kistefos was founded in 1996 by Norwegian businessman and art collector Christen Sveaas in the former location of his family business for cellulose. He has set himself the goal of preserving the buildings and industrial heritage of the region. At the same time, the project celebrates the best of Norwegian and international contemporary art. The sculpture park also includes works by leading international artists such as Anish Kapoor and Marc Quinn. The latest site-specific artwork by Yayoi Kusama, "Shine of Life", will also be unveiled in May 2019. In terms of nature, it is inspired by nature, water and industry at Kistefos.

Impressive structure and shapes

bjarke angels architekt the twist museum brücke from bird's eye view

The Twist is thus built around a historic cellular mill and is designed as a 90 degree centered beam in the center to create a sculptural form that spans the river Randselva. Visitors who strive through the site-specific Works of Parks visit other international artists such as Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson, Lynda Benglis Yayoi Kusama, Jeppe Hein and Fernando Botero to complete the art journey. As a second bridge and the natural extension of the parks, such a modern museum transforms the visitor experience and doubles the exhibition area of ​​Kistefos.

flux border runs under a modern museum with twisted structure

Through such a simple change in the volume of buildings, the bridge can be lifted from under the flooded river bank in the south to the slope in the north. As a continuous road in the landscape, both sides of the building serve as the main entrance. From the south entrance, visitors cross a 16 m long, aluminum-clad steel bridge, to the room with double height and free view to the northern end, which is connected to a 9 m long pedestrian bridge.

still twisted aluminum structure built for glass window display

The doubly curved geometry of the museum consists of straight, 40 cm wide aluminum tables, which were arranged in a stack of books and shifted slightly in a barrel movement. The same principle is used by architects also in the interior of the room. White, 8 cm wide wooden slats cover the floor, the wall and the ceiling as a unique backdrop for the short-term Norwegian and international exhibitions of Kistefos from both directions.

Futuristic design for modern museum

Frau looks out the window in the interior of the museum the twist

At the northern end is a spacious glass wall with a panoramic view of the cell fabric factory and the river above. This also forms a 25 cm wide skylight strip. Due to the vibrant shape of the glass window, sometimes the three interchangeable galleries are created from the variety of daylight. The first is a wide, naturally lit gallery with panoramic views on the north side. The second is a tall, dark gallery with artificial light on the south side, while between them stands a sculptural space with a twisted piece of roof light.

designed interior space in white for a modern museum twist in Norway

The ability to divide, assemble, or assemble gallery spaces, for this reason, also provides flexibility for Kistefos artistic program. A glass staircase also leads into the lower levels of museums on the north shore, where the aluminum underside of the buildings is covered by the basement and basement areas.

the twist modern museum for art exhibition in norwegian walt as bridge bridge

After many years of planning and development, Christian Sveaas is looking forward to opening this wonderful new space. This allowed the community to expand their work with leading contemporary artists. By doing so, those hosts could greet more visitors than you in advance. So the goal is to make Kistefos with an excellent program for temporary exhibitions in the sculpture park an indispensable cultural goal. It will, above all, complement the rich industrial heritage of the places.

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a basic twist for a modern museum near Oslo3d plan and basic plan for a modern museum near Oslo

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