Modern kitchen in blue – ideas with the trend color “Classic Blue”

Design a kitchen in blue? Many people will shake their heads doubtfully and say that this color is not at all associated with the joy of eating and the inviting, family atmosphere of a kitchen. It’s time to disprove these stereotypes because classic, timeless dark blue is the trend color 2020, according to the Pantone Institute. We present the kitchen trend and show the most beautiful kitchens in “Classic Blue”.

Visually connect an open kitchen with living room

Kitchen blue gray with an island made of light wood in the open living area

The classic blue shade “Classic Blue” stands for the endless expanse of the evening sky and is best suited for open and spacious interiors. If you are planning an open kitchen, this intense blue is just the thing. If you dream of dark blue kitchen fronts, start from there and match the other elements to it.

Country-style kitchen with white and dark blue

The second way to introduce this color is to paint one of the walls dark blue with a few other dark blue elements such as to choose an armchair, the dining chairs or the kitchen island. Thanks to the clever color combination, there is a seamless transition between the individual areas.

Dark blue kitchen with wood

modern kitchen with blue fronts and wooden wall cupboards, white worktop and rear wall as a contrast

Dark blue is a strong and slightly dark color, so it needs a light color as a counterweight. It harmonises well with gray or ecru, but also with white, which gives the composition lightness and freshness. However, the blue and white kitchen is associated with the maritime style, which is charming but not always desirable for a modern kitchen. However, you can avoid the marine look by adding more wood. A kitchen in blue, white and wood looks elegant and elegant, especially if you choose dark wood tones. For a modern and minimalist kitchen, choose light wood such as Oak or beech.

blue kitchen combined with wood and white

In addition to cupboards, you can also bring wood to the kitchen in the form of furniture, for example with a set consisting of a kitchen island and stools with a wood look. The combination of dark blue kitchen fronts with a wood worktop is also popular. A marble-look back wall provides an interesting contrast.

Dark blue kitchen with white worktop

Dark blue kitchen with marble-look back and white worktop

We have already mentioned that the best companion of dark blue is white. We mostly find it as a wall paint, but can also be used as a worktop. A white worktop also makes dark blue appear less intense. You can also divide your kitchen into colored zones, e.g. with dark blue base cabinets, a white worktop and white wall cabinets. With striking, geometrically patterned tiles, you can turn the back wall into a real eye-catcher.

Dark blue kitchen combined with white worktops and floor tiles

Paint the kitchen walls dark blue

Kitchen painting blue country house

Painting the walls in dark blue is a very brave step. Note that dark wall paints should be carefully dosed. Dark blue is best for kitchens that are quite spacious and sunny. Dark blue walls in a kitchen are risky when it is a small and dark room – such a dark color looks overwhelming and makes it appear even smaller. You can only paint one of the walls dark blue, creating a natural focus in the kitchen. You can’t go wrong with a white high-gloss kitchen.

Gray kitchen with country style island and dark blue wall in the dining area

Which colors go well with a dark blue kitchen?

modern kitchen in dark blue white and marble with brass handles

White, gray, ecru, pastel pink and light beige in combination with dark blue create a classic, timeless ambience. If you like the glamor style, combine royal blue with gold or copper. Hanging lamps or furniture handles made of brass leave a stunning impression.

retro kitchen in dark blue and white with golden handles

In a dark blue kitchen, intense, warm colors that stimulate your mood and appetite come into their own. Saturated yellow, sunny orange, noble red and extravagant fuchsia are perfect as a splash of color on pillows, curtains, decorative bowls or vases. However, use these contrasts sparingly!

Dark blue as a splash guard in a modern kitchen in light gray and wood

Kitchen gray wood with blue tile mirror as an eye-catcher

Dark blue is used sparingly here

modern kitchen in blue, white and wood

A beautiful country kitchen with island in white, dark blue and wood

kitchen in country style design dark blue white and wood

This is what the Ikea Metod kitchen looks like with pure fronts in ultramarine blue

ikea kitchen front blue with marble splash protection and zigzag parquet floor

The brass handles look wonderfully antique and modern at the same time

kitchen dark blue by ikea with brass handles and marble splash guard

And here is an example with a dark wood worktop

dark blue base cabinets made of dark wood and white wall cabinets

Open kitchen with living room in marine look

dark blue wall and kitchen island combined with white kitchen fronts, wooden worktop and wooden back wall

The island separates the kitchen from the living room

Ikea kitchen with white fronts and wooden back wall combined with dark blue island for a beautiful marine look

The red stool is an eye catcher

Living room with marine-style kitchen

The white laminate floor illuminates every room

open kitchen with island and furnishings in marine look

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