Modern and natural living – this apartment is the winner of the “German Design Award”

“Although each room has been designed differently, they all share a uniform, modern and high-quality style that very well expresses the claim to timeless elegance.” This is how the jury of the “German Design Award” describes this year's winner for interior design. And the impressive Bulgarian apartment has rightly earned the designers and architects of “EXTRAVAGANCE design” a first place. Take a look with us into the rooms of the apartment and learn more about the design, where “living naturally” is the keyword!

Of course, living with natural materials such as wood and stone

The apartment extends over a living space of 140 square meters and thus enables spacious living areas. Below this is a living room with an open kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. What is special about the rooms is that each of them is characterized by natural materials such as wood and natural stone. These not only enable a modern design, but also guarantee cosiness and a timeless look thanks to the warm and neutral colors. Chic and luxurious and living just as naturally – it is always possible, as this interior design proves. At the same time, there is no lack of upbeat color accents, with a different color creating a unique atmosphere in every room.

Of course, living in the living room with kitchen

Of course, living with an open kitchen and dining area with a wooden table

Wooden furniture can already be found in the living room. The kitchen with its interplay of minimalist surfaces in white high gloss and dark wood look is a real eye-catcher and invites you to cook and linger. It is visually separated from the dining area by a breakfast bar with a worktop in a concrete look. The same surface also adorns the back of the kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen in light gray with white and dark brown wood

The modern kitchen is joined by the wooden dining table with a modern design, creating a transition to the sitting area of ​​the living room. Instead of a classic wall unit, this one impresses with a cetiless fireplace. The first color accent can already be found here. The curtains and sofa cushions shine in a beautiful shade of blue, which wonderfully complements the neutral natural tones and makes the otherwise cozy and calm atmosphere appear a little more lively.

White and brown, combined with a gray kitchen back wall in a concrete look

The special wall design, which contrasts with the modern furniture, is also absolutely worth mentioning. While the majority of the living room walls are characterized by accents that imitate wall paneling, an accent wall is shown with an attractive wallpaper in vintage style.

Of course, living in the living room with dining area - Modern dining table made of natural wood and legs made of metal

Fireplace instead of wall unit

Fireplace instead of wall unit, blue curtains and patchwork carpet

Subtle and tasteful decorations

Living room in a modern and timeless style with a gray sofa and an original clock as a wall decoration

Living naturally – wooden furniture in the bedrooms

Live timelessly and naturally with modern furniture in neutral colors

Of course you can also live in the three bedrooms, because real wood furniture can also be found there. The first bedroom, like the living room, uses the color blue as an accent color. Ak's second color also serves as turquoise here. Not to be missed is the impressive accent wall with wallpaper, which represents the classic style and offers a perfect balance to the otherwise very modern furnishings in this room. The built-in cupboard at the window, for which light wood was used, makes excellent use of the space without making the room seem clogged. Even a comfortable bench has been integrated, which invites you to daydream by the window.

Bedroom with wallpaper for accent wall and color accents in blue and turquoise

Built-in shelf with integrated seat at the window

Of course, living with natural materials - built-in shelves with a seat by the window

Built-in wardrobe made of natural wood

Of course, living with built-in cupboards made of light solid wood

The second bedroom also has an interesting accent wall. Upholstery in neutral beige-gray completely covers the wall and in this way also serves as a headboard for the bed. A classic wardrobe with mirrored doors complements the modern console, which extends the second closet and can be used as a dressing table. The accent colors in this room consist of warm shades of red that blend wonderfully with the subtle upholstered wall.

Modern glass table as bedside table, upholstered wall and vertical mirror as decoration

Upholstered wall as accent wall and alternative to the headboard

Light wood in the bedroom with red accents from decorative pillows and stools

Timeless and modern furniture combined in one room

Simple and space-saving furniture for storage space, as well as minimalist console for the TV

Solid wood furniture in the form of a sideboard with a minimalist, attached console and armchair can also be found in the third bedroom. In addition, the accent wall clad with wood attracts attention. Incidentally, the wood is the same color as the kitchen. If you want to live naturally, you are making the right choice with wooden cladding for the walls. In order not to risk a too dark atmosphere, the designers decided to use a large mirror cabinet as storage space and to reflect the light. The remaining walls are white with the same effect. This bedroom is the most neutral of the living spaces and has a certain rustic charm despite the very modern decor.

Natural shades of brown for a warm ambience in the bedroom

Large mirror cabinet visually enlarges the room

Lamps as decorative accessories and wall coverings made of wood

Dark sideboard against white wall with horizontal mirror

The sideboard with console in the brown bedroom is both rustic and modern

The bath rooms

Living luxuriously and naturally - bathrooms with marble in beige and white and base cabinet made of dark wood

If you thought that the bathrooms could hardly be more interesting and impressive, you were wrong. Of course, natural wood furniture is not missing here either. These are base cabinets for the washbasins, which adapt wonderfully to the modern design of the bathrooms and provide the necessary warmth. You can also live naturally in the properly furnished bathroom.

Small bathroom with wet room, marble tiles and mirrors as wall decoration

The natural stone tiles here are timeless and natural. This includes brown and white marble, which adorns one of the two bathrooms with interesting lines. Since there are no windows in the bathrooms, the lack of daylight was perfectly compensated for by cozy light. Indirect light also plays a major role here. In these wonderful bathrooms, there is no question that you can live comfortably and naturally!

Eye-catching accessories

Minimalist hallway with white walls, dark wooden cupboards and red upholstery as a color accent

Each room is equipped with a carpet, which gives the room additional living comfort. However, they consciously lack strong colors. The designs of the carpets match the natural tones of the apartment. What is also striking is the clever use of lighting, which not only has a functional purpose, but is also decorative. Classic and modern lamps for walls and ceilings, as well as the indirect lighting already mentioned, are skilfully combined. In this way, they guarantee the necessary living comfort even in the evening.

Large mirror cabinet in the bedroom with subtle tassel decoration

Also not to be overlooked are the many mirrors that underline the design of the entire apartment. In the form of mirror cabinets in the bedroom and in the hallway and as accents on walls (as a horizontal mirror strip in the dark bedroom; as a vertical strip in the room with red accents; in groups in one of the bathrooms), they not only make the rooms appear brighter and more spacious, but create some subtle eye-catchers.

Design by EXTRAVAGANCE design.

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