Mint color 2020 is a freshness kick for your home! These colors fit the trend

Mint green is an extremely fresh and exciting color associated with spring and summer. If you want to keep your memories of the warm summer days longer, you can use the color mint in your own four walls. The shade works wonderfully both as a wall paint and as an accent. We’ll also show you how you can combine the icy eye-catching tone with harmonious color partners.

What does the color mint look like?

What does the color mint look like?

The mint color can be pastel or a bit stronger. It should be a mixture of white, blue, turquoise and delicate aquamarine. The proportions of the pigments used determine the final shade of this color, so it is difficult to precisely define the mint color.

Mint color 2020 – Neo Mint as a trend color

Color Neo Mint is a beautiful light green

For several years pastel tones have been at the forefront of fashion and interior design trends. In 2019, for example, Milennial Purple was on the trend radar. The renowned London lifestyle company WGSN predicted in 2018 that a fresh shade of green will dominate 2020 – the so-called Neo Mint.

Mint color in 2020 is Neo Mint

Neo Mint is intended to reflect the atmosphere of 2020 and combines a cozy naturalness with a futuristic touch. The pastel-colored, but slightly radiant mint green expresses the recently strong desire to return to the roots and celebrates the cult of naturalness. On the other hand, it is a tribute to modern, high-tech society, which attaches great importance to the development of technology and science and increasing digitization.

Mint color for a wall as an eye catcher

mint color for the wall in the living room combined with white facing bricks

The mint color is particularly pleasing to the eye as a wall paint and is perfect for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or children’s room. It also fits in with any furnishing style. From modern to glamorous – mint green is versatile and wonderfully cool. In a Scandinavian furnished living room, for example, it brings a pinch of relaxed naturalness. Even rooms in a cozy vintage or country house style are pepped up with pastel green.

trend color mint 2020 for apartments

A mint-colored wall creates a pleasant, fresh atmosphere and gives the entire room a natural, calm look. It can be a distinctive accent, but also a subtle background – it depends on you what effect you want to achieve. If you want to gently emphasize the aesthetics of the interior – furniture or decoration – it is worth painting the walls in a very light shade of mint, which gently envelops the room and plays a supportive but important role in the whole. However, one should be careful with the saturated Neo Mint and best use it as a decoration. So that the room does not appear overloaded, it is best complemented with neutral colors such as white, gray or brown.

Mint color for furniture and decoration

mint color couch and carpet in the living room

Painting walls in mint green is not the only way to bring this beautiful color into your own four walls. The large selection of pastel-colored furniture and accessories makes it easy for you to skillfully break up the ambience with just a few small elements. A couch or chest of drawers in pastel green radiates cool energy into every living room. Smaller furniture such as armchairs, coffee tables or chairs also immediately make the room look younger and livelier. Smaller accessories such as lamps, vases, blankets, curtains or decorative pillows in the color mint are also sufficient for this effect.

Which colors go well with mint?

Mint and peach as wall colors in the living room

Mint green is an unobtrusive color that does not disturb the harmony of the entire interior. Of course, you should carefully choose the other colors in the room so that they complement each other and form a harmonious whole. So which colors go well with mint? Gray and white are the most common color partners for mint green in the interior. In combination with gray, an elegant atmosphere is created that refers to the puristic Scandi style. Natural materials such as wood, wicker or rattan look like an homage to nature.

Mint color for wall combined with gray and wood in the modern living room

The color mint lets sparkling metallic nuances such as gold and copper shine. These combinations go perfectly with the Art Deco and Glamor styles. Mint is also a color that can be perfectly combined with other pastel colors: pink, blue, yellow, purple. Cleverly selected decorative objects and patterns create a pleasant interior in Provance style.

A beautiful living room that looks natural and down to earth

mint color living room modern in combination with warm wood

A mint wall acts like a cool breeze

Pastel mint color as an eye-catcher in the open living area

Mint curtains and roller blinds work optimally with this Scandinavian design

mint curtains and pleated blinds go perfectly with light gray

Yellow and turquoise shine in front of the mint green wall

mint color wall in the living room combined with yellow and cream

A gray sofa is the ideal complement to the mint green wall color

Gray goes perfectly with mint for the modern living room

Mint cushion covers add beautiful accents

color mint goes wonderfully with gray and light blue

With pink, mint creates a soft environment

mint and pink - colors go perfectly together

Sparingly used mint green accessories spice up the ambience

Mint color for decoration and accent walls

Mint, gray and white are both refreshing and calming at the same time

The color mint with gray and white creates a calming atmosphere

Pastel green creates an interesting combination with black

Mint color kitchen in combination with black looks modern

Mint green and white look fresh and light in the country kitchen

color mint as wall color for white kitchens and gray floor tiles

Contrasts are of great importance

mint color 2020 for kitchen

Ideal frame for wooden shelves made of natural oak

Color mint green for wall tiles in a white kitchen with brass handles

Anthracite worktop goes well with mint base cabinets in the kitchen

Green blue color mint for modern kitchens

Rustic cosiness skilfully broken up with mint green accessories

Mint color in country kitchen

Mint green chairs and wall in country dining room

Mint color for the wall and chairs in a country kitchen

Mint green walls highlight the white country kitchen

Pastel mint color on an accent wall in a country kitchen

Mint green radiates lightness and refreshment

Mint green goes perfectly with white and light wood

Mint green is also perfect for a dark hallway

What is mint for a color in the hallway

A fresh accent for your bedroom

Bedroom color mint

Just a few small elements in mint color are enough

Bedroom in white and gray - mint and blue as accents

Mint and black transform the bathroom into an exclusive spa

Combine mint wall tiles in the bathroom with white and black

The trend color develops a luxurious look in this bathroom

Mint white and beige in the small bathroom

Different shades of green provide dynamism

Mint tiles combined with black fittings in the modern bathroom

Mint green has a gender-neutral look

Baby room gender neutral mint gray white and wood

Mint and cream are perfect for the baby room

mint color baby room geometric accent on the wall

Neo mint and gray are perfect partners for a harmonious look on the terrace

NEO mint and gray for modern patio furniture 2020

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