Minimalism in the bathroom – simple, stylish and beautiful

Minimalism makes you happy because it frees you from the superfluous and creates freedom to reflect on what is really important. Are you also looking for a place of relaxation without chaos within your four walls? With a minimalist bathroom, you can easily create such an area of ​​tranquility.

Clear and functional design in the bathroom

Minimalism in the bathroom rectangular freestanding bathtub walk-in shower with glass wall built-in shower system

Avoid sweeping details and embellishments in your bathroom design – instead use clear lines and smooth shapes to create a minimalist look. You can achieve a stylish minimalism bathroom design, for example, if the sink, bathtub or shower correspond to a uniform design line. These can be straightforward, angular elements – but also bathroom furnishings with rounded, more organic shapes. It is important that the bathroom is limited to its functionality and that you still feel comfortable. Unnecessary decorative elements and too many different colors have no place in a minimalist bathroom because they cause unrest. Instead, set small color accents such as with fittings in metallic tones such as copper or gold.

Create more space with simple means

Minimalism in the bathroom floor-level shower tray and shower system for wall installation in brass look

Minimalism also means creating enough space in your space. This works particularly well if you choose furniture that is attached to the wall. Wall-hung bathroom elements create a spacious effect that makes your bathroom look larger than it actually is.

Freedom can also arise in small bathrooms: do without unnecessary pieces of furniture and concentrate on what really belongs in a bathroom. With a shower without a shower partition, you can enlarge your bathroom even more.
The color scheme can also influence the spatial effect: instead of creating unrest with a wild mix of colors, enlarge and calm your bathroom with light and light colors such as beige or cream as well as stylish shades of gray.

Systematic order

Easy cleaning of the bathtub and sink thanks to a clever choice of materials

Exposed objects and odds and ends can create unrest in a bathroom and should therefore be avoided if you want to give your bathroom a minimalist character. Instead of using open shelves, use hidden cupboards to provide enough storage space so that all the necessary utensils are at hand but still invisible. So your bathroom remains functional and still doesn't look overloaded, but stylish. Sort your drawers and bathroom cabinets from time to time so that you don't have to pile up too many unnecessary items. Follow the motto: As little as possible, as much as necessary.

Easy cleaning thanks to clever material selection

Corner shower with walk-in shower tray in black

Few furniture, a simple design and no decorative elements mean at the same time that you need less time to clean the bathroom, because what is left open must also be cleaned. Also pay attention to the materials for your minimalist bathroom, because you can save additional cleaning effort and focus on functionality.
Avoid using walk-in showers e.g. on small-sized tiles, because dirt can quickly collect in the joints. Glazed titanium steel, on the other hand, is, for example, non-porous and therefore offers no surface for dirt and bacteria. Thanks to its smooth surface, the hygienic material fits into every minimalist bathroom and every design line.

At a glance: How to make your bathroom minimalist

Minimalist bathroom design in white and mint oasis of calm without chaos

• Clear, no-nonsense lines
• Functional design
• No decorative elements
• Few, calm colors
• Create space
• Avoid unnecessary furniture
• Wall-hung furniture
• Storage space for bathroom accessories
• Easy to clean materials

Minimalism in the bathroom: why you should trust the design concept

minimalist bathroom combines concrete look and wood

With a minimalist bathroom, you create an oasis of calm in which, thanks to the clear lines and clever organization solutions, there is only space for the essentials. Neither too much decoration, nor beauty products or other objects that do not necessarily belong in the bathroom, stand visibly around and create chaos. Instead, your bathroom looks stylish and tidy – simple but functional. The minimalist bathroom can therefore help you to concentrate on the essentials, reduce stress and make it easier for you to start the day relaxed in the morning.

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