Many autumn craft ideas as basics for creative and fun crafting with kids

Print craft ideas for autumn free of charge and book with kids

Who often does, in the colder years, when the weather got worse, very great joy there. Especially parents who are looking for an interesting job for children in rainy days are very grateful for ideas for their autumn pastime with children. And so your next project can also be carried out seamlessly, we have some fall craft proposals for Autumn that you can use. With these, there are also some creative and beautiful ideas for you to utilize your fall craft ideas, so you can also get a few touches. Since it is all about typical autumnal motifs, you can use it for many different purposes, be it for garlands, mobiles, window pictures or simply just for painting. Print our autumn craft ideas free of charge and already the fun can begin in this dull autumn day!

Bastelvorlagen für Herbst mit Herbstblättern

Craft ideas for autumn with leaves to garland from garlands, mobiles and more

Whether you need to make a autumn garland, a mobile or window picture or simply decorate leaves with colors, glitter, natural materials, knots, yarn or other things, with autumn craft ideas for cutting, the task of cutting out leaves is much easier. Just when you think of the craft ideas for autumn for children, it reads so much easier to work than if the leaves were painted free of hand.

Beautiful autumn leaves for cutting out garlands, window pictures and other crafts

Simply print out popular craft ideas for fall leaves and then cut them out (or grind them directly onto the sheet if the leaves are to be scraped out). You can already rework them into your favorite things. Cover them with holes (e.g. with a hole) to transform them into a garland or a mobile or use them as stencils to transfer the forms onto parchment paper, cut out the sheets and stick them to the window. Leaves are one of the most important autumnal motifs and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Crush and drake

Autumn craft ideas - Print, grind and craft a dragon

Cut out the elements, yet have them printed and grind them out. Then you just stick yarn to the dragon and hang the paper loops in the hanging cord.

Proposal for dragons for printing here.

Bastelvorlagen für Autumn - Halloween box

Craft ideas for autumn - box and boxes are made with motifs for Halloween

Create suitable small trays for understanding the sweetness or other things at this popular Herbstfest. You will find more variants in the links.

Box with ghosts and spider nets here.
Box of funny pumpkins here.
Box of red monsters here.
Box with creepy pumpkins here.
Box with spooky house and trees here.

Turthahn für Autumn craft ideas for printing

Craft ideas for autumn for window pictures in the form of turkeys and ideas for other designs

The turkey is an important symbol in the United States, as it is a traditional dish for the food service. It does not hinder you, though, with this autumnal motif. For example, you can hang a turkey in the window or print and grind the printed (or cut out of colored paper) into the back with a cardboard stand and use it as a table decoration. Maybe you can make a wreath in the fall? Who would it be if you could simply attach the turret to the center of the ring? These variants are numerous!

Drawing image from a turkey for decorating in the fall with children

Make mini witch hats with craft ideas for autumn

Niedliche Mini-witch hut as craft ideas for autumn as a project for children

Print out these summer craft ideas for who you are, cut out the templates, and transfer them onto black paper. Form a cone, cut the lashes into the inner edge of the ring and attach the cone to the lashes.

Proposal for printing here.

Trees as a motif - To print prints free of charge

Print a cool tree and stick it with deciduous leaves

Chestnuts, squirrels, Bucheckern and maple, but also tannap juice are very popular and wonderfully suitable for autumn. Sometimes fall craft ideas for autumn in this way are a great idea and may prove to be very useful. Also, they can use those leaves for garlands and mobiles or if you make an autumn deco for windows. Or do you make a squirrel and would you like to equip it with a squirrel? Then you will also find suitable craft ideas for autumn.

Kahler Tree for shaping with real or artificial foliage leaves

A bare tree can be used again to decorate with real or homemade leaves. But other types of leaves can be designed: fingerprints, dots from wattles or balls and self-painted leaves can be used.

Mushroom candies for gifts

Candles with autumn mushrooms as craft presents for autumn

Print out these sweet mushrooms, lure them and tie them in a gift. Also as bookmarks, place cards and other ideas, these simple craft ideas for autumn can be used.

DIY bookmark with fly mushroom and band for giving

Cards for printing here.

3D squirrel basteln

3D acorns as a fall proposal for folding and glue for a beautiful table decor

Print the prints on white paper or directly onto beige cardboard and cut them out. The elements for the hut are then transferred to brown cardboard. With a cutter knife, you then cut out the inner triangles of the squirrel (along the long dashed lines) and all short dashed lines fall, as well as any of the middle long dashed ones, as well as those remaining outside.

The hats were cut in the straight lines and folded in the dashed line. The triangular lashes you receive stick to the inside of the square with adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape. Finally, you put the hut on the collapsed squirrel and you can already decorate it with your house.

Guide and suggestions for squirrels and hut here.

Print more craft articles for Autumn free of charge

Owls themselves with elements for cutting and sticking together

You can also enlarge and print the proposals in the computer if your variants are too small. Find the following pictures and links to express typical autumn motifs and get rid of the craft at the same time.

Craft ideas for autumn for acorns for cutting, sticking or grinding

Print maple leaf and use for popular crafting projects

Print turkey and bird feed together from individual elements

Autumnal motifs for shaping with points - squirrel, owl, apple, pumpkin, leaves, acorn and sunflower Beautiful pumpkin as a stand-out or for the self-pampering of decorations

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