Making squirrels: Make autumn deco with kids in kindergarten age the same

Squirrels make toothpaste felt animal figures ideas

If the weather is cold and the rainy weather does not allow for long walks, then children will suddenly have fun again in the Bastel. Autumn-colored leaves, squirrels and tannins are painted, arranged together and conveniently arranged in bowls. From paper, frenetic window pictures were made, made from felt - beautiful animal figures. Faux, hedgehog and natural squirrel figures adorn the children's room. If you are among the Bastel enthusiasts and are looking for new inspirational ideas, then the next article is exactly the right one for you. We explain to you how to make various materials with the children squirrels.

Squirrel making: Cute animal figures from tannapsapen and felt

Squirrels make autumn deco with kids cut out sticky instructions

The first craft idea is truly child-friendly and well-suited for craft-beginners. Cuddle up with the kids with these delicious squirrels made of tannasapen and felt. The craftsmanship for the whole family is guaranteed! All they need is a heat stick, a scissors, tanning juices and felt in gray, beige, black and brown. If you do not have a heat sticker at home, you can also use glue for wood. If you wish, you can seal the toothpicks with wood lacquer and make the decoration waterproof.

Why is this Bastel idea suitable? Kids from three years old everything.

Bastelzeit: Even if you can make one or more animal figures, you can spend 10 minutes and one hour for the craft project. Experienced Bastel Enthusiasts can walk per hour approx. Make 20 pieces of yourself.

Squirrels basteln tannenzapfen kindern kindergarten age ideas tips

This is how the squirrels were made:

  • Cut the details out of felt (head, eyes, nose, tail, arms and legs, as well as the two parts of the squirrel). They first have to submit a proposal for each detail of paper, then lay out more felt arches and cut out the respective detail. Optionally you can easily instruct the children with the task.
  • You can, if you wish, seal toothpicks with wood varnish, so the animal figures will last longer. First of all, make sure that the tanning juices are dry and clean. Then you can apply the protective coating with a brush.
  • Now it remains only to provide the individual details and the toothpicks. Be entrusted with the task of the grandparents, they are certainly pleased to be allowed to join the craft. Do not allow children under 6 years of safety reasons to work with a sticker. In older children, you should practice contact with the adhesive gun first.

Squirrels make tannap juvenile animal figures themselves making autumn decoration idea

Making squirrels: Making cute animal figures from paper and artfell with the kids

Decorate squirrels made of artificial fur and colored paper with wobbly eyes

The next craft idea is even simpler. If you make the above squirrels made of paper, you will need brown toned paper, a white pen, artificial fur, ice cream sticks, wicker sheets, a scissors and adhesives for wood and paper. Cut the body out of the brown toned paper and wrap it with a wavy eye. Then, cut the tail out of the artificial fur and stick it in the iron rod. Attach it with the help of an adhesive gun or with the adhesive on the body.

Making squirrels: Stylish decoration made of folded paper roll

Make stylish autumnal decorations from wrapping rolls and wrapping paper yourself

Hardly to believe that the above pictured stylish sugar cubes are made from knock paper rolls. With a bundle of wrapping paper they were transformed into tree trunks. Additionally, squirrels from paper adorn the tits. The perfect arrangement for the dining or living room. With a delicious chocolate candy, the afternoon coffee tastes better guaranteed, and the decoration ensures good mood in small and small.

Paint squirrel pictures with water colors and decorate with autumn leaves

Grind squirrels with water colors and make tail out of colored autumn leaves

The next craft idea is suitable for children in kindergarten, as well as in school age. Organize as a first-rate excursion into nature and let them collect the children's autumn leaves. Beautifully decorated foliage is available from September in every forest and park. When you get home, you can put it between newspaper and a stack of books. Leave the autumn leaves to dry for 1-2 days at room temperature. Then paint a squirrel with watercolors (optional you can print and paint a proposal) without tail. Dress the autumn leaves to resemble a tail. Frame the finished picture and hang it in the living room. It looks particularly powerful when you arrange the picture together with other gold and yellow home accessories over the fireplace.

Squirrel window pictures with kids

Paint and cut out window pictures with the children

Get colorful window pictures for a cheerful mood in the nursery! They need toned paper in green, brown, yellow, blue, red, white, black and brick red, a scissors, pencil, transparent double-sided adhesive tape, adhesive, a cutter and a cutting mat.

Cut out window images with the children making squirrel silhouette out of pitch paper

And so the frenzied window image is made:

  • First, measure out the window and mark with paper stripe the position of the window image.
  • Draw with the pencil the details on the sheet of paper.
  • Cut all the details with the cutter or with a scissors.
  • Then make yourself in the glue and glue the window image together with the glue.
  • Adhere the colored window image with the double-sided adhesive tape on the disk.

Make squirrels and decorate the nursery with cheerful window images

Squirrel basteln: Cushion animals from felt

Squirrels make ideas for little kids' cuddly animals themselves

All children love coastal animals. Surprise them with a soft squirrel from soft felt. For this craft idea, you only need felt, a craft item, filling wadding or some other filling material, seams tone-in-tone with felt and a scissors. You do not need to compile the file details necessarily, but can also paste them. In the article you will find a free proposal to print.

Cushion animals themselves close instructions and suggestions for cutting

This is how it is made:

  • Print and cut out the proposal. Transfer feel and cut out the Details.
  • Use a felt-tip to paint the eyelid.
  • Get closer to the big details.
  • Adding both felt details together, leaving a hole.
  • Fill the squirrel with the fillet through the hole and then close the hole.

Animal figures from felt the same as a guide in several simple steps

Cuddling animals with cotton wool full of ideas for autumn decoration in the nursery

Magnet counters

Autumn pictures at Einwegteller painting craft ideas for autumn

Turn a roadside counter into a real work of art. For this craft idea, you will need the following materials: white toned paper, a single scissors, adhesive for paper, colored pencils, pencil, a disc magnet.

Craft with the children instructions for autumnal wall decoration

First draw a tree with autumn leaves and let the children paint the drawing with colored pencils.

Drawing and painting with the children trees and autumn leaves on counters

Attach the disc magnet to the back of the counter.

Attach wall deco with magnet to the refrigerator

Paint paper counters and stick magnets on the reverse side

Cut out several brown squirrels from brown tone cardboard.

Cut squirrel out of pitch paper and stick to counter

They can attach the squirrel to the counter with a stapler or stick it. Do not use adhesive, it is not suitable for paper and paper.

Squirrel out of pitch paper cutting out ideas instruction

Then draw the squirrel on white paper and let the children paint the picture. Then cut out the squirrels and stick them on the counter. Fertig!

Cut and paint craft ideas for autumn animal figures from paper

Pop-up greeting card with kids

Make pop-up greeting cards with squirrels with the children and send them for birthday

Are you invited to a children's birthday? Create a fun and colorful pop-up greeting card with the kids.

Paper animal figures make origami squirrels themselves

Optionally, you can collapse the greeting card. It provides numerous networking guides for origami squirrels, which can also be used as place cards for the Food Thanksgiving.

Cut out animal figures from paper and tail from fingerprints

The grandparents are celebrating an anniversary? Surprise them with a fancy greeting card. Print out the free articles you find in the article and cut out the tail. Grind together with the children the drawing with watercolors and cut them out. Then brush the children's hands with brown color and stamp the child's handprint on white tonal paper. Cut out the handprints and cut the tail out. Stick your tail and body and already have a cool greeting card made.

Squirrels knit a beautiful cutlery for the grandchildren themselves

Squirrels can also be knitted and then filled with filling wool. They can also make small figures of nuts and arrows. Let your creativity run free and make artful autumnal decorations with the kids. Just be careful about the safe handling of the scissors and the sticky gun. If you never let your grandchild go unattended, you are in danger of injury. Babies could even swallow small parts and therefore should not help with cuddling.

Autumn deco for the nursery boasts cute animal figures from squirrel craft ideas for kindergarten - age

Animal figures made of plastic bags and toned paper themselves make instructions for autumn decoration

Squirrels made of knocked paper rolls and nuts and felt make fun decoration for home cooking with the children

Squirrel proposal from paper cut out sweet idea for autumn decoration

Bastel cover for squirrel silhouette for garlands or window images for cutting paper

Cut out window pictures with the kids and paint a sweet idea for autumn decorations

Children's costumes for the Halloween squirrel mask made from felt are the same

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