Make your own solar decoration – simple instructions and great decoration ideas for outdoors!

It is finally summer and that means that we will spend more and more time outdoors. Our garden or our own balcony replace the living room and not only during the day, but also in the evening and at night. There is hardly anything better than to end the evening with friends over a glass of wine. But for it to be really nice and comfortable, the right lighting must be available. If you want to give your garden area a little ambience and romantic atmosphere, then you are well advised with solar decoration. Sustainable and environmentally friendly solar lights for gardens are always very popular and we are not surprised. They provide a magical, atmospheric light and transform the outdoor area into the perfect retreat. Read on to find out how you can make solar decoration yourself and be inspired by our creative decoration ideas!

Solar decoration garden make your own solar lamp garden decoration ideas

Whether mason jars, light balls, fairy lights or simply put in a flower pot – solar decoration is not only environmentally friendly, but also incredibly practical and versatile. It is the perfect way to make the outdoor area entertaining and inviting without having to pay a higher electricity bill. Since solar lamps are charged with solar energy, you do not need a power connection. In addition, you no longer have to worry about how to lay or hide the cables in the garden. But so that you can enjoy the warm lighting at night, you should make sure that the solar decoration is exposed to direct sunlight.

Make your own solar decoration – mason jars are the perfect decoration for the garden

Make solar decoration yourself Upcycling ideas Mason jars Garden decoration

From elegant table decorations to romantic fairy lights – the upcycling ideas with simple mason jars from the supermarket seem to be endless. They are the perfect, and perhaps the easiest, option to beautify the garden in no time and brighten up the nights. All you have to do is get the necessary materials from the hardware store and in less than 20 minutes you have put together this unique highlight for the outdoor area. We will explain below how you can make a solar lamp out of mason jars yourself!

Required materials:

  • Mason jars
  • simple solar lamps from the hardware store
  • Super glue or hot glue gun
  • Decorative stones, effect film or similar decorative items of your choice

How to make a solar lamp out of mason jars Instructions:

  • The first thing to do is to remove the light flare from the lamp. Depending on which model you bought, you can either simply unscrew them or carefully screw or cut them open. Make sure that you do not separate the solar panel and the battery compartment, and do not forget to remove the plastic cover from the solar cell.
  • Then put super glue on the lid of the glass and stick the solar surface to it.
  • In this step, all you have to do is decorate the mason jar and spice it up a bit. You can use effect foils in the form of stars, hearts, etc. for this. Simply attach the foil to the glass with adhesive tape.
  • Place the solar decoration under the sun and your garden will shine in a unique shine on the same evening.

Hanging wine bottles give the garden a summery feeling

Wine bottles garden decoration ideas make solar decoration yourself

No matter whether for the garden or as a balcony inspiration – this environmentally friendly solar decoration gives your outdoor area a touch of romance and a playful mood. Everyone has a few empty wine bottles at home and solar fairy lights are now available everywhere. How about, for a change, designing the bottles as a great decor? Let your imagination run free when decorating and decorating, or for even more fun you can involve your children, for example.

Required materials:

  • Wine bottles
  • 1 piece of wire, cord or cable for hanging
  • Solar fairy lights with 20 to 30 lights
  • Pearls, shells, crystals and other decorations

Make your own wine bottle decoration Instructions:

  • The first thing to do is to clean the wine bottles thoroughly and remove all labels completely. This is particularly easy and quick if you soak the bottles in warm, soapy water for about 30 minutes.
  • Now push the solar light chain into the bottles.
  • Knot a loop on the bottle neck and attach the bottles to the wire.
  • For an atmospheric atmosphere and as a creative highlight, hang the bottles either over the dining table or on a tree in the garden and your solar decoration is ready!

Bring the old candle holders to new life and transform them into creative light sources

Upcycling ideas candle holder decoration ideas make solar decoration yourself

So that you can enjoy the beautiful weather outside even after sunset, the lighting should be an important part of the garden or balcony decoration. Make yourself really comfortable with this self-made solar decoration and give your outdoor area a touch of sustainable elegance.

You will need the following materials for this:

  • 2 old candle holders
  • 2 standard solar lights from the hardware store
  • Superglue
  • Crystals or pearls for decorating

Make your own solar decoration Instructions:

  • Start with the candle holders by spraying them with a color of your choice and allowing them to dry completely.
  • Next remove the long stem of the solar lamp and stick the upper part of the solar lamp onto the candle holder with super glue.

With Solar Deko refresh the flower pots and increase the feel-good factor of the garden

Make solar decorations yourself Garden decor ideas Use flower pots again

The best thing about the solar decoration for the garden is that it can be perfectly integrated into existing compositions. A particularly cute eye-catcher that will amaze your guests are flowering plants that are brought to shine by a warm light at night. Write the house number on it and you have the perfect addition to your veranda. Or spray the flower pots in bright summer colors to create a happy atmosphere.

Beautiful crystal ball as a solar decoration for the garden

Solar lamp garden decoration ideas simply solar lamp

Let yourself be enchanted by the effects and the elegant, atmospheric light of this simple solar decoration. In the evening at dinner, this crystal ball creates a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. For this simple DIY project you only need one of these glass or crystal ball lamps and of course a classic solar lamp. And that's how easy it is:

  • Decorate and decorate the glass ball as desired. It will be especially cool if you give it a matt finish.
  • The best thing about this solar decoration for the garden is that you don't even have to disassemble the solar lamps. You can just stick it in the ground and then just put the ball on it. It can hardly be easier, can it?

Wooden decorations in the garden for a rustic flair

Make solar lights for the garden yourself

The best ideas for making solar decorations yourself are those in which old objects are transformed into something new and exciting. There is hardly any other material that creates such a pleasant and homely atmosphere as wood. Give the garden a unique, rustic touch by simply tying together a few branches of different thicknesses and attaching the solar lights with super glue.

Solar lights are a simple and inexpensive way to design the garden creatively

Garden lighting ideas solar decoration make your own instructions

There is no better way to present the outdoor area artistically and colorfully than to make a simple solar lamp look like a beautiful flower. Whether you make the flower petals yourself or buy them ready in the shop is entirely up to you – the result will be astonishing either way. For sufficient light in the evening, we recommend that you best place the solar decoration around the garden path. In this way you transform the garden into a true paradise and the risk of tripping in the dark is also significantly reduced.

Make solar decoration yourself – more creative and simple ideas

Balcony decoration ideas make mason jars solar decoration yourself

To give the outdoor area a nice and happy touch, it is sufficient if you simply stuck the solar light in a flower pot

Flowerpot decoration ideas Make solar decoration for the garden yourself

Mason jars are great for creating a pretty chain of lights for the garden.

Mason jar decoration ideas solar decoration garden

With the warm and atmospheric light, solar decoration transforms the garden into the perfect retreat

Mason jars upcycling ideas solar lights for garden decoration ideas

Taking something like robust iron pipes and turning it into something fine can be a challenge. The solar lamps and the crystals create an excellent balance

Solar deco garden decorating chandeliers make yourself simple

Turn the old chandelier into an extraordinary solar decoration for the garden

Make chandeliers yourself Instructions Garden decor ideas Solar lights

Immerse your outdoor area in atmospheric and romantic light and let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere

Garden decor ideas Rustic living style Upcyling ideas make yourself

The best thing about the solar decoration is that you can place it anywhere at any time as you wish

Solar deco garden upcycling ideas easy

Mason jars with solar fairy lights are a simple and original way to make the garden or balcony shine

Solar decoration itself make garden decoration fairy lights ideas

Set small accents with solar lamps to make the balcony even more homely and cozy

Solar mason jars decoration ideas Solar decoration for garden

Without power connections and cables – solar lamps are a cost-effective option to add the finishing touch to the entrance area

Make solar decoration yourself Upcycling ideas Garden decoration ideas

Floating solar decoration creates a magical feeling

Solar fairy lights decoration ideas garden

With a little creativity, you can create a unique atmosphere in no time that will always delight your friends

Solar fairy lights themselves make garden decoration ideas easy

Bringing old furniture to new life is an entertaining way to give the garden a personal character

Upcycling ideas garden decoration from old furniture solar decoration

Solar lamps for the garden can be used in many ways

Solar lights for garden Solar decoration itself simply make upcycling ideas

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