Make-up trends 2020: which looks and colors are popular for autumn and winter 2020/21?

Summer will soon be over and autumn is just around the corner. The start of a new season is always a great way to freshen up our looks and makeup routine. The autumn / winter fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York are over and the designers have already shown us many new exciting fashion trends that every fashionista should know. Whether for autumn nails or eye shadow trends 2020 – this year it’s all about experimenting! From bold neon eyeliners that make our eyes shine to subtle earthy eyeshadow colors – we bet you will find the right look for you too! Ready to stock up on your makeup drawer with some news? Then read on and find out which are the hottest makeup trends for 2020!

Glitter eyeshadow looks make-up trends 2020

Fashion trends come and go every year and few last for a long time. And we all know that a pretty outfit is only really complete with the right make-up. It is therefore important to stay informed and updated at all times. And good news for everyone who doesn’t like make-up – the make-up trends this year already offer one or the other look that is easy to implement and everyone will succeed!

Make-up trends: which eyeshadow trends 2020 should you know?

Eyeshadow trends 2020 green eyeshadow highlighter applicator

Although the eyeshadow should always be coordinated with a skin tone and hair color, there are always new trends in eyeshadow colors that are decisive for our looks. Whether you’re an advocate of soft, neutral eyes or want to spice things up with a white eyeliner and smokey eyes – the 2020 makeup trends have something for everyone! A real all-rounder that flatters every skin tone is, for example, the green eyeshadow. A subtle light green with a pale pink lipstick looks feminine and is absolutely suitable for everyday use. For a dramatic look suitable for an official occasion, go for dark green eyeshadow and black kohl. A nude-colored lip gloss or lipstick create a harmonious overall picture.

Welcome fall with eye shadows in soft earth tones

Burgundy Red Lipstick Makeup Trends 2020 Eye Makeup For The Hersbt

All women who like natural looks can look forward to it! Soft, earthy eyeshadows are one of the biggest make-up trends of 2020. These are also worn in a single-color look and so elaborate designs are officially a thing of the past! Simply apply the desired color gently to the entire lid and you’re done! How intense or gentle the eyeshadow is is entirely up to your own taste. However, choosing a color that matches your skin tone and doesn’t make you look too pale takes a little experimentation. As a rule of thumb, the darker the skin tone, the more intense the eyeshadow color can be.

Eye shadows in red and orange for a bold and glamorous appearance

roter Lidschatten Look Make-up Trends 2020

The 2020 eyeshadow trends are an excellent option to add some color to those dreary, rainy autumn days. Unusual and eye-catching colors such as rust red, cinnamon or even orange are always very popular for this season. The bright colors emphasize our eyes in a unique way. However, so that the look does not appear too cluttered, you should make sure that the eyeshadow matches your complexion. Cherry and berry tones are perfect for lighter skin, while orange and teraccotta are very good choices for women with darker skin tones.

Makeup trends 2020 red eyeshadow look eye makeup for fall

However, the lively shade is not only seen with pleasure on our eyes, but also on the lips for autumn. Incredibly striking and chic – the trend is a timeless classic and will never go out of style! Is the glowing variant too brave for you? Then you are in good hands with lipsticks in deep burgundy red!

“Classic blue” Lidschatten Trends 2020

Make-up Trends 2020 classic Blue Augen Makeup blauer Eyeliner

It should come as no great surprise that the Pantone Color of the Year is also one of the newest makeup trends of 2020. The rich blue shade looks very classy and makes the eyes shine. And a little tip from us – so that the eyeshadow does not settle in the crease and lasts all day, you should definitely apply a primer under it first.

Add some color with an orange eyeliner

Orange Eyeliner Trend Make-up Trends 2020

The makeup trends 2020 are all about experimentation! After white eyeliner caused a stir in the summer, a new bold look is now coming our way. Leave the black eyeliner in the drawer and replace it with a vibrant shade of orange. Orange eyeliner has a subtle effect and puts you in a good mood on the otherwise cloudy autumn days.

Bold and elegant at the same time: this year we are all wearing Grungy Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes Augen Make-up Trends 2020

When it comes to eye makeup, smokey eyes are always a great choice. However, the classic is getting a little upgrade this year – Grungy Smokey Eyes were everywhere on the runways this year! To get the “messy” look, the kajal is applied along the lower water line and then lightly smudged with the fingers.

The lip gloss is making a big comeback

green eyeshadow makeup trends 2020 lipgploss and lipliner makeup look

This year you can say goodbye to your matte lipsticks because one of the biggest make-up trends of the early 00s is back! We are of course talking about the transparent, shimmering lip gloss! The natural look makes the lips look well-groomed and is the perfect complement to strong eye make-up. However, if you want some color and make your lips look a bit fuller, then try applying lip gloss with lip liner.

Make-up trends 2020: the most beautiful looks and inspirations at a glance!

pastellfarbene Lidschatten Trends 2020 Lipgloss Make-up Trend

Orange eyeshadows go perfectly with a nude lipstick and a dramatic black eyeliner

Orange eyeshadow look eye makeup trends fall 2020

Soft pastel nuances in combination with a dramatic eyeliner create a unique contrast

pastel blue eyeshadow eyeliner makeup trends 2020 Euphoria Makeup

With the 2020 make-up trends, it can get a little fiery on the eyes!

Nude lipstick makeup trends 2020 eye makeup looks for fall

Simple and elegant – the “no-make-up” look remains very popular for autumn and winter 2020/21

Make-up Trends 2020 natürlicher Makeup Look

Applications and glitter are not suitable for every day, but when the occasion allows, they are a real eye-catcher!

Make-up trends 2020 Euphoria makeup eye makeup with glitter

Red wine colors such as Bordeaux or Merlot for the lips look elegant, dramatic and even a bit dark

Makeup Trends 2020 Fall Lip Makeup Burgundy Red Lipstick

Elegant and chic – no wonder that “Classic blue” is one of the most popular eyeshadow trends of 2020

Make-up Trends 2020 Lidschatten Trends 2020 classic Blue Augen Makeup

The “grungy” look creates a bit of a 90s mood

Grunge makeup trend fall 2020 black lips

No more plucking! This year we have our eyebrows bushy and natural again

Make-up trends 2020 brown eyeshadow look

Don’t be afraid to use your creativity to conjure up great and groundbreaking looks

Eyeliner Make-up Trends 2020 Nude Augen Makeup

A sparkling glitter eyeliner will make your eyes shine

Apply glitter eyeliner lip make-up trends fall 2020

Burgundy red lips have been one of the biggest make-up trends for autumn and winter for years

Cat-eye eyeliner makeup trends 2020 70s hairstyles

The Euphoria Makeup is perfect for all fashionistas who want to stand out

Euphoria Makeup Make-up Trends 2020 Eye Makeup with Rhinestones

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