Make tile modern or retro style for garden or apartment

tiled garden with creative design elements like candles and flowers

You may have an old table with tiles or wood at your home and transform it into a modern tiled table. That is why you need a little skill and inspiration, as well as remnants of tiles or broken pieces of tile from previous renovation and renovation projects in your home. Instead of throwing it away, you can reuse all of it for a creative DIY project. Old ceramic tiles or stoves are just the right thing to create in this modern tile. So we tell you how to use the example for a horticultural tile and with a simple step you can realize such a unique project.

Modern tile building

open living space with minimalist furniture made of wood furniture and round table

So you first have to find the basis for your tile table. Maybe you have an old wooden tile that you can stick to. Otherwise, you simply buy a cheap one, from which you later make a tile table yourself. Then collect all tile pieces and arrange them according to color, shape, size or according to your beliefs. Bring them all together to cover the table top or, for example, make a mosaic table out there. If you have broken pieces of tiles, you can arrange a puzzle to create a beautiful image. This could probably take a while. They were possessed of a unique piece of furniture, which they did not find in loading.

combines patterns and colors in a modern and tasteful tile

When you are satisfied with the chosen design, you simply stick the tiles together on the table. They can only cover the top or you can also design the sides with stoves, if the amount and size allow. Then wait until the stick is dry and clean and polish the new table. So these are the basic steps that you have to perform when you can build a tile table yourself. You can then use these on your terrace, in the garden or in the area, if you can, for example, make your living room tiles or need them in the kitchen. You could use this idea to restore a kitchen island with a tiled top. In the following, we tell you some beautiful examples that could inspire you.

Tile garden or kitchen area

cattle beistellisch with plant top for the garden

Tiles are currently one such trend in residential culture, as they provide an affordable option and can lend a vibrant note to any kitchen, bathroom or garden area. Now, you probably would like to fill your bathroom or your kitchen with these beautiful tiles, but for a small budget and a creative home, where you could also lack space, own this kind of project perfectly. So you can integrate these beautiful, beautiful tiles into your home at a table.

lacquered white couch with tiles decorated with various patterns

This is the time, and these DIY projects are caught in the spring and summer in the eye. You can customize your old garden furniture. Through this you also find a new solution for the terrace table. Of course, you can also buy some new ones, but it will not have the same charm. This also seems to be a much easier option, since a tableware can never be so perfect. The right tiles and some materials would be all if you needed them.

romantic atmosphere with little on terrace with mosaic table and suitable garden furniture

A beautiful kitchen table with tiles can therefore be added in different colors and patterns to almost any living area. Imagine, for example, a modern tile mosaic here and also hide the rough edges, to give this clean and tidy appearance. Build the table top first or use an old one that you have prepared. Spray the base of the table with paint or paint to refresh it. Then you can attach the tiles with a thin, hardened mortar, which is carried up with a cell. An additional strip of tile covers the edges and they can use tie straps to hold them in place and places. As soon as the mortar is dry, remove the grout and wipe off the excess.

Alten Fliesentisch modern after work

white stove on glass table with pistachio playing cards and whiskey separate

Here's how to add a tile countertop to your old and common Couch or Beistell table: They need a table, some old tiles, glue and grout. You may also need a tile saw. Add a thin layer of plywood to the table and screw it into place and place. Add some shape to the edges and then place the stoves on the table. See how many you need to complete the obverse, and cut it. Stick with a cell on the plywood and remove all tiles. Let the tape dry and then add the mortar. Finally, wipe away the residue with a sponge.

hexagonal tiles with flower patterns and colors on a small table

Basically, you can add any surface regardless of size to a surface of tiles. Round tables are harder to work with. They must either use tiny mosaic tiles or cut them exactly to the desired shape. So every desk can get a new tile plate, as well as the small Beistelltische or Kaffeeticische, which you have hidden in the garage or storage room. Keep these out, clean the surface and give them a colorful rejuvenation course. Then you can bring the piece of jewelery to your terrace to create a pleasant atmosphere for you and your guests.

Who can renew a whipped table?

use a tile paint color as a kitchen island for rustic design

With a tile covered table, say with original mosaic or a sleek construction all over the tiles, you can give many years of joy. If you have ever deteriorated the faux mortar between the tiles, which damage the tiles or do not conform to the style with your taste, you can give the table a new look. The aftermath of a kitchen table with a stove is a decent task that many homework can accomplish in one weekend.

Tools for removing Fugen

tile-like self-construction with grinding paper, wooden plaster mortar and silicone

The aftertaste does not always require the removal of the stoves a table. Poor mortars can be replaced either by a manual scratching tool or an electronic hand-held device equipped with a special removal knife. The electric tool is therefore by far the fastest way to remove the grout. If you have to wipe away just a small amount of it, a manual creator can do the job. In any case, goggles, gloves, sandpaper and a cover sheet are required for all repair work. Use the stove to remove either a slotted screwdriver or a wood chisel and a hammer to knock out the tiles. You can also remove residues of adhesives and sealants from the table top with a piece of paper. Also for this task, goggles are indispensable.

Precise processing

furnish living room with tile bundle and paint color

When making a tile modern, you have to be careful not to damage or scratch the frames. When you remove only the mortar, the tool can break and scratch the tile. Should you remove all traces of adhesive, grout and tile, smooth the wood slab and apply a foundation or seal to protect the surface from moisture damage. With a lightweight grinding process, a sheet of metal can easily be rubbed off with wet or dry grinding paper. Finally, you only have to wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

retro style with modern elements for tiles

When the old tiles were replaced with a new one, they should be replaced immediately after the drying of the foundation. You can distribute the new adhesive evenly before you have the tiles arranged according to your design. In the dry state, you can wear the grout on the partitions between the tiles. For the space between the tiles and the wood frame, a color-matched sealant can be used instead of Fugenmasse, to allow for stretching and joining. For example, if you can replace the old tiles with a glass plate, strike or paint the wood-based equivalent of your device. Metallic can be sealed with one or two screws for metal objects.

Who used the advantage of Fliesentisch

chocolate cake in the counter on beautiful tiled design

Tiles are ideal for your home and garden. They connect elements of longevity, functionality and aesthetics. Artistic value and creativity help the viewer to appreciate the value of a property. You can make a home attractive and comfortable by combining vibrant and colorful tables with beautiful tiles and stones. People put today's tiles where they can improve the appearance of your home or house. The patterns and colors of the tiles do not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the house, but also its functionality.

use black wood with painted white tiles as tiled or stained

So a tiled table top can be a great decorative piece of furniture for your home. A tile table can be large or small depending on the purpose of the function. Was also allowed to be placed in any corner and placed in any corner, a tilesian will certainly attract the attention of the visitor because of his unique styles and patterns. You can also customize this design element to your interior, either by using the same color and pattern tiles or as collages from different tiles. Thus, there are several advantages of tiles, which make them ideal for residential and commercial houses.

modern furnished living room with tile and sofa and couchtisch with mirrored tile

These Fliesentian can be used in the interior as well as in the outer range, as they are usually more resilient than other species of Tisch. You can place these in dining room, kitchen, living room, balcony, terrace, courtyard and other areas. Other pieces of furniture of this kind were also remodeled from exquisitely handmade tiles, which showcase a breathtaking design.

longer table in cafe with black wooden frame and surface made of colored tiles

This can not be boring as quickly and appreciated over a longer period of time. Tiles are available in various sizes, color patterns and designs that help you in a comprehensive design range from classic to modern. Depending on your creativity and your work theme, you can choose the best design for the modern tile and customize your décor and other furniture.

Combine durability and design

fresh kitchen and a modern modern look

Tiles are not only known for their style, but also known for their durability. They are among the longest-lived pieces of furniture. Since they are naturally heat-resistant, you can put a hot pot directly on the table, without having to worry. Although the table could be hot after the removal of the tops, there could be other factors that favor humans when it comes to other species of fish. Also with tiles you are also very easy to clean.

antique table made of iron with small tiles covered and processed as tiles modern

A tile table in your home can therefore reveal the visitors or guests only to your creativity with a hint of style and artistic taste. Discover the other side of the ceramic tile in amazing mosaic designs, which can be easily added to your garden as a beautiful addition. If you have an old desk or stool with decent legs, you can make a useful piece of art.

coffee mugs with mosaic and tile decorate in various designs

More and more people are watching Fliesentische as they have been able to adapt with so many available patterns and colors to their requirements, their taste and their creativity. Next to tables and other furniture, tiles are frequently used as design materials for kitchens, baths, commercial operations, public buildings, swimming pools and more. If you want to re-decorate your dining room, you should consider a tiled esthetic. By doing this you can improve the mood in your dining area. Tile coutian and Beistelltian impress your guests with vibrant colors, beautiful patterns and artistic designs.

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