Make Henna Tattoo yourself - Tips for wearing & 35 fun designs


Her tattoos are a popular souvenir and many ladies make a difference during the exotic holidays. They are also a traditional choral art in many Asian countries and work very exotic. But be told Make Henna Tattoo yourself many, find the following important information, tips, a step-by-step guide, as well as inspiring design ideas.

Henna Tattoo selber machen - A wonderfully beautiful temporary body art

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Traditionally, these temporary tattoos were placed on the handrails and the feet, because these body parts are well-soaked, have large pores and are particularly well absorbed by the dye. Of course, the tattoo can be painted in other places, but it can be quickly removed or become extremely pale.

Make Henna Tattoo yourself - Temporary Tattoos for Hands, Shoulders and Decorators

Henna Tattoo self-made-shoulder-arm-hand-chest

Significantly, the henna color is tested on a covered body in the body, because your skin responds differently. Depending on your skin type and other health details, the result can vary in its color intensity, just like the real tattoo. The best thing is that this has been gone for another two weeks and you can make it new.

Make Henna Tattoo - Filigree Kettchen und Mandalas

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-oberschenkel-hand ornament

Many choices exist in the selection and designs. They even offer templates that are applied to the skin and painted on the skin. You can create a template yourself using a solid foil. The wish motif is printed, painted or designed after another model, then carefully cut with a scalpel. Otherwise, it is free to run.

Henna Tattoo lasts for at least 7 days up to 3 weeks

Henna Tattoo self-make-shoulder-upper-arm fashion

If you want to make a Henna tattoo yourself, then Henna should provide it in powder form. It offers in most Asian countries, but can also be ordered online. In some tattoo studios that offer temporary tattoos, make sure to get the corresponding color.

Henna Tattoo Color - Brown or Black

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Henna as a natural product is rotten and can range in color from a light rattan to a powerful reddish brown. Other colors are no natural products anymore. Above all, the black henna is very popular, because they are very similar to the tattoo ink. It may contain PPD. For best and smaller positions on the skin, wait 24 hours and then start painting.

Paint filigree ornaments on hands and shoulders


What is PPD? It is a color artist who stands out for his satin black color. When the pigment is very powerful, it can cause skin irritation and massive allergic reactions. If you suffer from any skin allergies, it is meaningful to use exclusively natural color.

Henna Tattoos in the Hands - Traditional for Wedding


The people cultivate the henna plant for hours and use it as a natural colorant for dyeing textiles, articles, but also for use on the body. In India, the painting of the skin has been a traditional body art since the 12th century. This is referred to as Mehndi art and has two meanings - Hennastruik in Hindi and the process of painting and the resulting work. In Asia, to date, henna paintings have been performed in connection with spiritual and ritual expressions.

Body art from India and Morocco


In India and Morocco, women paint their hands at various rituals, religious festivals, weddings, etc. Thus, each culture and particular group of society had specific symbols and signs that were used as an expression of belonging.

Make Henna Tattoo yourself - Very possible, but not so easy


If you touch the henna powder, you may already have a design and a specific body set. Of course, it remains to taste your own taste or you can even use a template. A couple you will definitely find when you have a set.

Instructions are easy

Henna tattoo make -set-kaufen-diy-guide

To make a Henna tattoo yourself, the following materials are needed:

  • Henna color in powder form or finished in pointed tights or offered as a tube with attachment in set, ready to wear
  • Feuchtigkeitscreme
  • Olivenöl
  • Toilet paper, cotton buds, toothpicks
  • Frisch Limping Foil
  • Design Schablone
  • a presentable pen for presenting
  • Glass of water

Easier with a tattoo proposal


Before you begin the preparation, you should already have your skin compatibility tested. Then you can go ahead. Firstly, the selected body is slightly warmed, in the warm state the skin absorbs the color better. Drink a cup of hot tea or bring it closer to the heater.

Tips and tricks


Also, cream your hands before painting with moisturizer. Sometimes you can easily wash the Henna color if you clicked on your hands during the procedure. In the selected body, draw the selected design with a today-compatible pen. With the henna color, you just have to follow the lines.

Step by step


Now take a henna pad or tube with the attachment and cut it at the bottom 2-3 feet at the most. So you made your pen with which you can paint the motif.

Exercise powers the Master


If you want to get started right away with the skin coating, we recommend once again making a sample piece of paper. Trying to imitate the oblique shapes, practice your technique and print. This is how you get the feeling for the right application of the Art Pen. The opening in the Henna Tüte can be made ever larger, but never smaller.

Henna Tattoo - Available on any body

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-Schulter-ruck ornament

If you make a henna tattoo yourself, just take the time and try again, for example on the tag, to repeat the entire pattern once. You can always try to execute the details and details perfectly, until it applies and you are satisfied with the result.

Henna tattoo as a bracelet


If you make a henna tattoo yourself, you will catch up with a simple, straight line. They quickly realized that it was not so easy to see a perfect one. It serves as a starting point and you can clearly place the entire design.

Decorate your fingernail

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-finger-call bemalen

Bows and dots, oblique shapes and ornaments from the Oriental culture are perfect here for a henna tattoo design. Paint and repeat with spacing a bow pattern and fill the spacing with filigree motifs. Especially, it looks like it is decorating your fingernails.

Traditional on hands and feet

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-Fuessen hands-bemalen

When painting your hands and fingers, you are best placed on symmetrical patterns.

Adding and wading

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-Fuessen Waden-prachtvoll

The self-painting of the feet with henna color works on some lighter than with the hands. Then see best thin lines and filigree details. Small bugs can be used to remove any wattle or toothpick easily


henna-tattoo-selber-machen-Fuessen Nagellack-black

After painting the motif on the skin, you have to wait until the henna color dries well. It basically depends on your skin, but also on the room temperature. After at least one hour, the temporary tattooing is ready, but not so complete.

Henna Tattoo yourself on the feet - Vorher / After picture

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-Fuessen vorher-nachher

If you want some long-lasting body art that you have worked for yourself, then wrap toilet paper on the painted hand and moisturize it. Because it does not dry out quickly, you wrap the sets with fresh foil. If the paint is not well dried, they will be smeared. Let the foil rest for a few hours, possibly overnight. Then you can take everything off and in addition, Henna dry it until it all falls apart today.

Henna Tattoo itself for the bridal party

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-best-freunde-burly party

After complete preparation, take care of your new tattoo when you pick up some olive oil. Unfortunately, the color may look worse than expected, but it develops fully after one day. A henna tattoo lasts at least 7 days and up to 3 weeks if you apply regular moisturizer.

Henna tattoo on baby belly


Henna tattoos make women especially in the summer or while on holiday in an exotic country. As an extraordinary idea or perhaps even a trend let women on a bridal party like to paint their hands with Henna.

Bay belly party


Decorate with artificial ornaments and also get pregnant in your baby belly, called Bellypainting. Mostly it depends on a photo shoot.


henna-tattoo-selber-machen-schick-mode trend-hand

To make a beautiful henna tattoo yourself, you first and foremost need a creative idea for patterns that will fit you best and of course the corresponding powder color. They can still choose under brown and black, though it is good to know that the natural product shows a red color.

Symmetrical Ornaments


Make henna tattoo yourself - Design idea for hands


Modern Henna Tattoo

henna-tattoo-selber-machen-tribal-black hand-extravagant

Make henna tattoo yourself for the summer


Do henna tattoo yourself on palm


Make henna tattoo yourself - Mandala or dream catcher


Do Henna Tattoo yourself on the shoulder


Make henna tattoos yourself or alternate self-adhesive tattoos


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