Make a TikTok cake yourself to the delight of all fans of the platform – this is how it can be decorated!

All fans of the Tiktok media platform take note: this cake trend will really inspire everyone who uses the social network with pleasure and excitement. The TikTok cake goes around the world and we would like to show you some creative cake designs. Whether specifically related to Tiktok or combined with other popular social media and apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp – the Tiktok cake will not only please teenagers, but everyone who enjoys the video platform.

TikTok cake – simple idea to make yourself

Instructions for a simple do-it-yourself TikTok cake decoration

The Tiktok logo in the right colors and a few notes are basically all you need if you want to put together or decorate a TikTok cake. You can of course have the cake made in a pastry shop, but if you’d rather try it yourself, you can let this example guide you. What you need:

  • Base for rolling out and cutting the fondant
  • Nudelholz
  • Spatula for fondant
  • small brush
  • edible glue or water
  • Fondant in blue, black, white and pink
  • Cornstarch
  • Tape cutter for fondant
  • Silicone molds or cookie cutters for letters
  • sharp knife
  • Cookie cutters for stars
  • silver glitter
  • printed template for the Tiktok logo, cut out
  • Cling film
  • Parchment paper
  • Vegetable oil
  • Piping bag and star nozzle
  • pink and blue food coloring

Make decoration with fondant yourself – the white base

Make a simple TikTok cake yourself with cream in blue and pink and the TikTok logo

You can imitate the cake decoration on any cake. Whether it’s a chocolate, fruity fruit or cream cake – just choose your favorite recipe, bake the cake or cake and decorate it to get the trendy TikTok cake. You can use any of the elements from our gallery below as a cake decoration. We will explain specifically how to make the example from the photo above.

First you need a white base made of fondant. Roll out the fondant about 0.5 cm thick on baking paper and cut out a circle the same diameter as the cake (use the springform pan in which you baked the cake). Temporarily place the circle in a suitable container and cover it with cling film. The foil should not touch the fondant, otherwise it will leave marks.

The logo, stars and letters

TikTok cake - instructions for decoration with fondant and buttercream

Also, roll out the black fondant and place the printed logo on it, after which you trace its outline with a sharp knife. Remove the paper. Roll out pink and blue fondant and cut out the shades for the logo. Dip the brush in water or edible glue and with its help stick these shades on the black logo. Also store this element temporarily in a sealable container so that the fondant does not harden. In the same way you make the stars and possibly letters and keep them in a container. To get the letters and stars for the TikTok cake out of the cookie cutter more easily, you can put them in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes beforehand.

Decorate the TikTok cake

TikTok cake like cupcake design with a flower look

Then decorate the sides of the cake with buttercream that you color pink and blue. Use the piping bag with nozzle for this. Then attach the stars to this cream. Place the white fondant base on top of the cake. Roll out the black fondant again and cut out a wide border (about 1.3 cm) that you place on the white base. You can also fix this edge with edible glue or water. Finally, glue the logo in the middle of the white base, the letters underneath and a few more stars if you like. You can also sprinkle the edible glitter on the TikTok cake for some nice effects.

More ideas for inspiration

TikTok cake in black, pink and purple with logo as a plug

In the following gallery we have put together some great examples of the Tik Tok cake or the Tiktok cake, which can also serve as inspiration. Since this is a platform on which short videos are underlaid with music, notes are also wonderfully suitable as motifs. If you want to invest a little more time or be particularly creative, you can even make headphones out of fondant. And if you don’t know how to handle fondant, you can simply print out suitable motifs, stick them to toothpicks or kebab skewers and stick them in the finished cake or make a cake garland.

Watercolor effect for a nice birthday cake with age and TikTok logo

The variations are numerous and you don’t have to be a professional pastry chef to make an attractive Tiktok cake. Whether for a birthday, an anniversary or even to reach a lot of followers – the cake is great for a variety of occasions. Now take a look at the following cakes and be inspired by them.

Nicely decorated cake in pink with stars, balls and pearls

Two floors in black and silver

Large TikTok cake on two levels with a silver base and drops

Beautiful cake decoration with watercolor effect

Feminine TikTok cake in pink and light blue with paper headphones as a cake decoration

Make your own paper plug as a cake decoration

Suggestion for designing a cake with the theme of Tik Tok

Simple cake decoration made of white fondant, logo and lettering with cable

Simple TikTok cake in white with logo and headphones with cable as lettering

Creative design with hexagon motifs

Modern TikTok cake with a colorful hexagon pattern

Decorate cakes with other sweets

TikTok cake with oreo cookies and watercolor effect

Design in black and white with pink stars

Idea for a cake with three levels in black and white

Simple fondant cake with microphone, sheet music and headphones

Idea for a nice TikTok cake with microphone, headphones and notes

Sour rings and more as a cake decoration

Decorate tik tok cake with fondant and sweets

Lettering of paper for decorating cakes

Round cake in white with stars and notes

TikTok Torte in Pink

Pink TikTok cake with blue accents and mustical motifs

TikTok logo for an 8th birthday cake

New trend conquers the hearts of all TikTok fans - creative cake and cake decorations

Design white cakes with smeared cream in blue and pink

Make plugs from fondant as a cake decoration for every occasion

Ideas for motifs made from fondant

Idea for a cake decoration on the topic of social media

Headphones are classic decorations for TikTok cakes

Even beginners can easily decorate cakes with fondant

Plain and simple – logo, headphones and stars

Cupcake decorated with fondant in white and pink with headphones

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