Make a gift for the bride yourself - 30 great DIY gift ideas

Having a brother is a great gift. Whether you are older or younger than you, you can always leave your brother. Despite occasional tantrums and necklaces (we are honest, those who belong easily to siblings, too) also connect our shared childhood, the covenant to the family and all the common memories of family parties, holidays, disputes, reconciliations and unwanted childhood days. Ein Gift for the brother to find it is not easy. Tell your brother how important he is to you and surprise him with a self-made gift! From Schraubschlüssel picture frames, from matching brother-sister bracelets, to creative keychains - under ours 30 DIY Bastelideen is also the right one for your brother with it!

Gift for the bride to make - 30 tulle DIY gift ideas

Ggive for the brother - Schraubenschlüssel-BILDERRAHMEN

Is your brother a gifted homemaker who can repair everything? Then this picture frame is a great gift for you! Paint a picture frame with a wide border black, then let dry. Now adhere the frames with four screw keys, hereby use the Hot Glue gun. Picture the effort and be ready Schraubenschlüssel-BILDERRAHMEN.

Gift for the Brother - Screw Key Picture Frame

Puzzle-Schlüsselanhänger - Geschenkideen for the brother

Without your brother you just wouldn't be complete! He is a part of your self. Tell me exactly what it is with this puzzle keychain! Take two matching puzzle pieces out of wood, then drill a hole in the edge of the part. Only pull one ounce through the hole and attach it to the key chain.

Puzzle Keychain - Gift Ideas for the Brother

Printed Shirts for siblings - Gift for the brother

Who would it have been if you had been to a family party at Partnerlook? Here's how to print printed shirts: big brother, little brother, big sister, little sister and of course the names of the siblings were printed. Tip: with special transfer foil you can also send shirts at home with writing! Simply print and wrap the foil. Use this foil with good quality, so keep the imprint longer.

Printed shirts for siblings - Gift for the brother

Brother-sister bracelets - Gift idea

Ein Gift for the brother to find can be really difficult. Who would be with this idea? Show your brother your zenith, with a beautiful bracelet! From letters, hearts and ribbons becomes a custom bracelet, which is not only fashionable, but also full of love. Wrap the letters on wide bands, then knot a leather strap around those hearts. Insert the ends of the straps into wide bracelet closures.

Aren't these ideas great? Read on, we still have many more great suggestions for you! Whether on Christmas, birthday or Easter - surprise your brother with a homemade gift!

Brother-sister bracelets - gift idea

Personal image - Gift for the big brother

I would always have a good friend, then I have a brother.

Your brother is a full man, tell me that with a picture full of his good character traits! Simply assemble, express and frame the word BRUDER from adjectives. Examples: Attentive, remarkable, charming, honest, loving, friendly, helpful, cheerful, etc.

For Mama only the Best! Who is looking for great gift ideas for mom, for us 40 homemade gifts for mom Gesammelte!

Personal Image - Gift for the Big Brother

Printed Socks - Gift Idea

Psst, I play straight.

Does your brother love his gaming console? Then these socks are just the right gift for you! Print transfer foil with the appropriate text and image of a game console and attach it to the bottom of a pair of socks. Then for video games, men are never too old!

Still not found the right gift for your brother? No problem, just read on! We have collected many other great ideas for you!

Printed Socks - Gift Idea

Superman Schlüsselanhänger - Gift for the little brother

Your brother is a superhero for you! Tell me, with this Superman keychain! Take a small wooden ship and a hole for the oceans. Now paint the Superman logo with a pen for all surfaces. Tip: Print the logo, then browse with the copy foil, so it will be accurate. Just pull one hole through the hole and attach it to a key ring. Ready for the cool keychain!

Superman keychain - gift for the little brother

Toy Story - Picture - Gift selfie

You're as smart as Woody, as loyal as Rex and as courageous as Buzz. Together we are a team! Together we can grab the stars, you have a friend in me!

Is your brother a big fan of the movie series Toy Story? Then shaped such a picture for you! From Scrabble letters lay down the names of your brothers and stick to a piece of paper that has the right size for the selected frame. Now stick to the papers and stick with the little characters of the movie heroes. Those characters could of course be exchanged with other movie heroes! Take the glass out of the frame and insert the picture. Dieses Gift for the brother be loved!

Toy Story - Picture - Self-Gift

Printed Socks - Gift Idea

If you can read it, bring me tacos!

Another great idea for printed socks! Print the text on a transfer foil, then attach it to the bottom of a pair of socks. Of course, the text can be sent individually. Do your brother love chips, hamburgers or cola? Then simply replace "Tacos" with his favorite snack!

Might meet with older children Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa basteln? We've collected 30 ideas for you! This is it best gift ideas for wholesalers!

Printed Socks - Gift Idea

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