Magical Nächte in Casa Batlló: Barcelona malle erleben!

  Magical Nächte Casa Batllo Fassade

On the terrace, you will find the most famous modernist buildings in Barcelona and weld the summer with a glass of spiked Catalan Weines, Flamenco clusters and candle lights. In such a magical atmosphere, which spruce up Spanish Lebensfreude, fashionable people are able to finish. A great opportunity, full of the aesthetic beauty of Gaudí's architecture and the cultural culture, "Magical Night" in the Casa Batlló. From June 3 to November 3, there will be an exciting event of music, art, history and architecture at 20:00 this evening.

Magical Nächte in the Casa Batlló: Gaudís Modernism Erleb

  Magical Nächte Casa Batllo Window Natural Forms

Your magical night in Barcelona starts at 20:00 hours with a matched tour of Casa Batlló.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​Casa Batlló is a full-fledged building, where each of Gaudís modernism is seen, lived and can understand. Gaudí, architect and artist zugleich, renovated the house in the year 1904 and changed into a real architectural masterpiece. Von der kunstvollen, vom Meer inspirerten Fassade, about the imaginative interior architecture, to the detailed Mosaic: The regular beauty of the house saturates and remains a memorial. Complete in the year 1995 and restored for visitors, the artfully styled Casa Batlló heutzutage of the UNESCO World Cultural heritage

  Magical Näfte Casa Batllo Mosaic

When visiting the best time, Casa Batlló visit: the sunset looks like the most beautiful site: the color glass creates, the chandelier creates an exciting game of light and treasure, and brings the complicated deck and wall design to a better end. One more argument for a visit at a time is to avoid being drained in the roof and by doing so to weld the time to an almost individual tour.

For this inspection, all visitors received a Smart-Guide device, on the information 11 Languages ​​to Find Mind. Again, an expanded virtual reality can be found on the device, which processes a better presentation of the house. The tour is certainly not limited, the information on the Smart-Guide was given in 45 minutes.

Magic Night in the Casa Batlló: Live music under the sky Himmel

  Magical Nächte Casa Batllo Schornsteine ​​

After that View of Casa Batlló hosts the magical Night in Barcelona with a concert at 21:00 hours. The Besucher was welcomed to the roof terrace of the Casa Batlló with a Willkommenstrunk. They depict a spectacular backdrop: To say one of the roofs, a dragon-knuckle, one of which is the Schornsteine, which expresses with its predominantly formal language and bundles of mosaics expressing the beauty of modern-day Catalan architecture.

The Live Music Begins around 9pm Uhr. Today, some artists appear on the Bühne des Architekturmuseum. Fünfzehn local musicians and bands, all of whom are well-known pop and rock groups, as well as interpreting modern songs, nehmen and magic nights in the Casa Batlló tile. I am annexed to Bossa Nova, Rock, Pop, Jazz Fusion and Classical Music. Guests can browse the Barcelonas Skyline or visit the secrets of the public and get one or more secrets to Barcelona.

Additional Information:

  • Es were rotated Species of miniature maps included: "Blue" is a drink, concert ticket and viewing feature, while the second variant "silver" can satisfy the other two, the third variant "gold" provides extra extras such as viewing the holiday homes in the Catalan Art Nouveau, a VIP-swing in the middle of a night. A surprise gift.
  • The Eintritt charts were sold online and reserved for at least one week at the concert
  • The date of the hit card may still be changed by e-mail

  Magic Nacht Casa Batllo Facade Mosaik Fenster Innenhof

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