Low blood pressure naturally: New study proves the effect of pumpkin kernels

Blood pressure of course lowers the pumpkin pie

Hypertension carries a lethal risk. High blood pressure damages the cardiovascular system and can lead to an infarction or stroke. In a variety of cases, medicines cannot help sufficiently to reach the optimum value of 120/80. This is why more physicians always recommend to the affected person to lower their blood pressure naturally. Sports and healthy nutrition can replace blood pressure lowers. It gives a lot of food supplies that are positive for blood pressure. Now, researchers from the United States conducted a study with rats and were also able to study the positive effects of pumpkin seeds.

Blood pressure naturally lowers: 70 g pumpkin daily holds blood pressure in chess

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In the framework of the study, researchers at the Americah Heart Association (AHA) fed rats each day with painted pumpkin seeds and cooked fruit meat as a dietary supplement. The experiment lasted 8 weeks, during this period, another sample group was fed according to the principles of the DASH diet. The DASH diet is recommended for people with hypertension. Many fruits and vegetables, whole grains, as well as low-fat foods and nuts can not only keep blood pressure in check, but also lower cholesterol levels.

Low blood pressure naturally: The results of the study

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At the end of the study, the test group animals showed a 20% lower blood pressure compared to the test group animals. The test results in animals cannot be directly transmitted to humans, as further studies are necessary. Nevertheless, the researchers believe that the daily distortion of ca. 100 g of pumpkin kernels and 100 g of cooked fruit meat have a similar effect on people with high blood pressure. As long as the doctor is allowed, pumpkin seeds and cooked pumpkin meat in combination with a healthy diet could naturally lower blood pressure.

Other foods and beverages that regulate blood pressure are, for example, herbal tea, fish, red-beet juice, ginger, green leafy mushrooms and almost all the starters. Where his blood pressure could naturally be lowered, he should also exercise daily sports and make long walks.

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