Lounge furniture small balcony – 25+ furnishing ideas and simple DIY instructions!

Enjoying the fresh air on wonderfully warm and relaxed sunny days and summer evenings and spending some time with friends and families – just sounds like a dream. More than half of Germans live in a city apartment with a balcony, but unfortunately it is much too small or narrow. Designing a small or narrow balcony can sometimes be a real challenge. But even from the smallest area you can conjure up a wonderful green oasis of wellbeing. Visually appealing lounge furniture, small balconies are currently very trendy and are a wonderful way to create a cozy and homely atmosphere outdoors. You can find out how to build your own balcony as well as lots of great interior design tips in our article!

Lounge furniture small balcony build pallet sofa DIY instructions

Even the smallest balcony has an incredible amount of design potential and if you have one, you should definitely try to make the best of it. In order to transform the outdoor area into a comfortable retreat where you feel comfortable, it takes much more than just a chair and a table.

Lounge furniture small balcony are perfect for relaxing

Balcony lounge small space-saving balcony lounger balcony furniture trends

If you are concerned about how best to design your small balcony, we recommend that you treat the outside as well as the inside. It should feel as inviting and cozy as the living room. If you want to relax on the sofa after a hard day or like to read books, then lounge furniture and small balcony are the perfect choice. Whether a sofa, a bed or even a folding sun lounger – comfortable and trendy seating that offers great comfort is an absolute must.

Balcony lounge furniture build your own sofa from pallet instructions

Lounge furniture for outdoors has been in vogue for several years and luckily more and more manufacturers are offering a large selection of smaller and space-saving sets. Most models are made from poly rattan – a plastic mesh that is UV and weather-resistant, so that the furniture can stay outside even in the rain. The niche on the narrowest side is perfect for a cozy and small lounge corner balcony.

Build a comfortable lying area balcony yourself – step by step instructions

Balcony lying area DIY instructions home accessories boho living style

On a small balcony you don't really have to do without anything and certainly not cool and comfortable seating. While lounge furniture is undoubtedly incredibly comfortable and some models are real designer pieces, they are usually far too expensive. Simple DIY projects give the outdoor area a unique and personal touch and enable a refreshing level of originality. To increase the feel-good factor, we have a very simple balcony lying area DIY instructions for you below. The upcycling trend is currently very popular and homemade furniture made from pallets is one of the most popular and cheapest ways to develop your creativity.

Lying area balcony DIY instructions outdoor wood furniture trends

Lying area for balcony build required materials:

  • 4 pallets
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Wood drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood lacquer in the desired color
  • glaze

And it's so easy and quick:

  • Before you start assembling, you should pretreat the pallets first. To do this, sand them thoroughly with the sandpaper.
  • Depending on whether you want to have the balcony lying surface in a certain color, we recommend treating the pallets with primer. Only when everything has dried thoroughly (takes about 4 to 6 hours) to apply the color varnish.

Balcony lounge furniture build your own home accessories outdoor living trends

  • Now screw two pallets onto each other.
  • If you want a rear wall, screw a pallet upright on one side and if it is too high – shorten it accordingly.
  • Depending on your wishes and so that you can move the bed, you can attach castors below.
  • So that you can lie comfortably on the lying surface, cushions are of course not missing. Whether you sew them yourself or buy them in retail stores, you should make sure that the material is weatherproof. Awning fabric is particularly breathable and tearproof.

Balcony lounge small – how about if you build a sofa yourself?

Lying area balcony build your own space-saving balcony lounger DIY

Another comfortable and trendy alternative to lying surface for a small balcony is a self-made sofa made from pallets. A small lounge corner balcony transforms the outdoor area into an irresistible and wonderful meeting place for celebrating with friends or simply relaxing.

You will need the following materials for this:

  • 2 wooden pallets
  • Whetstone or sandpaper
  • Jigsaw and wood saw
  • drilling machine
  • screwdriver
  • Paint color of your choice
  • 10 x 120/99 mm screws for the wood

Build a couch for a small balcony from pallets yourself

Sofa balcony lounge furniture build yourself Instructions:

  • Here, too, you should pretreat the pallets with sandpaper or a grindstone before assembling them.
  • Now saw off the lower half of the first pallet for the seat so that three cover boards remain for the seat.
  • Next, saw off the bottom beam of the second pallet for the side part and divide the remaining pallet into two. Repeat the process with the third palette.
  • For the back of the sofa, take the fourth pallet and saw off a bit on both sides of the second bottom and top board.
  • Make sure that the recess is not wider than the top board and no longer than the bottom board. Repeat the process with the lower part of the pallet.

Build pallet furniture yourself Upcycling ideas Small lounge corner balcony

  • And now the fun begins! Set up the left and right side panels with the floorboards facing each other. Slide the seat onto the first floor board and between the side parts.
  • Then push the back section from behind between the seat and the side sections.
  • Finally, fasten the pallets together using a screwdriver and drill.
  • Now all that's missing is the color – paint the sofa with the colored paint and let it dry overnight. Then decorate with cozy pillows and you're done!

Balcony lounge small – the matching accessories complete the outdoor area

Lounge furniture small balcony Space-saving balcony lounger DIY instructions

If you live in a big city, the balcony may be the only place where you can enjoy the fresh air in peace. It is therefore incredibly important to design it so that you feel comfortable there. In order to transform the small balcony into a nice retreat, we sometimes concentrate so much on the furniture that the details and accessories are somehow forgotten. However, it's the little things that can make the biggest difference. Fairy lights, candles and lanterns provide cosiness and give the balcony a romantic ambience. So that the small lounge corner balcony is really complete, a small coffee table should not be missing. If necessary, you can exchange the classic coffee table for one or two smaller tables. Tables with storage are a wonderful option for lounge furniture on small balconies and combine functionality with design. With outdoor carpets and decorative pillows made of weatherproof fabrics you conjure up a cozy living room atmosphere.

Lounge furniture small balcony – other wonderful ideas and inspirations

Balcony lounge small outdoor furniture trends home accessories

Furniture for the small lounge corner balcony is now available in different designs and sizes, so you can find the right option for you.

Balcony trends what furniture small lounge corner balcony

Rustic wooden accent tables are real eye-catchers and give your outdoor area a warm and cozy touch

Boho living style balcony furniture trends balcony lounge small

A comfortable and space-saving balcony lounger is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air outdoors and to relax.

small lounge corner balcony design ideas balcony furniture trends

Cozy pillows and romantic fairy lights create a cozy feeling

design a long, narrow balcony Build your own balcony furniture

Even a parasol that protects you from the sun's rays in summer is simply essential in the small balcony lounge

Small lounge corner balcony space-saving balcony furniture

Soak up the sun while sipping a delicious cocktail without having to leave your apartment? A space-saving lounger balcony makes this possible!

Lying area balcony build DIY deck chair instructions

Small and trendy stools enhance the outdoor area and are ideal when friends are visiting

Lying area for small balcony balcony furniture trends 2020

Building balcony lounge furniture yourself is an inexpensive, yet very chic alternative to design the outdoor area

Lying area for small balcony build pallet furniture yourself

Home-made furniture made from pallets is very trendy and provides a trendy, rustic flair

Lounge furniture small balcony coffee table made of pallets DIY

Unleash your creativity when designing the small lounge corner balcony by using decorative pillows in different patterns and colors

Space-saving balcony lounger Build your own balcony lounge furniture

A lounger for a small balcony is ideal for a short nap.

Design a narrow balcony Build a long lying area yourself

Trendy outdoor carpets and home accessories increase the feel-good factor and give the small lounge corner balcony the finishing touch

Space-saving balcony lounger lounge furniture small balcony ideas

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